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  1. Eddie

    Wycombe (H)

    2-0 Lee and JDB The promotion push continues
  2. Eddie

    Ipswich away

    1-2 Dapo x2 The promotion push begins (and even if we lose, we’re still getting promoted!!)
  3. First game of the season hope, top of the league (maybe joint), quality weather, easy place to get to. Away game perfection.
  4. They show good progress, albeit trading was impacted significantly by Covid (obviously). They’re also a year out of date - not that that is anyone’s fault, it’s the way accounts work - but for a business that has seen as many changes as we have over such a short period of time it does mean that annual accounts aren’t really relevant to the current situation by the time they are published. Based on those, and knowing what has happened since, I’d bet that our financial year that has just ended last week will be pretty strong, and I reckon that we’re just about on an sure footing now. Obviously we won’t know until this time next year, but I get the sense that we’ll now be making decisions and spending money based on what we want to do, rather than what we need to do.
  5. Eddie


    Oh ye of little faith. I might have to switch to backing us to win it, rather than promotion, by that stage as we’re sitting top of the league after beating all the bookies’ favourites.
  6. Eddie


    I like that. I tend to have a £5 free bet per week with the Skybet club thing, I think I’ll chuck that on us to be promoted each week. Should end up a half decent pot by the end of the year
  7. They’re the Norwich of L1 / Championship - too good for one and not good enough for the other
  8. We were completely fucked, every man and his dog knew that we had to take what we were offered - he was worth what we could get for him in a short amount of time and there was no reason for Celtic to pay us any more than they needed to, it’s business not charity. I’m sure there are plenty of rumours about him engineering a move, I’m sure most are utter shite. End of the day, a kid got the chance to sign for Celtic and leave a club that could soon be out of business and we got £100k - if you think that deserves a career threatening injury then that’s up to you, but personally I think it’s pretty extreme for a decision that 99.9% of people would have made. I hope he does well and goes on to have a good career.
  9. A lot of bitterness towards a kid that got offered the chance to sign for Celtic, from a League 1 team in turmoil. Strange
  10. Eddie


