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  1. If it was buying PPE or ventilators, or shipping in materials for vaccines, you might have a point. This was for market research. Also, how the fuck is being found to have acted unlawfully a victory?
  2. Nah. We all know absolutely fuck all will happen.
  3. If you go searching for examples of violence, from left, right or fucking centre, you'll find it. Close Twitter and relax.
  4. Need to look at how Glasgow broke the circle.
  5. Like I said the other night, it's nice to let you have a boom now and again. They do seem to mean a lot to you 😃
  6. Quite right. The only true sources of info are flag shagger's Twitter feeds. Fucking university researchers
  7. 😃 Proper made my chuckle that
  8. Top so far. Hope you've got the day of tomorrow at least
  9. Aye. I'm blaming sun stroke. And booze
  10. Nah, you've got nowt. You got your arse spanked, you know it. 😃 As I did tonight.
  11. And it's nice to hand Miami a boom every now and again after he got his arse handed to him the other week. I consider it like care in the community for the silly old twat. 😃
  12. Spouting shite is what this place is for.
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