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  1. 7 minutes ago, Dr. Feelgood said:

    I like stability. It normally leads to improvement &, tbf, we have improved. Yet we still have huge deficiencies. 

    But after Big Sam we got ... Little Sam. What a disaster. Vile Megson. Saint Owen who, initially, seemed a breath of fresh air but was a fckg disaster. Freedman, who ended up looking like he slept on a bench in Queen's Park.

    Neil Lennon. Pisspot. Phil Parkinson, dull as ditchwater, anti-football but dignified under terrible pressure seems like a beacon of hope given what he followed. Keith Hill, another given a terrible hand bless him but deary me.

    So, in hindsight, we can all name other club's success stories but in hindsight I can tell you last weeks Lottery numbers.

    I can tell you Rioch was a huge step up from Neal!?

    But what may or may not become available is a moot point for me currently. The issue is the recurring deficiencies that are a constant under Evatt.

    The inability to break certain teams down, having favourites who never get dropped and others who get discarded at the drop of a hat, his proclamations of his/our greatness, his inability to influence games, his rigidity in formation means every team knows exactly how we gonna play and biting us on the arse. The list goes on and on.

    Yes we play a bit of fancy football here and there and look pretty, but 4 years and we are still in the 3rd division. 

    @Deanu post absolutely shows how a change management/leadership can have benefits, especially on the way up rather than down.

    If we got a new manager in it would set the spark for next season, if not we will all be waiting for the same failings to rear their head again before we quickly divide ourselves into our partisan beliefs on Evatt.


  2. 39 minutes ago, cumbrian white said:

    I would imagine there will be lots of discussions going on in the background, first and foremost to see if Evatt is still the man to lead us into next season. 

    I imagine this is the likeliest scenario.

  3. Just spoken to a mate who is big Ipswich fan, he says their preferred formation is 4-2-3-1, although they do occasionally got to a back 3 when needs must.

    So why the fuck does Evatt persist in Santos as this QB type role, rarely paying dividends attacking wise and leaving us exposed at the back. I just don't understand the strategy at all, it's high risk for little reward.

    Ipswich have done back to back promotions with a proper manager in high demand but Evatt knows best. 

    Get a back 4 with two rugged centre halves to get us out of this division and a couple of shit houses in midfield. 

    I just hope Evatt just fucks off tbh, he isnt half as clever as he thinks and tells people.

    Many people from Saturday have got their receipts too Ian, and will be quick to get on your back for day one.

  4. I'm not suggesting they hang anyone out to dry, but a thanks for your support, sorry for the disappointment and we'll double our efforts next year yada yada yada.

    More than happy to wax lyrical to MPs about her crusade?? Yet nothing for 30k+ fans completely let down.

  5. FV potted Hill when he became surplus to their plan so why would they be any different be with Evatt when the time comes.

    SB - '..we believe it to be in the best interests of the club that we have a fresh approach to our management and coaching structure for the next season and beyond.'

    Personally hoping to hear this statement again before long.

  6. 1 minute ago, Duck Egg said:

    With only 2 players out of contract, we can't afford to rip up the whole squad, or the philosophy. Why would we want to? We're very close, surely just a few adjustments are needed? By a contrite and rejuvenated Evatt, or a more pragmatic version of him.

    Or someone with same philosophy on how to play, just can do it better the IE!!

  7. Looked at the team that played in the PJT final, and had forgotten Declan John had played.

    I can't believe Evatt used to criticise his defending given the players he's brought in since.

    Have we actually improved in that position?

    Dacres-Cogley ending up as a LWB, which to the best of my knowledge he hasn't done all season, will be a standout WTF moment in a day full of them.

    Evatt is a fucking tactical desert; if what has been planned on the Thursday doesn't work, he and us are fucked.

    Starting to get annoyed all over again 😖

  8. 37 minutes ago, kent_white said:

    I think we've been found out in this league. And my worry is that we will play EXACTLY the same style next season. And without some pretty major investment I can't see us improving much. 

    It's down to some soul searching from Ian Evatt. And whether his heart is still in it AND whether he genuinely thinks he can do better next season. 

    I imagine the mood in the squad is on its arse going into the summer! 

    The only way Evatt will still be in place come Oct/Nov will be if we having a Colin Toddesque season.

    Every poor game, every dropped point will be scrutinised and criticised and he can't handle it it will become like Megosn until FV have no choice. Crowds will drop and it will become toxic.

    The same issues were happening in Div 2 as happened yesterday, the guys clueless, 4 seasons and still not worked out how to play around/through a team that sits deep and doesn't give a shit our defenders have the ball.

    Id never heard of the Poermaouth fella or the one at Lincoln now, but hopefully Markham or whoever is looking at contingencies for when Evatt gets potted, or walks.



  9. I agree Santos and Toal fucking about but absolutely no movement at all. They just sit deep and mark our men and know the spaces we looking to create. They don't give a fuck about us have the ball at the back.

    Yet again another manager with an ounce of tactical nous makes Evatt look a fool.

  10. 15 minutes ago, peebles said:

    If you're under 40 I imagine, generational thing. Being an old fart I've printed off and put in google wallet as backup. Will be checking printed off tickets 84 times between now & Sat no doubt.

    Ha, I've done same but then bound to lose them then have to get in when gates open to stop some bastardo getting in first.

    There's jeopardy at every turn!

  11. 1 minute ago, JimmyRiddle said:

    I emailed tickets@bwfc.co.uk with original confirmation and they sorted refund in a couple of hours.

    Now front row of Block 210, v happy!

    PS, Five tickets now available on back row of safe standing.

  12. 1 hour ago, gaztruman said:

    For anyone wanting to move seats (like i just have), buy the new ones you want under the same account you made your first purchase, then phone up and ask bwfc to cancel your original purchase. 

    I've moved from 507 to 104. Roll on Saturday. 

    I emailed tickets@bwfc.co.uk with original confirmation and they sorted refund in a couple of hours.

    Now front row of Block 210, v happy!

  13. So bit stuck, I got 5 tickets from 3 season ticket CRNs. Then I needed a further 3 tickets on a separate CRN plus the second unused  ticket from the first order.

    But just keeps rejecting, any ideas? Ta

  14. 28 minutes ago, Underpants said:

    I wouldn't imagine for one second that this tactic would be employed for a run-of-the-mill midweek match.

    Potential pitch invasion matches only.

    Well me neither! 

    Who would have thought some folded up bit of card would add to the atmosphere so much.

    FanZone before was class too.

  15. 9 hours ago, Underpants said:

    After they went into the lead for the second time, I did not enjoy one single second of that match. 

    As for the atmosphere. One of the best this stadium has ever had. And the happy clappy things played their part. I was a critic when i heard about them. I thought it was tinpot and shite. The sort of thing Wigan would employ. I still think they are tinpot but they did create a noise and got more folk involved. 

    Think it only worked as stadium full, not sure it would have had same effect for run of the mill midweek match!!

    My hands are still blue!

  16. If you need more than 6 tickets, and have enough season ticket holders in your network to do it, anyone know if you could you just log back in and get more tickets on a separate transaction??

    That's how I'm reading it, but if not, I'll need to line someone else up to get the others; or share their log in with me, Cheers

  17. FA Cup is 15%  away allocation upto 9k.

    Would have thought the play-offs would have fallen into same bracket, clearly not!! Amateurs

    Should have 3500.

  18. Just now, mickbrown said:

    What the fuck does he say to them at halftime?

    I think it what the opposition managers say to their teams, and the changes they make, are what always shaft us.


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