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  1. I remember it well, we thought we had the man to lead us back with Charlie, the rest is history...
  2. Last time I saw Dave was when I bumped into him at THE Friday night Hull City match at Boothferry Park so probably about the same time you did. Just googled that match to check what year it was and the BEN had the official Bolton following that night as approximately 3,700. Big fiddle on the gate receipts going on there if my memory serves me correctly
  3. With you among others, didn't you go in the seats with the home fans as you didn't want to get your hair wet? 😄 We set off from Cyn's in a Sierra driven by Big Pauls insurance man if I remember correctly. Think Dave R, and one of your mates - Jimmy G? - were in the car with us too.
  4. Was that the 2-1 match around February time when we hadn't picked up a single point away from home all season and Rovers were unbeaten at home? I remember it was an open end and it pissed down all the way through and then we had to walk along a high wooden sided path across the car park to exit the ground, all the while the home fans were lobbing rocks at us. Great feeling though, can't beat a late winner.
  5. tkonion


    Could be my memory playing tricks on me but didn't we still owe about £20 or so million after Eddie wrote most of the debt off? I was including Sweaty Ken as one of the owners, he left us in a worse position than he found us and very, very nearly did kill us, winding us up was his intention IMO, not paying staff and changing his demands at the eleventh hour during negotiations with buyers being his trump cards to do so. His shenanigans regarding the promised fee for the lad we got from Forest Green was shameful.
  6. tkonion


    You could argue that we also had years of fun and frolics while our owner and management ran up debts that we couldn't afford. Owners come and go and whether we enjoy it or not the fans have no control over how the club is run. I agree that the club needs to feel some pain, but for what it's worth I hope they survive.
  7. No chance of a draw then? 🙂
  8. tkonion

    Ipswich (H)

    Completely agree on the centre back pairing,nAimson looked ok to me on Tuesday and it would be good if we could get a centre back pairing who could develop an understanding.
  9. tkonion

    Ipswich (H)

    It hasn't been working out for Dapo of late. Maybe bringing him on against tired legs later in the game with something to prove could give him a boost?
  10. tkonion


    Where's Ameachi?
  11. I'm going with this time last year's prediction just incase it has magic properties.
  12. That subtle I nearly didn't spot it 😁
  13. I agree. Different times I suppose but even back then it was ridiculous to be playing on an already frozen pitch which then became covered in snow. I could be most but I think may have read on here before that if the teams hadn't started the 2nd half then full refunds would be due to the supporters, not sure if that's true or not or how that would be possible in an era when it was mostly pay on the door.
  14. You are correct, it was Dr Feelgood's post (in which he quoted MickyD's post) that you replied to with your comment I had meant to quote.
  15. I remember a cold game against Spurs at Burnden in January 78, can't remember if it was the cup or league game though as both were played close together I think.
  16. Surely it was against Everton, didn't Reidy collide with George wood?
  17. Was going to say the same. Weren't ice baths a thing under Big Sam?
  18. I thought the word was he hadn't been offered a contract on extension?
  19. Based on available evidence it's sole purpose appears to be to piss a good section of the fan base off with unnecessary faff.
  20. I'm sorry to say that I never met Neil, it's clear from those that have just what a lovely bloke he was. What a legacy he has left for all Wanderers fans, I'll be eternally grateful for this wonderful online community that he created which was my main source of info regarding BWFC when we were in financial dire-straits and I was in a foreign land with no other way of keeping informed. My condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time. RIP Happy Wanderer.
  21. Not sure we can blame the ESL mongos for it not being properly explained to the masses and, it appears, not working consistently. Blame lies with the club, a rare misstep under our new owners but a misstep none the less.
  22. Found this.https://www.nwemail.co.uk/sport/barrow-afc/16461026.remember-when-thousands-watched-barrow-afc-at-bolton/
  23. Whereas my memory suggests that there was 3,000 minimum. We'll probably never know.
  24. Absolutely. Our entire squad, other than academy lads, has been assembled without any fees being paid over the last three windows. We've been plagued by injuries all season and then our captain who is one of our main goal threats leaved suddenly in mysterious circumstances. I'll wait until the end of the season before I pass my verdict. In all probability we'll have an inkling after the end of January.
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