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  1. Yes and I’ll be invading your territory Tuesday night, watch out or I’ll pop a cap in yo ass
  2. Tuesday will be my first game this season, I cannae wait! I'll get another ST too, be good to see some of you feckers again.
  3. Awwwwwe that's lovely. They'll be worth it.
  4. I've been in my house 16 years today. I remember trying to pack but was glued to the TV. It should have been a happy occasion but I'll always think of that instead.
  5. It's absolutely stupid, it would do more for the town to just let it happen.
  6. Autumn is better than summer, love it!
  7. I've caught up now as don't want to risk spoilers, but that last bit was ace!
  8. Our Fold are on tonight at the Food Festival. Got *cough* Will Smith on Sunday
  9. Nope, still twatty. I normally wait until near the end of the series and binge watch. Temptation too high for this series and I started watching 2 days ago and have caught up (ish). I was 2 days behind ffs. ACCEPTABLE - Oh God, at the end of the last episode, when thingymebob nearly killed whatsit and the thingemegig got him - wow UNACCEPTABLE - whatever you two last posted
  10. Will you lot feck off with the spoilers
  11. Bloody hell!!! Glad I read this after dinner. Sorry, lunch.
  12. Houses today aren't as robust. It may be right. But if it's a hairline crack, polyfilla, a sand and a bit of paint will do it. Get a photo of it and send it to me.
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