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  1. This is from UEFA Regulations for the group stage; Criteria for seperating teams finishing on same points total; a) Superior goal difference from all games played Higher number of goals scored c) Higher number of goals scored away d) Higher number of wins e) Higher number of away wins f) highest UEFA coefficient points (given we were seeeded second we can only be behind Bayern on this one!) So someone with more patience than me figure it out and let me know what results we need to happen. http://www.uefa.com/newsfiles/19070.pdf if you wanna check for your
  2. Peebs I am dissapointed, once upon a time you would have known that kind of train info and several back up alternative routes and had it distributed to the boys within hours of booking! the flights!! Whats going on???
  3. No I heard the back end of the interview and that is definately what he said. As well as getting knocked out the CC so we can concentrate on staying up!! One thing that puzzles me is why are we treated as relegation fodder whilst Spurs are just assumed to be having a poor start to the season??
  4. Theres at least 6 I know of, defo that flight not sure which train. Try fester58 & peebles know they making trip that way.
  5. Having watched Sammy do the press conference for the BBC from the link below, he has whetted my appetite for the season even more!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/e...rem/6931059.stm The proof will be in the proverbial pudding but Little Sam is really starting to impress me. Everything he talks about is positive, he's open and honest but with what appears to be a steely determination to succeed. He even seems to have calmed down and speaks at a pace I can now understand what the frig he is on about. For the first time in ages I am buzzing about going to the match days in
  6. Top one, think you succinctly put what a lot of right minded wanderers fans think, well done!!!
  7. 29 Countries 13% http://www.world66.com/myworld66/visitedCo...EUKVACYILAEBDMY
  8. I think most of you are missing the point of an appeals process. In legal terms, an appeal can be made by the defendant if the sentance; when found guilty; is seen as harsh within the guidelines given to judges under a given set of circumstances. The flip side of this is that the Crown Prosecution Service can also appeal if they believe the judge has been much too lenient with an offender within the guidelines under a given set of circumstances, i.e. if Ian Huntley only got the minimum possible sentance from the judge the CPS would appeal, so it is a two way street. Now this is wh
  9. I think our midfield could be boosted by some creativity, I think at times Campo, Speed & Nolan struggle to create openings, Campo can do it from deep but if he is constantly pressured by the opposition he suffers. Stelios has tried and failed, I think Tal looks ok but Sam obvioulsy doesn't, so all in all I think he could be a great signing who may create more openings for the front three, as he does have the ability to run with the ball and beat a player therefore creating space in other areas. All this is obviously dependant on his glass back!!!
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