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  1. Reflections was a good doo! Pissed...
  2. Bloody hell Max, we agree on something! 🤣 More widely with the McLean debate can we all please refer to it by its proper name - Londonderry. Not keen on using rebel parlance!
  3. I think you're right and this is probably about where we are...
  4. It genuinely wasn't, although get why you may have thought that, and Doyle is the most recent for me!! But h.ave thought it before, do managers get any independent feedback on their squad? As working day in day out with people naturally leads to blindspots I would have thought, like anywhere.
  5. Because some people are nicer than others, some connections are easier to forge, like any group dynamic. I don't mean intentionally. Pretty sure every fan can think of a player they have been bemused are picked week on week over the years.
  6. I have often wondered if there would be value in clubs employing independent ex footballers/managers to watch the games and see if their appraisal of the players matches the manager's & coaching team. Someone with no relationship with any player. As I often think, like any organisation and management, people will have favourites and it sways decision making. So does that keep them in the team longer than a wanker? Do they get more leeway coz they're a good egg, even though the output has dipped?? Every manager is accused of having favourites, maybe this would provide some objective feedback? NB. It may already happen for all I know!
  7. Haha, you have nailed it there! Tickled me that 🤣
  8. I'll be back by then but be picking my Dad and mate up from Rochdale, usually just park at Holiday Inn and go in Harvesters/Scotts, but if gonna be manic can't be arsed tbh, just want a couple of pints before maybe some lunch. Alternative is a few in Manc and come up on train.
  9. Can't be arsed faffing around Middlebrook if gonna be difficult to get a drink. Wheres best place to come of M61 northbound for a pint, within 10/15mins of ground? Will just drive on before kick-off. Cheers
  10. Element of truth to it then just over the last week or so; Shrewsbury were much better than anticipated and Sheff Wed shit, which corroborates them being the league's underachievers and over acheivers respectively, according to that table.
  11. What is this exactly, seen references to it, but is there idiot's guide somewhere?? Ta
  12. Baptiste in the middle and Santos at right back to smash McLean v hard. If Carlsberg did team selections....
  13. GB win with field goal eventually.
  14. Yeah, GB missed left 3 times, Bengals hit post twice! And also missed point after earlier, has been like watching a film it's been so bizarre.
  15. This Bengals v Packers match is crazy! Just gone to O/T...
  16. Yeah, in Europe. So overseas subscription quite handy.
  17. You make some good points, and I wasn't trying to be a flippant about our previous predicament, but we can't use it for ever either. And you are right about the style of play, that is a huge improvement and doing against better teams too. Conversely that then adds to the frustration when we don't convert our chances. i have to watch on iFollow every week normally so maybe it gives a different perspective? Anyway I'm back next week for Wigan so hopefully Doyle will bag a hat trick against them pricks and I will be eating humble pie with glee.
  18. This isn't new though is it Rudy, most games at the end of last season were the same, pitiful amounts of shots on target for the possession we had. And was always my beef with Doyle then, he just doesn't complement his team mates and the way we play, in my opinion he is just so limited as a footballer. Obviously it was a hard sell when he was scoring here and there and we went up, but I stand by it. What is more surprising is it has taken till Doyle is really struggling - and I actually feel for him now coz he looks a fish out of water in our team currently - for people to see it. More importantly why has Evatt started in him in all 12 games, none of which he has scored from open play in. No other options?, which in itself isn't a great answer, but persisting with him for this long is detrimental to Doyle and the team, loyal as it may be. It was telling when we conceded there seemed little belief we would score, the players seemed resigned to what was going to play out. And yes we should all be pleased we still have a club yada yada yada, but here and now I think we should easily have another 5 or 6 points and be really pushing the top two. So I'm disappointed over the 12 matches with where we are, based on the way we have played, and points we should have collected, and get the impression the manager is too.
  19. Santos didn't have a clue where the runner was for the goal either, ball watching, just run straight across him. Also our delivery into the box was v v poor
  20. Just shit ourself since conceding
  21. It’s ok though, the usual suspects will be in saying how much running about he does. 12 games without a goal from open play from Doyle, he is this seasons Crellin for Evatt
  22. 3 on 2 and Doyle plays hospital ball, take him off
  23. He could've felt free to scuff either of those chances at goal tbh..
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