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  1. 26 minutes ago, Deanu said:

    He's going to be 29 in a few months, this summer is probably last chance to get a real decent fee for him thanks to the new extension he signed last season. Back to back 20 goal seasons in all comps, good healthy profit reinvested in a younger striker.

    Really good point and why I think we’ll listen to offers.

    I think Santos is case in point where he’s had his peak value and now due to only having a year left of his contract and us not going up I think we’ll only get less and less for him. Part of the model is to cash in when we can get top value and I think Charles is about at that point - as Casino says, can you replace his goals with a younger version. Personally I think you can (how many penalties in the 20?) but I also wouldn’t mind seeing a full season of a Collins / Charles front line.

  2. 8 hours ago, Casino said:

    ogbeta did really well for peterborough, i think?

    saturday he had loads of space in front of him first half but we didnt use it for whatever reason

    anyway, if we play wing backs, williams is fine, so its a back up we need...imo :)



    Williams has grown on me, and I do think he’s ‘fine’. The problem with that is that our wingbacks are arguably the most important positions in this formation and so ‘fine’ doesn’t quite cut it.

    Easier said than done but I think we need upgrades on both sides if we’re going to predominantly play wingbacks again next season.

    Wingbacks and centre mid are the main areas to upgrade for me. Sell Santos and GT and use the money to really invest in those 2 areas. Up top, centre backs and GK we’re absolutely fine - subject to maybe a loan or two to replace leavers.

  3. 28 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Irrespective of where you put his bar, he had started to improve.

    Probably counts for nothing though, and we'll see what happens in the coming weeks.

    In the same way that I’ve improved my chances of running a marathon by downloading the couch to 5k app 😂.

    Like you say, be interesting to see how it pans out as I imagine he doesn’t fancy being 4th choice striker, which he would be based on current options and that’s a without us replacing Jerome or BOD (assuming they leave) which I imagine we would look to do and would likely therefore mean he’s 5th choice! All points to us taking a hit to move him on as I just can’t see how anyone pays us back what we paid considering his time with us.

  4. 4 hours ago, Whitesince63 said:

    To be fair Dan was just starting to show some ability before his injury but he’s not a kid any more and we can’t keep saying he’s showing promise.

    He really wasn’t. The bar was so low that he’d done something like actually completed a pass in the box which led to a goal and that counted as progress.

    As is usual, this then built as he was out to the myth that he was just turning good when he got injured.

    He then soon brought everyone back down to reality when he got back on the pitch at the end of the season.

    One of the most baffling decisions Evatt has made with us, especially considering he got to try before he bought (and all and sundry could see he was dogshit).

  5. 50 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    Tbf Morley had a spell last season where he was one of the first names on the team sheet.

    Certainly didn’t envisage him having such a bit part role this year (and generally not doing much when he did get a chance) 

    I think the Morley contract is just about protecting the value of your asset. Regardless as to whether we think he’s good enough to progress with us, he’s still a relatively young midfielder with loads of L1 experience and so has a bit of value in him if we were to let go - only if he’s in contract though, even if it’s say £200k that we could get for him then without that contract extension you’ve just written it off.

    Morley has gone backwards, there’s no doubt about it and I’m not in any way trying to pin this on Evatt. But just based on how good we know he can be, it would be very interesting to see if a different manager could get a tune out of him again, whether it’s here or somewhere else. In my opinion he’s got more natural ability than most in our squad (Maghoma did a Q&A the other day and Morley was his answer to “who’s got the best right foot in the squad”) - something has gone flat for him though.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Zico said:

    Perfect summary 

    It could be that Evatt has to go for this to change, or that we just need to sign an experienced midfield bastard and drop one of the 3 we currently have

    position wise it should be Sheehan but I think he brings more to the game than GT

    Magohma may not be here and he will be a big loss but if we start the season with Dempsey, GT and Sheehan we're going nowhere 

    I was going to write a post about GT but when I read it it sounded like a ‘I told you so’ and I don’t want that because I think my initial views were wrong on him.

    Ultimately though I don’t think he’s as good as people think, his 21st booking of the season yesterday was not because he’s an enforcer it’s because he was a yard off the pace again and if we got a half decent offer for him then I’d be cashing in and I think we could invest the money to have a bigger impact on the team.

  7. 28 minutes ago, Zico said:

    The strange thing about watching a game with a VAR is for both goals I fully expected there to be a break in play whilst they checked something 

    More in hope yesterday than anything else 

    I imagine it would have been the same if we'd scored

    Really weird feeling, I’d thought about that slight doubt in your mind when you score which would make it not quite feel as amazing, but on the second goal especially I wasn’t as gutted when it went in because I thought there was a chance it was offside so it was almost like I was thinking “it’s gone in, but it might not have - let’s wait and see”. Then this weird time of just watching the ref and hoping he didn’t  blow for kick off, which he obviously did and at that point I’d kind of accepted it. Strange strange feeling and although it could have saved us, it can still fuck off.

