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  1. 1 hour ago, Rizlar said:

    Still pissed off but like previous posters we have been poor recently we have to find a way to score more than 1 goal to make sure we win that said still think we will do it against Crawley coywm .

    I agree Rizlar, we do need to score more than one goal. 2 attempts on target in the biggest game of the season, utter shite.

    Yet the sanctimonious gang on here have been preaching how it's all we need, well clearly not! 

    Funny how many off days we have had recently and lose?, Why are we not set up to have an off day an still grind a result?. Why do all our component parts have to work 100% to win a match, and then only by a single goal.

    The margins are so tight every week and Evatt has done nothing to address it. We should be home and hosed by now, we have the resources to have pissed this league.

    Evatt's ego in playing his 'brand' of football regardless, and Doyle's inability to offer any focus to our attacks is why we are where we are. Doyle should have been ressted weeks ago, Miller must be really shit!, but 'Doyler' is Ian's pal so go figure.

  2. Any WW heating engineers?

    I have two zones in my house, one rads and one underfloor heating which were working fine from the old combi boiler, which then failed and needed replacing.

    Ever since the new ATAG boiler has been installed we been getting no end of 'flow control' errors, and very little temp in the underfloor.

    After many weeks of resetting the boiler and getting the boiler looked at under warranty, the latest guy says the original plumber has done it wrong. And the zone valves should be on the flow leg, and not return as they are; as such the flow and return temps are not as expected so boiler errors?

    However, quick google check shows valves can be fitted on either leg, so is he also giving me duff advice?

    Do I need to go back to original guy and get him back to do the pipework? Has he done it wrong? And why would this impact on my UFH and not my rads?

    Engineer said because normal rads bi-direction but UFH isn't?? Is that correct as there is some heat getting to.floor just boiler is off more that it's on?

    Thanks for any advice.

  3. 1 minute ago, Max Cherry said:

    Well done. I apologize to Isgrove. If Jimmy Piddle had anything about him hed apologise to Doyle!

    one half with 2 goals as well Piddle!

    Why don't you jog on you fuckin cock! 

    About time after 3 matches doing fuck all

  4. 32 minutes ago, Whitesince63 said:

    I can’t believe you can use Delf and physicality in the same sentence JR, we don’t have a player who goes missing and pulls out of more tackles and headers than he does. Arthur next to Doyle I might agree but Delf??

    Well yes, maybe you're right, but he does have some upper body strength to occupy defenders to hopefully create space for others.

  5. The thing with Thomason is I am not sure he is as effective at home when teams sit deep and deny any space behind, as this reduces the effectiveness of his long range passing.

    He was superb yesterday, but could see him maybe back on the bench on Saturday?

    We need to find a way to unsettle and move defenders who are intent on holding their areas, that's the key at home. Maybe get Delf closer to Doyle for his physicality??

  6. 4 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Getting Sarcs back anytime soon would tip the balance for me. No coincidence him being missing has lead to a dip in form/creativity. 

    Me too, really showed we missed him recently.

    I'm also concerned with out ability to break teams down at home who just come and sit deep and let us have the ball. Will be a good test against Harrogate as I'm sure they'll do similar to Colchester.

    Sarc will definitely help with this.


  7. 13 minutes ago, Ani said:

    All of which is totally reasonable, I disagree a lot with your take on our position but you seem capable of accepting it ain't all black and white unlike some of the recent arrivals. 
    Lee's 3 misses from any pro player were individually very poor for such a good player to miss all three is incredible. 

    I know but that is football, sport, it's infuriating, but is what it is. I am weirdly pragmatic with stuff like that out of the moment.

    What really does piss me off though is our tactics, our reticence to get the ball in the box at times. Particularly from set plays, we would never have got lucky like they did coz we would have never swung it in until we are chasing the game. We would have taken it short; and I know the logic is to work it into.a better position, yet often that is back to Gilks!

    I don't mind Evatt playing his 'style', he will live or die by it ultimately, just wish we could be a little bit more street smart with dead balls. Can't BSA come in as a consultant and try to meld the percentages game we used to play so successfully!

  8. 1 minute ago, Ani said:

    So you think we were unlucky today ? 

    Yes, I think their goal was lucky, bounced of Santos towards our goal, Gilks maybe could've push it around the post? but they certainly didn't work that goal for themselves, so they got lucky we were unlucky.

    The point is we have been winning recently by such tight margins it only takes something like this to upset the apple cart. And on the back of a poor performance on Friday just frustrating. Doyle should have finished easily, Lee should have, but they didn't!

    Pretty certain if we won Fri we would have at least drawn today.


  9. 3 minutes ago, Casino said:

    Im sat here wondering how you create shots on target

    If youre saying we dont create chances after a game where we shouldve scored 5, i suggest youre talking cack

    Add em up, they're all on the BBC, averaging 3 shots on target a match through this unbeaten run. Except for the Cambridge match.

    Our luck turned today unfortunately, but has been a persistent theme.


  10. 2 minutes ago, Tonge moor green jacket said:


    Quite sure IE can see the issue too.

    Well clearly not, we 30 odd games in and just had two on the bounce where we didn't score.

    We have consistently failed to create shots on target, match after match, 4 on Friday, 1 today in the 95th minute! Against two teams on shite runs.

    The football he wants to play does not create enough chances for us to win games consistently. He has talent at his disposal and should be getting more from them in terms of performances for the whole match.

    We didn't deserve to lose today, but rather than throw the kitchen sink at it for last 15 minutes, why not learn to take effective free kicks and corners, and try to supplement the meagre amount of goals we score through open play in other ways?? We seem to only want to score the perfect goal. Shot free kick after short free kick, take a chance we may get lucky! 

    Outside Doyle Fonz and Sarc next top scorer has 2!


  11. 2 minutes ago, Spider said:

    I can hear knives being sharpened by a few folk desperately hoping we get beat

    Or the silence from the 1 nil is enough brigade?

  12. 10 minutes ago, radcliffewhite1 said:

    Even if tranmere win a draw ain’t bad 

    Really?, they take 3 points from playing top two, and we take 2 playing two teams who haven't won in weeks and one 3rd bottom? 

    Think they will be happier than us this Easter if that's how it ends up!

  13. Just now, barrycowdrill said:

    It’s not about the goals scored 

    the issue is the lack of chances being created. Of which there are very few 

    I said in the FGR thread, we have averaged 3 shots on target a game, if you take the Cambridge game out of this current run.

    We had 4 today, it's not enough, it's dull and this has been coming. It's meant to be entertainment!

    But the usual suspects will be on telling us how wonderful it all is.

  14. We had a free kick then half way on their half where we could have swung it in the box, instead we played it back back back to Gilks! 

    Now I don't mind possession football but in that situation it is just bollocks, get Santos in the box and play the percentages!

    It's time like this it feels we more about style than substance. 


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