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  1. Fair enough. I'm not lying, wouldn't be in his interest to lie to me either. But, again nobody cares. This is it for the foreseeable future.
  2. Anti Tory? He's one of them. Oxbridge, Fleet St, Twickers, blah blah blah. There's a reason they aint publishing this shit. Anyroad, like I said no fucker cares anymore.
  3. They're facts. Just unpublished facts. They're from that circle, Oxbridge, Fleet St blah blah blah. Knows them socially. Like I said access. But it doesn't matter, nobody cares.
  4. Share? Can you not handle a full pint you fucking lightweight 🙂
  5. He wasn't drunk or I'm a pub. At least not when he told me. It's not inside info, but he's a journalist with access. Anyroad, the long and short of it - Boris is a proper cunt. Trust me. Not that anybody gives a shit it seems
  6. Nah. You're all lovely deep down. You bunch of twats
  7. I was thinking that. Nobody has offered me out yet.
  8. Just to pick up on a couple. Palestine. Tory party policy is a two state solution. IRA - no bugger has a pro IRA policy Rashford. The government did what he asked. No bugger else
  9. The mad thing is there are those saying it's the centrists taking over that has screwed them The thing that'll do for the Tories eventually is what always does for them in the end. Sleaze and a lack of investment in public services. When their hospitals and schools are crumbling then folk work out that they ain't in it for the likes of them. Seems a while off yet though.
  10. Polling station is literally 60 seconds walk away. It's closer than the post box.
  11. The missus signed is up for postal ballots ages ago. When we moved house last I didn't let her. Didn't seem the same. So we're now back to schlepping to the polling station when the time comes.
  12. We didn't have an election today, so nope. And it was pissing down
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