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  1. Congratulations to you and your family mate. Michael James Brittan has a ring to it.
  2. Very disappointing today but let's not forget that only a couple of months ago going into the last game of the season in 3rd position with automatic promotion in our own hands would have seemed like an impossible dream. If it was down to me I'd bring Jackson back in place of John next week, I wouldn't actually have left him out today after his performance left week. I also think that Lee is playing to far forward and leaving the defence vulnerable. Other than that same team same formation.
  3. How long has not getting out of the way when a keeper kicks the ball out of his hands been an offence?
  4. Dapo's been great but he's had his card marked by the ref and is knackered, time for Elbouzedi I reckon.
  5. Mr Riddle has already been on earlier denying it was him. I'm not sure but still think Hughmungous, I can't ever recall any positive comments at all from him.
  6. Fonz gone quiet again, fresh legs needed, Arthur?
  7. I'm pretty certain that would be Hughmungous.
  8. I missed the goal live as I was typing that Fonz has had a quiet game. I'll do the same again I'm the 2nd half.
  9. Agreed, The Lee/Williams partnership has proved effective, why change it?
  10. It is good but Whelan's broken leg is the best bit 😁
  11. Well he outsmarted me. 😁 It'd be nice to be above them even if it was for only three hours. Also I reckon if we did win it would really pile the pressure on the teams above us.
  12. I was a little to young to realise just what a massive signing he was for us at the time. A true legend and a fantastic talent. RIP Frankie.
  13. Only if Tranmere also lose unfortunately.
  14. To pedestrian, not enough ambition to beat a man.
  15. He is, get Lee off and get him on for me.
  16. I'd be hooking Sarce and Lee and getting Tutte and Thomo on, we're just not trying to run past the defenders.
  17. Should definitely have hit it first time, that said he's probably been our most consistent and hard working player all season, I love his work rate. Congrats to the Rudys on the new arrival and welcome to the world new little Wanderer.
  18. Where does the time go eh, wonder what Wanderers fans will be looking back on thirty years from now? I hope it's another rise against the odds up the leagues and a spell of punching above our weight. I also hope I'm still around to look back upon it. 🙂
  19. Was the Gretna game in the season when Coyle had the happy knack of scoring in the cup?
  20. Fuck me, is that really thirty years ago? If my memory serves they brought a load of fans and were hard to beat. Did Coyle score his first for us that day?
  21. Agreed, some of Sarce's best work is off the ball. Madison had his best game so far for us today IMO, he looked sharper, calmer, had a good shot just wide and delivered some decent balls in, grafter he isn't though.
  22. Games are coming thick and fast and both players will possibly get a game a game at some stage. Tutte has been decent for us and I don't think will let us down, we can only hope that Delaney shows the form that he was in around November if he is called upon.
  23. Doesn't seem that long ago we were all distraught if Tutte or Delaney missed a game. We've come a long way this last few weeks.
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