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  1. Hello again, thanks all. Looking forward to tomorrow and more time wasting on here!
  2. Yes and I’ll be invading your territory Tuesday night, watch out or I’ll pop a cap in yo ass
  3. Tuesday will be my first game this season, I cannae wait! I'll get another ST too, be good to see some of you feckers again.
  4. I couldn't look at them on my laptop, but my phone worked fine
  5. There are some belting pictures on BN site, brings all the excitement back
  6. Hungover to hell but absolutely buzzing. Horwich was ace last night. Not thinking about next season until the day before the first game. Premature invasion was a bit cringe though.
  7. Weird how opinion is so divided today, asked a few and it's either4-1 win or we'll get a battering
  8. Ha ha, hardcore me, only happened once in 20+ years!
  9. Minibus there first thing. Anybody going back to either Manc, Bolton or Horwich after the game, that has room for 2? Will pay petrol...
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