    2 of my good mates are Forest and Derby fans. They’ve gone from being very similar teams (probably Derby the better one) for so long, to being absolutely worlds apart in the matter of months. Even 1 season of the Prem money for Forest will fundamentally change their position, whereas if Derby carry on like they are then they’re more likely to follow our route and drop straight to L2! It could be 5+ years before it balances out again. Fair to say the Forest fan is pretty smug at the moment.
  11. As much as it’s a very skewed view of the world, it’s fucking frightening that there are that many people that think some of those things that you’ve pointed out are normal/reasonable/mildly amusing etc.. My conclusion is that there are a huge amount of weird people in the world. If ever there was a cull of the population needed, twitter replies would be my first place to go to see who goes first (along with people driving in the middle lane of the motorway).
  12. Reading twitter comments (I know), you’d think they’ve just signed Roberto Carlos. Very strange how every so often a player gets overly praised, and then it becomes some kind of wankathon as to who can go the furthest. He seemed a nice enough guy, had a good attitude, was pretty fast but was a poor footballer, couldn’t defend to save his life and when put under any kind of pressure just lost the ball. He’s not quite Greenidge, but I’m surprised he’s got a gig in the football league. Hope he goes on to do well, but I’m pretty sure Walsall fans’ expectations will be some way above what they’re getting based on our strange twitter based fans.
  13. Within 1 season we could be a more attractive option that Burnley. There are plenty of concerns that they are a financial basket case, their parachute money will be spent on paying the contracts of the players that aren’t out of contract and still on Prem wages, they’ve not got the continuity that Dyche gave them last time etc. etc. If we manage to go up next season, we’ll have bigger crowds, a better stadium, and be in a more stable financial position. When you look at the Championship now, I genuinely don’t think there are many attractive clubs in there that would turn Evatt’s head. Obviously that changes if we don’t manage to go up, he’ll only stay in this league for so long, but I’m not concerned he’ll get poached this summer.
  14. The owner won’t be arsed about it being sustainable, he’ll know that if he can fund it long enough to hit the Prem then he’ll make a fucking fortune because even though it’s only Wigan, any club in the Prem becomes very valuable overnight. Problem comes if you don’t reach the Prem and either Financial Fair Play says you can’t spend any more (Derby) or your owner decides he can’t spend any more (us). It’s a shit or bust tactic.
  15. And Norwich, Watford and potentially Burnley (plus Wigan, Rotherham and maybe MK Dons) aren’t exactly adding to the glamour of the Championship either. League 1 is where the big teams hang out!
  16. This made me chuckle, Tomski. I know you didn’t mean it like this, but what else were you going to do?
  17. How do you think you’ll get on next season? Apologies for the ignorance but was it a case of being your best shot and you’ll lose some of your best assets this summer, or are you likely to build and have another good go next season? It’s going to be a ridiculously competitive league next season. I’d imagine the 3 from the play offs that don’t go up will be strong again, Derby (if bought) should be strong, and then you’ve got us, Ipswich (who are early favs with the bookies) and Pompey who I’d imagine will all fancy their chances. I reckon we’ll start the season with probably 10 teams fully expecting to be at least in the play offs - the majority of which will actually expect promotion.
  18. Got to be checking in daily for the latest transfer news. Who’s going to win the race for Andy Johnson, us or Everton Have we signed Saviola yet Surely this is the window we sign Sorin
  19. I agree. He’s poor, not Greenidge level but he’s not a league player for me.
  20. I’d you’d have told me that we’d finish above Ipswich and Pompey then I’d have assumed we’d be top end of the play offs at least. Form since Jan has us in automatics, we know Evatt will have us stronger next year. Can’t wait
  21. I’m in the same boat and it feels quite strange after having no trust in at least one of either owner/manager for so long. I completely trust that a player will only be sold if it’s the right thing for the club, and we get the right amount. I also trust Evatt, from his record so far, that if we do lose a player because the offer was too good to turn down, then he’ll know exactly who we should get in to replace them. I’ve never heard of the majority of his signings but the vast majority have been a big success - I fully expect that there are plans in place for the next lot. Nice place to be when you trust owner and manager. I don’t want to see Santos or Dapo go, but there’s no stress as to whether they do or not because if they do I know it’s the right thing and the squad / club will be better off for it.
  22. Eddie


    I know what you mean, but it’s a big leap to believe that he’ll actually end up as City’s number one, even if he does get given a 5 year deal. No matter how good he gets, Ederson is only 28 so probably has another 7 or 8 years in him. The way Trafford talks, I’d be surprised if he’s happy to sit on the bench anytime soon which means he’s probably got another 3-4 years of being loaned out, at least. As long as we keep progressing (I’d imagine he’d want to be playing championship football year after next if he has another good season) then we’ll probably be at the front of the queue year after year - at which point, City spend another £50m on a foreign keeper and Trafford’s out of the door. A lot of if buts and maybes (he might be shite next season and we all want rid) but the point I’m trying to make is that City won’t need Trafford for a number of years yet, so I don’t think it will be too much of a short term problem as long as we progress.
  23. Eddie


    The interview he did before yesterday’s game basically confirms he’ll be with us next year. All about this group staying together, kicking on next season, “we” this and that. I get that he might just be towing the party line in terms of what Bolton will do next season, but it very much sounded like he already knew that he’d be here next season and considered himself part of the team. Fingers crossed that’s the case because I think he’s already proven he’s more than good enough, seems to be improving all the time and will only get better. Now to get Fossey back!
  24. I hadn’t realised that they had such a tough run in - there’s a good chance that they only take 3 points max out of those games. I’d love to see them fuck it up, mainly because we’d then be able to go toe-to-toe with them next season on a level playing field, rather than with half a L2 squad for the first half of this season.
  25. He’s proving a point every week - best midfielder in the league for me, a very very good player and I think he’ll run it on Saturday. Injuries to 3 of our most important players (incl. Fossey), plus just generally looking like we’ve dropped off our top form and are on the beach, mean I think we’ll get beat. Probably 2-0 or something like that.
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