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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Free ticket for ESL tonight if anyone wants it.
  2. What horrible news to wake up to this morning. I only met him about 18 months ago but he was lovely. Passionate about BWFC and the effort he put in to the Rememberance Group was admirable. I'll miss chatting to him on matchdays. Thoughts to his family and also the hundreds of friends he clearly had x
  3. I can't make it today so ESL ticket going free. Row I. Apply within.
  4. Don't forget Doggy Daycare sponsor for them
  5. Yeah I haven't heard anything since. We are setting off same time, hope the traffic is kind.
  6. I can't see anything official , just heard from two others...
  7. Anyone else heard that it's been called off?
  8. This is such awful news. What a bloke, he probably didn't realise how much of a legacy. I made a lot of lasting friends through this place and so many belly laughs I can't count. Cheers Neil xxx
  9. Hello again, thanks all. Looking forward to tomorrow and more time wasting on here!
  10. Yes and I’ll be invading your territory Tuesday night, watch out or I’ll pop a cap in yo ass
  11. Tuesday will be my first game this season, I cannae wait! I'll get another ST too, be good to see some of you feckers again.
  12. I couldn't look at them on my laptop, but my phone worked fine
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