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  1. Did he just completely miss that header then??
  2. Proper manager gave his team talk, our amateur gave ours
  3. We haven't actually had a shot on target at 70 mins.
  4. I think one half time team talk worked!
  5. I think Williams is just steady away, always wanting the ball. Seems Ok to me
  6. Doyle needs to link the play better, no if's or buts. Cue the abuse.
  7. Lee just oozes class, steady.
  8. Number of loan signings inhibits him playing?? 5 isn't it
  9. Drop Doyle and play Fonz up top, Sarc behind if fit! 😆 Tongue in cheek before some of you implode!!
  10. Bournemouth and Hull, one of best weeks to be a Wanderer, back home on Easter leave I think so did both! What a week... Shit scared of heights but somehow ended up on top of that electronic scoreboard at Bournemouth!
  11. Bit OTT and odd that, I know it's frustrating but playing Wed Sat is not unusual is it Just worried he giving the players an excuse. Preferred him to use 'it's not ideal but the world is a crazy place at the moment and up to me and my team to rise to the challenge' etc The league need to get as many games on as they can given all the cancellations to be fair to them.
  12. If it wasnt working, then along with the manager of course, it horses for courses isn't it. And Doyle and the way we play seem slightly incompatible at moment, to me. However, with better players now in place and a bit more confidence seemingly in the squad I hope him, and us, get some success and, god knows how, but we still could do something this season! But, I cant help being concerned that even in games where we have played Ok, we have only ever shown glimpses, but never blown teams away? And I keep coming back to we do not keep the ball up the pitch for any length of time.
  13. I really don't know what Doyle has done to garner such unflagging support, other than run about and be enthusiastic? But it's a game of opinions after all!. And he may well go on to score 20 or 25 goals this year, but will mean shit if we still in this division. And if goals are the only only barometer of a centre forward then Kevin Davies would only have played a fraction of the games he did for us. Why did he, because he allowed the rest of the team to play in a manner the manager wanted, and this is the element of Doyle I'm criticising, probably in a rather blunt way during the m
  14. Possibly, or does Doyle not do enough/not able to make this formation work?? That's the question. I have never questioned his effort or endeavour, but expect more than just that. I expect him to be able to pass 5 yards to the unmarked Fonz without hitting the sole defender! All I want is bog standard centre forward play, hold the ball up and pop it back off to the midfield, or small mercies turn it around the corner for our wingers. Now no one objectively can say Doyle does this to ant great effect. Personally he always seem to want to drop deep so play him there as the 10 and g
  15. Who the fuck are you?? I think Doyle his hold up play is limited, he's slow , doesn't work the channel that well, and doesn't help the way we want to play. His legs are gone, all this is just my opinion. Part of our problem has been being able to keep the ball up the pitch and he is the common denominator. Yes he has scored some goals, but that's his job, but he has been an integral part of an under performing squad, and as the marquee signing, don't think he lived up to the billing. He is 10th in the goals per minute chart, so hardly ripping up any tress for the love in you and oth
  16. Did Kohli really burn a review when he was bowled!!!. Couldn't tell on highlights but can.up on screen he was out! Brass neck of him!!
  17. Tutte, If memory serves we, on trial and we let him go early on in the window but then took him back on towards the end as we hadn't found anything better I assume??
  18. Typical example of Doyle'd poor hold up play, Declan John was bringing out, not only didn't Doyle show, he blocks doff the space for John ended up with us losing the ball. And that chance then two defenders falling over the ball and Doyle stood watching, the guys legs have gone!!
  19. How can he take that boy off and leave old man Doyle on??
  20. My personal opinion, but that's because he isn't all that.
  21. Given Evatt didn't want Tutte in the close season , and has now dropped him ASAP, he clearly doesn't rate him. So maybe he isn't all that??
  22. Descending into the same dirge
  23. Doyle is not great at holding it up and getting us further up the pitch. Maybe more apparent with better players around him???
  24. Me too, but I agree. I am hoping it may just have knocked the skin of Madison too, so longer term will help him/us!
  25. I was brought up in Rochdale so do have a soft spot for them tbh, yet always want Wanderers to win when we play obviously. Now live in Halifax, and similar, look for their results hoping they've won. All other results I look for are clubs I despise and hope got smashed!
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