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  1. Thinking about it, it's probably a wind up!
  2. I'm sure with Sharon at the helm it will keep ticking along nicely...
  3. Wonder if the early season ticket stuff is a good way to attract & entice investors too??
  4. Definitely wanna keep riding the wave as long as we can, worry about the Champ when we get there!!
  5. Weird match, but great win!!
  6. The lads all left foot, only one way he was gonna go, but sat Williams on his arse!!
  7. This!!! We would have lost games like this previously, feeling sorry for ourselves at the non-sending off, conceding late, the worm has definitely turned. I like Aimson too, limited as a footballer but a grafter clearly so will do for me when needed. Dempsey was pretty non existent unfortunately, would have hooked him rather than Dapo tbh. And how much of a pest is Charles, I get a warm glow of smugness every time he scores. Proper Bolton type player.
  8. Clearly not, but they are responsible for ensuring they have enough resources to stop it happening with the right training, be that stewards or Police. At the end of the day it is the Police who should be managing any criminality i.e. finding the perpetrators. Not just leaning on the club with a broad brush and saying close the areas we have concerns about It's akin go telling women not to go out after dark as there's rapists about.
  9. Said it before, can't they just sell beer in those lightweight wide necked aluminium bottles they have in the States, only need fridges then! Cap off, done!
  10. DL3 greyed out too, doubt that's full currently??
  11. I like Cambridge, think their manager has a big future, they play decent football for their resources. Good for us to have some defending to do too, and come out the other side not conceding. Attacking wise it was phenomenal, like an exhibition at times. I knew it would click once Doyle was gone! 🤣
  12. Nice to see a bit of tenacity defending when under the pump, as ugly as it was.
  13. He put the whistle to his lips and looked at his linesmen for confirmation, then bottled it the shithouse!
  14. Great football, great to watch, same again 2nd half
  15. That was so good for lots of reasons, every one played their part, very impressive.
  16. Now why oh why would it be me? Im excited we won and morseo proved my point as soon as we fucked Doyle off results would pick up!! I wanted him gone so we could improve and voila! Did you notice Charles made that goal for himself, funny how Doyle never managed that, always everyone else's fault for not creating apparently. Yet according to you and others Doyle was 'fundamental' to how we play!? Well clearly not for me, or Evatt. Got that right didn't you all. Football knowledge at least matches your intelligence. Mug
  17. Awful decision, as was allowing scousers first goal, blatant offisde
  18. JimmyRiddle


    I think you spout a lot of shite at times, but just occasionally you are so on point it's scary! 👍
  19. That Doyle wasn't all that....bang average
  20. Was there a wanderers flag there? showed a guy talking to a steward/copper just in throws of taking it down so couldn't quite tell, just as the England were going through their final death rattle! Abysmal, but I got man crush on Mark Wood, even the Aussies like him. And on reflection Stokes should have had a bit more time off. Poor series
  21. Teams would be less inclined to kick him too if we had a Beevers or Wheater type getting double figures a season. (Think I may have nicked this of another poster who made similar statement at some point) So God knows why he lets the corners and free kick stuff just fester, when clearly a threat from them may potentially allow us to play more easily the intricate football he wants.
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