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  1. At least we’ve got Ipswich away on Saturday where we can cleanse ourselves and find solace in that there’s no history of shocking refereeing performances.
  2. Goal reminded me of Jay-Jay vs West Ham
  3. Can I just say Shazza, if you’re reading. Have a +1
  4. We are Bolton. This is exactly how we do things.
  5. Half a lion has been superb
  6. We’ll be like Seabiscuit!
  7. I think you’re correct E2e4 I remember that game and the significant result as contributor to is staying up.
  8. I see what you did there
  9. Tranny’s goal difference taking a shoeing here
  10. Goals like the Ipswich one just weren’t scored in those days which is why it stood out. Nobody had the confidence in their own skill or imagination to do that. Except Frank. met him in Teppanyaki in Manchester one evening in @ 92 and had a chat. I’m sure I just blurted out the same as everyone else ever did when meeting him. RIP Frank. And Thanks!
  11. He was shit at Spartans so maybe going from the Toon to Khartoum is more his level
  12. England could practice their batting on it.
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