  8. 8 hours ago, wiggy said:

    With 10 minutes to go we had a corner. Our corner taker strolled over like we were 2-0 up. And our defenders walked slower than I could possibly imagine from the halfway line to get into the box. Couldn’t believe what I was watching. Just weird 

    It’s a great point and there were so many instances. Not major in isolation but when you think what it means for their overall mentality it speaks volume. Maghoma taking an age to get off the pitch when subbed - I get it, you’re injured but not that badly that you couldn’t do a limping jog, we’re 2-0 down in a play off final FFS.

    I thought Evatt was all about the little details, like when he came in and demanded the players run off the pitch at half time. It’s all part of the “we’re too soft”, “we don’t have a shithouse”, “we lack leadership” debate. The body language and tone of team is awful - of course some of that rests on the players themselves, but the leaders (Manager / Captain) should be making it very clear that it’s not accepted and you’ll get a fucking bollocking for walking around at 2-0 down in a play off final, instead they’re at it themselves.

  9. 3 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Santos stood with hie foot on the ball will live long in the memory.

    Sell him to the lowest bidder.

    Sell them all.

    Absolute fucking shit bottling cunts to a man.



    What about stood with his hands on his hips on the half way line for about 2 minutes (Dempsey had just walked over to him at this point - he’d been stood alone for a good 90 seconds or so), in about the 88th minute whilst there was a break in play - I took this picture because we were fucking furious with how placid he was and doing absolutely fuck all when his team was 10 minutes away from throwing the season down the shitter.

    He can be the best defender in the league. A leader he is not.

  10. Oxford have just won a play off final, one of the most nerve-wracking, stressful and tense games you’ll ever have WITHOUT THE KEEPER MAKING A SAVE.

    Forgetting everything else, that is a fucking joke. Their fans have just been promoted without some much as one arse-twitching moment.


  11. Anyone with half a brain could see it wasn’t working.

    2-0 down at half time in a one off game, you’ve got nothing to lose, you either:

    - stubbornly stick to the way you always play, the way the opposition knew you were going to play and the way that they have absolutely completely nullified and will continue to do so until the final whistle, or

    - you accept that your usual way isn’t working, you do something that they won’t be expecting, you go to a back 4 and put Jerome up top in the middle of a 3 and go long to him and let Collins and Charles run off him (or something else that was just different).

    He did the former, because he’s either too stubborn or tactically inept.

    I’ve been his biggest fan but this season has shown his weaknesses loud and clear, and more worryingly his inability to accept and address them. I wouldn’t be sad to see him go.

    As for the players and that performance, probably better left til emotions have calmed down because at the moment I’d sell the lot of the bottleless twats - and our ‘captain’ is front of the queue.

  12. 33 minutes ago, desperado said:

    Sheff Utd not so sure.

    Luton and especially Burnley will be very strong next year. Very difficult to match.

    Reckon Kompany will keep that young side together and be in/around the top  for promotion. 

    Don't get me wrong, I’m not suggesting we’d be expecting to be going toe to toe with them and winning all games - and again, this already sounds a bit too presumptuous - but I’d be looking to pick up more points in the 6 games from the teams coming down than the 3 going up (assuming Leeds or Saints). They just feel more Prem standard than the 3 coming down who are far more Championship (and less intimidating from a stature perspective).

  13. I know it doesn’t mean we’re going to win, and I’m not taking anything from this, but there can’t have been many play of finals with one of the teams 4/9 to go through (although only 17/20 to win in 90 mins).

  14. Getting a bit ahead of myself but assuming we do the business tomorrow, I wouldn’t mind seeing either Leeds or Saints go up, just to make the league look that bit less intimidating next year.

    Sheff Utd, Luton and Burnley would give us more of a chance of picking up points than Leicester, Leeds (and Ipswich based on this season).

    Even Birmingham dropping down to be replaced by Pompey makes it seem a slightly easier league than what seemed a really strong championship this year.

    Just need that result tomorrow to make all that actually matter to us 🙏🏼

  15. 2 hours ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:

    Tremendous session. 

    Her passion sometimes gets in the way of her evidence, but she's ace and doesn't pull any punches.

    The Cambridge chap is more measured, but together they raise some fine points. 

    The parachute payment scheme debate is something I hadn't thought about too much.

    However, it is perhaps reflective of how precariously run some clubs are, that they have to have payments upon relegation to prevent them going tits up, but this is turn gives them huge competitive advantage.

