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  1. Cheers Cheese, not sure if it that scathing or not really?? Just sounds like a curmudgeonly Yorkshireman to me.
  2. This is it for me. It isn't a coincidence, in my mind, that since we got better players in Jan Doyle's performances have been called into question a little bit more, he looks pedestrian at times. It is his role as a centre forward to mesh the front 4 together, he is the fulcrum for this formation, and I just don't see him doing it. Take the penalty away he has done very little in the last 4 games, and would suggest his assist rates are poor too, so he must be due a break. I am unsure if Miller can do this any better, haven't seen enough of him, so will have to bow to IEs better
  3. An alternative way of dealing with criticism, not sure if Dyche always been this understanding?? https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/19127778.burnley-boss-sean-dyche-reacts-roy-keanes-comments/
  4. Gary Henshaw commented on what was in front of him in my opinion. The only perceived negative thing he said, other than the offside fuck up, were that the substitutes were like for like and a change of shape may be better, i.e. two strikers. And let's be honest that second half was pretty dour, and we were struggling; so I think his view was justified from a co-commentator. Why oh why is IE going off on something like this, he really is precious at times. Maybe because he knows we haven't got a Plan B??
  5. Hi I have an issue where I have got quite behind with sorting all the family photo's so am a few years, and several 1000 pics and video clips to work through. They are everywhere, onedrive, google photos, memory sticks, everywhere! However, the complication is I have already archived some, just not all!! So my question is, once I have sorted all files into years, how can I compare all these files to see if they are already archived in my folder structure? I can then move the ones that aren't there and delete the rest. So compare files in two different folders, including sub-folders
  6. Jesus Ian, be careful with outrageous comments like using a target man in the 4 div, it's akin to clubbing baby seals to some on here.
  7. Was a weird one, as CL about to put it into an open net and he was impeded from doing so, but seemed soft. No card either??
  8. Oh yawn. A physical presence... Madine, K Davies, N Lofthouse, take your pick. Someone who can hold the ball up and allow others to join in, the thing Doyle clearly struggles with. Really isn't a difficult concept.
  9. Yeah, that one! The one who got us promoted!
  10. I would just like to see us with a physical presence up front, allow all these attacking types to play off them. A Madine type would improve us collectively I think. Or at least have that as an option, no idea if Miller is that??
  11. Mad dogs set plays are an improvement, that's something
  12. Be a bit pissed of if I was Isgrove, he been playing Ok, Madison hasn't?
  13. Coz I'm a desperate fan, not a professional manager, big difference!
  14. If you could choose, win league as champions on last day?, or win at Wembley with last minute winner? Just for my nerves think I would take the first option.
  15. I pay 20 quid a month, all games, tbh it's a bargain and if using iFollow app on phone or tablet not had any buffering either.
  16. But that's the same career he'd had at the start of the season too? So something's changed, obviously Crellin being cack, but not getting a keeper to become a starter in Jan, I hope doesn't come back to bite us.
  17. Just noticed Zebedee never made the bench, think we'll likely see him again??
  18. It's not shite, he lost the ball around the half way line more times than the commentator could come up with ways of saying it. He missed a open goal with a header, collectively we didn't have a shot on target until 70+ minutes, so he didn't have a good game. And yes he made a 2 yard pass to a guy who then smashed it in from 20 yards. Anyway I am happy we won as much as the next man so not gonna comment anymore!
  19. Er really, would add Gilkes to awful list.
  20. Fuck off, he had an awful game. But we won, so don't care!
  21. 34 minutes of that half, we were really gash! But that's why we love football!!
  22. Fuck knows how, but get in!!!
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