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  1. *The longer they wait to do the obvious thing of putting in a DoF the better. 😁
  2. Sold their 2 best players though didn’t they and didn’t replace? Cant be many teams that get promoted and then go into the next season with a weaker squad! I still maintain that Leicester, Saints and Leeds of this year are better than Burnley, Luton and Sheff Utd - just a really funny year last year where those coming down from the prem were relatively ‘strong’ and the Championship was complete shite so it didnt take much to go up (which is a bit harsh on Burnley who did look a class above).
  3. Said it before but it was one of the daftest appointments I’ve seen for a while. A club that has had multiple managers that play football the same way, lose Russell Martin who if anything is even more ‘play it out from the back’ than Evatt and then bring in Duff who’d just had a decent season with Barnsley but very much plays direct football - I don’t know what they expected! If it wasn’t for the shares, the buy in with the ‘project’ etc. then I’d be slightly concerned we’d lose Evatt, because he’s the obvious person they’d go for, but as it is I just don’t think there’s any chance he’d even consider anyone outside of the prem at this stage.
  4. Exactly. United away, yes please, United at home with them having more fans than us, fuck that!
  5. Echo what has already been said. Really good point that against a very good and dangerous team, at their place. Easy to concentrate on the chances we didn’t convert but they had plenty themselves and although I think we just about edged it, I think a point is fair. Quality though when we turned the screw for 20 mins in the second half and they couldn’t live with us, shows how good we are when we click. Fair play to the defence, and mainly Baxter for another clean sheet. Another game ticked off and we’re still top of the league!
  6. He’s a proper nob this ref, he’ll be dying to find a picky reason to send one off.
  7. Hope they are a footballing side. If we go toe to toe with anyone in this league on that basis then we’ll win if we’re somewhere near our best.
  8. Didn’t go today but watched in Sir Ralph Abercrombie in Manchester and had a few of us making it seem like a Bolton pub. We looked fucking quality, really really good and it was just a matter of how many. I still maintain we’ll win the league, despite what happens in the next 2 games. Pompey aren’t all that and Oxford are way above their pay grade. I do think the cream (money) will rise and Derby will end up up there but we have a big enough advantage and I think we’re better than those chasing that we’ll have enough to end up on top. Up the whites, good to hear a pub in Manchester full of Bolton songs!
  9. Told you. The whites are going up. Bolton, Derby and then someone else through the play offs
  10. Same. It can’t be as good as last year and will also mean more and more games to get through in the season. An uneventful draw with Vale, losing on penalties so as not to dent any confidence, would be my preference.
  11. We’re not used to that thing called positivity are we? 😂
  12. I reckon we‘ll be top by the end of the weekend. Pompey draw, Oxford draw or lose. Just win Bolton!
  13. This looks like a really simple finish (and it is) but if you watch his movement on about 59 seconds it’s quality - drags the defender towards the front post and then dummy’s to go behind him leaving him free.
  14. Every time he gets subbed off I always think he looks like he’s fucked, carrying a knock, no way he can be fit in a few games time… starts as always. He’ll be playing on Saturday and even more buzzing
  15. In other news - Dion has just bagged for Northern Ireland! Is that his first international goal?
  16. Pretty sure the conversion of the gov’t loan valued us at something daft like £60-70m off the top of my head - it would have been mental to not take that opportunity, cheap cash!
  17. Do like that one. I really dislike the other Evatt one though - “first name is Ian, Ian, Ian, second name is Evatt, Evatt, Evatt, and that’s the way we like it, like it, like it…” Sounds like we’re filling out a fucking form for him! The next verse should be his date of birth and postcode.
  18. Brilliant win that, yet another that you could file under ‘wouldn’t have won last year’. They looked a decent team and I don’t think we were anywhere near our best, other than Santos I don’t think anyone had a great game. In parts, Sheehan and Maghoma did some nice stuff but I also thought they gave the ball away too much and didn’t really get a grip of midfield, I also thought GT looked off the pace and his touch was poor - then he goes and hits that bastard, well in lad! Tough test, big crowd, not 100%, another clean sheet, a massive 3 points and 1 point off top of the league with a 5 game winning run! Santos is currently as good as he’s ever been - if he stays fit all season and in this form then it will get us a long way towards promotion.
  19. Said it at half time, if we win games like that then we’ve really progressed from last year. It’s a brilliant win, lots of gutsy performances without any particular standout. Others have said it but Santos and Toal probably the pick, with an honourable mention for Forester who looks the part every time he plays. I’d also say Baxter deserves some praise. Nothing in particular but it just feels like he’s a calming presence and the defence completely trust him - it all feels very settled at the moment (no coincidence it’s since Santos came back).
  20. Unreal ball from GT. That’s Dion at his worst though, give him time to think and he’s terrible - instinct (I.e. the Charlton goal) and he’s a different player
  21. Pretty laboured, sloppy at times but do also look like we can create a chance or two if we can improve the final ball. Narrow pitch, physical side, not able to move the ball about as we’d like - these are the typical games that have been our nemesis for so long, if we can grind a result out then it will be a big indication that we’ve made progress on that front this season.
  22. They did in the first half, they were terrible second half though (where’ve we heard that before) and if Bromley could finish then Blackpool would be playing them back at their place in a replay. Not that I think that game has any bearing on Saturday but that second half showed they are far from an intimidating team.
  23. BWFC twitter account actually made a point of saying it wasn’t an injury and just rotating the squad when the announced the substitution - clearly preempted every one of our fans having the exact same response to that sub!
  24. Really hope we get 1 more so that missed pen doesn’t cost Zico.
  25. Watched Leicester against Leeds last night and thought it was a really good quality - I reckon they’re both better than at least 4 or 5 current Prem teams (incl. the 3 that went up).
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