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  1. The thing with the tactics for me, and agreeing with most of what has recently been posted, is do we need to be that clever and smart as Evatt thinks to win games?? This is the third division, do we really need a way of playing that we rarely seem to be able to pull off, do we need to pull 3rd tier teams left and right for 70mins to get them tired then hope to capitalise ?? Do the teams at the top play like this? I just think it completely over egged at this level. Yes, play attacking football, but do it in a way that is easier to achieve, easier to implement, and easier to get points when we're not at 100%. Seriously how many games has it clicked compared to not? Even the winning run last year some games we really struggled to break teams down.
  2. Amazing how much it helps being great at set pieces!
  3. Well the feedback on here seems widely at odds with Evatt's post match comments!?, Only saw last half hour but wasn't inspiring at all. Would never have known they were non league.
  4. Gareth Ainsworth on SS tonight. He looks a dick!, but comes across really well, seems a top guy doing good job.
  5. We got anyone close to 5 yellow cards still, if they get one tonight would they miss Sunday??
  6. Haha, what was all that about after the pen! Like what they do when a disabled kid scores in a testamonial 😂.
  7. Well I agree with this, and said something similar earlier. The over playing, is it because they are instructed to, or because they know Doyle rarely gets on the end of anything so it then becomes too deliberate?? I'm not sure anymore.
  8. I'm interested to know why not? How can a centre forward not be part of the problem of the pitiful chances created as a team, why is he immune?. Does any team have the luxury of a player who can only score if the other players put it on a plate for them, as that's the inference, and even then he's missed plenty! However, he was brought last season as some mitigation, so just as worrying is Sheehan, Kanchunga, Johnstone & Baka, all brought in to make us more competitive in this division. None have been a great success to a lesser or greater extent, yet these have been selected by Evatt. So not sure why there so much faith put in the next transfer window tbh? Evatt chased Kanchunga all summer, just let that sink in.
  9. Surely we gotta try it for more than 70 minutes??
  10. It was the same last year to an extent, the way we set up means we seem to have to be at 100% to win matches, it feels really full on to get points. And even then we don't win them all, yet if we slightly dip in our performance we rarely get anything? I'm not really sure what the answer is, but would feel more comfortable having tactics that allowed an average performance but still able to win. As teams seem to do to us with frustrating regularity.
  11. Doyle has 1 league goal, non from open play, and 1 assist, in 16 games!!. Yet people defend him, he is fundamental to us failing to score in multiple games, he is shit.
  12. Taking Delf off and moving Dapo wide left has made us worse.
  13. Never runs hard to get in front of the defender for crosses that’s for sure
  14. ‘We just need to get on the end of one of these balls going into the box!’ Think the commentator nailed it for our season so far, not just this half… Some good football at times.
  15. This is spot on. Week in week out the stats show we do not create 'many' clear cut chances at all, that's why we can all remember the Doyle misses as generally they're the only one the whole match. As others have said previously, rarely do the opposition goalkeepers have many saves to make when playing against us, yet this isn't a narrative Evatt would want so reiterates the few chances we do make. I know I keep harping on about 15 matches without a goal for our striker, 14 Doyle, and 1 Baka, I find that an astounding statistic for a team that plays so much football; not enough of it is in the final third I would suggest and this is what most opposition know. We will never progress until this situation is rectified, but I am not sure Evatt even acknowledges there is an issue and that's what worries me. Some strikers in this league already 10+ goals, if it wasn't for Dapo's long range efforts we really would be struggling. I agree with Rudy on the defensive side, but doenst appear we have got the defense or attack right as yet. And can someone teach Santos to stop ball watching and prevent strikers just running across him, is it really that hard?
  16. Pretty much where I'm at ⬆️
  17. Conversely these same principals put us 20th, our lowest ever position when he didn't have the players to play that way, or the sense to find an alternative for half a season. Last season did not need to be as hard as he made it. This season his footballing principles have lost us more points than they have gained if you analyse the matches. Alongside this our CF has yet to score from open play in 15 games, 15!! That is crazy, so I still think our style flatters to deceive and is more to do with Evatt's ego than looking to eek out every point available to the team. He really needs a dose of pragmatism. That's not to say I don't enjoy it when we on blob, or that he needs to move away from the fundamentals, but the free kicks and corners, they are huge opportunities we just piss up the wall to score a goal! And people saying one more window, Evatt signed Kanchunga! Added to the Crellin and Sarc issues, so I think there as many questions as answers with Evatt tbh. And he may come good, hope he does, but don't understand the almost cult like status he has with some on here, I really dont get it. The fact Burton are above us blows my mind if we are all that! And that Wigan shambles will live long in the memory. So I'm in the @Not in Crawley camp and agree with @jules_darby has said earlier.
  18. There is load's that agree, but too much like hard work on here if you say anything negative about Evatt or his tactics... Just get pounced on by certain posters. Evatt's ego is writing cheques his talent can't cash... The cheeky cunt this week trying to tell us wek should be remember how far we come from 20th in 4th division, i.e. the place he put us, the lowest position this club has ever been, with his shite signings and ridiculous tactics with the players he had.
  19. Evatt wanted him all summer too, utter gash https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/bolton-elias-kachunga-signing-explained-21286690
  20. Not sure Evatt think's like that unfortunately
  21. Mixing it up, not a phrase we're that accustomed to over last year or so....
  22. But why does it need to be one or the other?, why can't you have a physical presence up front and still play football into feet etc, they don't need to alter the fundamentals. I haven't watched tonight but doenst sound like Bakayoko has done much unfortunately. However, which ever way you cut it that is 14 games!!, almost a third of the season, without a goal from open play from our striker!! That has to raise questions of the formations and tactics if nothing else, that is a crazy stat.
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