    Perhaps the right place is a much smaller set of payments, and/or a system of ownership that prevents such difficulties from arrising.

    The number one fundamental issue with football finance is the lack of security around your revenue (I.e. you can get relegated from the Prem and lose 75% of your revenue from one year to the next), whereas costs (player wages) tend to be on 3+ year contracts and therefore you can’t flex your cost base in line with revenue.

    Of course there are ways you can try and reduce the risk like relegation clauses in contracts but they just make you less competitive when trying to attract players, which in turn reduces your chances of staying up and therefore increases your chances of losing that revenue for the next year.

    I understand the theory of parachute payments, they are there as a partial protection, essentially softening the blow whilst you try to cut your costs in line with that reduced revenue, but for those with owners that don’t give a fuck about the losses, it just means that can spend even more and make sure they get back to the prem ASAP, leaving everyone else at a huge disadvantage.

    I’ve no idea what the alternative is, other than a nationwide clause that’s included in all contracts that upon relegation your wage will decrease in line with revenue, and therefore putting everyone on a level playing field when trying to attract a player. But even that would have all sorts of issues with players being poached on relegation and people finding ways around it.

    In short, football finance is fucked. It has been for a long time and will continue to be until something drastic changes it.

  16. 12 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Wrote this in 2012 on here. (My use of capitalisation is disgusting)

    That feeling....

    would blow all other intoxicants out of the water.

    the feeling in which i speak about is that unique feeling only a follower of a football team can feel.

    that feeling when kevin davies popped that goal in today....that precise explosion within your inner-self.

    not the leaping around after the goal....that very second when the ball goes in...

    nothing else matters in the whole world for that split second.

    you are deaf and dumb...an atomic bomb wouldnt register in your mind.

    then its afterwards you think....this is why we do it.

    this is why we spends fortunes on going week in week out

    suffer the dross and shame of getting walloped 5-0 at home by your most hated rivals.

    spend days and hours in dispair in discussion on here and elsewhere over team selections and where it all went wrong

    spend days in a bad mood because we got battered.

    but then one solitary split second of euphoria....makes it all fucking worth it.


    Remains as true now as it was 12 years ago, and was 12 years and more before you wrote it. VAR is the one thing that changes it and because of that I’m glad we’re not exposed to it week in week out.

    On a separate note - I feel like you were born a few years / decades (delete as appropriate - I don’t know how old you are) too late as you’d have given some fucking brilliant speeches before the next big offensive in the war 😂

  17. Humphrys put on twitter that due to the clubs new strategy and therefore cost cutting measures they couldn’t agree on a contract despite him wanting to stay.

    Now, he might have been asking for daft money but just the overall tone of the statement made it sound like Wigan are going to be bargain basement shopping from now on (they’ll still fucking beat us with their youth team if we don’t go up).

  18. 25 minutes ago, Rival Son said:

    Not necessarily. If we’d had VAR on Tuesday night, with a ref who’s used to having it as a backup, the ref is likely to waved play on for Collins’ early disallowed goal, with VAR confirming there was no foul.

    There is nothing wrong with VAR. Just poor referring decisions.

    We’d have also have had a penalty against us for that Baxter foul.

    It should benefit us as the ‘better’ team as it reduces the chances of an incorrect decision being our downfall, but I’d rather not have it, I hate the idea of us scoring a winner in the 90th minute only to have to wait for 5 mins to see whether we should actually celebrate or not.

  19. 34 minutes ago, Casino said:

    When will these criticism of our corners/free kicks stop

    Maybe people need to see how many times we score relations to others

    Referenced by commentators on multiple occasions that we’re one of the top scorers in the league from corners… and we scored in both legs from one.

    Must admit, I didn’t have us down for being one of the best at them but facts are facts

  20. 6 minutes ago, Zico said:


    Probably Milan 





    edit - Glasgow, although that might have been what triggered the original question seeing as it was about that final. I’m having it anyway!

  21. 5 minutes ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    Harsh. He covered every blade of grass on Tuesday. 

    He did, and I wouldn’t say shite but I do think his form has dropped in the last few games vs the middle of the season.

    Not saying that he deserves to be dropped, and to be honest up until the last 2 games I’ve not seen anything from Dempsey that suggests he should be taking his place (and I’m a Dempsey fan) but I do think GT has been our 3rd best midfielder over the last month or so - just seems to be a lot of mis-placed passes and poor decision making.

    Barring any training ground injuries I think the same team starts again, and I’m all for it. Best players back and playing consistently in a settled team just at the right time. Let Dempsey’s energy cause them all sorts of problems on that pitch in the last 25-30 mins.

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