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  1. Aye. Reckon any of us would get get £250k of legal advice for nowt for a workplace disciplinary?
  2. Because he wouldn't be eligible for legal aid? Just a thought
  3. Absolutely desperate stuff. Literally from the same story. Look beyond the headlines, TMGJ. So he wants to reinstate a decade old Tory policy (that hasn't even gone yet) and he wouldn't benefit from it anyway? Also shows that if stopping surgeons retiring was their main driver there's already similar systems in place for judges.
  4. Who was in government over that time? 😉
  5. Everybody has got to be chuffed with that
  6. Littered is a bit of an exaggeration. One that I know of. I may be wrong but I doubt you have evidence of 'card carrying' commies.
  7. It's a fact and they're not unknown. But, like I said, each to their own.
  8. That's the fella, said he'd be a big miss
  9. My neighbour said as much. They only need one as they are so good defensively. Also said they are missing a huge player for them in midfield. Can't remember his name
  10. Nope. I mean fully signed up, fee paying party member. Or at least they were. Don't know about now.
  11. I don't know about Royal, but we do have bona fide, paid up members of the BNP amongst us. Each to their own I suppose.
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