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  1. Goal reminded me of Jay-Jay vs West Ham
  2. Can I just say Shazza, if you’re reading. Have a +1
  3. We are Bolton. This is exactly how we do things.
  4. Half a lion has been superb
  5. In Wylam where i live. The old railway line where George used to practice his rocket.
  6. Last year similar happened to me as I was cycling in the pitch dark along the old railway line past George Stephenson’s Cottage. A white owl flew in my path and screeched “two wit two who”. I said I think you’ll find it’s “two whom” and he flew off suitably chastised.
  7. We’ll be like Seabiscuit!
  8. I think you’re correct E2e4 I remember that game and the significant result as contributor to is staying up.
  9. If you put blotting paper in your shoes you’d faint.
  10. I see what you did there
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