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  1. πŸ˜ƒ More a personnel question. Congratulations. Enjoy itπŸ‘
  2. You seem to be spending an awfully long time in this hemisphere. Have you retired?
  3. Neighbour is a fan. He said they have had loads on loan last couple of seasons. They basically have to start again every summer and Jan. Reminds me of us when we'd be going through players are a rate of knots.
  4. I know, ideally it'd be just be nice to be an option. But like I said I ain't ever buying a shirt so nowt to do with me.
  5. Bit of a difference between Bridgeman Street and Dubai!!
  6. There should be an option of buying one without the logo. Not that it concerns a middle ages bloke like me.
  7. Said Dubai based on Twitter
  8. B teamer? Looks like a paper boy.
  9. Gareth and the US lefties' fault. Obviously.
  10. Ground, teams, year?
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