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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021

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  1. Not been on posting for a while, heard off a friend, such sad news this. Met Neil a handful of times when I won tickets or just bumped into him. Top fella! Thanks for creating this site which has produced some fine threads over the years and no doubt many more to come. RIP pal x
  2. Anthony Stokes released by Hibs, wouldn't be surprised if we went for him.
  3. Zander Westerveld Andriy Shevtencho Roeman Abreamovich
  4. http://www.clicklancashire.com/sport/bolton-wanderers-fc/1213234-bolton-wanderers-move-for-chelsea-midfielder-romeu.html
  5. Scored a hatrick vs Trashmere, already a legend in my eyes that lad!
  6. Sounds like their keeper has had a blinder
  7. Bolton Cardiff Leicester Dirty Leeds Wolves Blackburn Relegated: Sheff Weds Bristol City Palace
  8. Burnley 2-3 Bowton Sordell with a brace and a late Petrov pen wins it for us, having been 1-0 up, but then 2-1 down in a rollercoaster opening game. Knight with a couple of o.g's for them. Everybody bladdered singing "we are going up" come 16:55
  9. He might turn out to be a flash player.
  10. Lucky cunt Nolen. Frankel would absolutely destroy her, that was an average field at best.
  11. What a machine, Incredible horse.
  12. Friggin 'ell, it's one thing after another lately. RIP little 'un
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