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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Kane looks like one of those Easter Island statues. Moves the same
  2. Our final ball is dogshit
  3. You should have just passed it off as a typo.
  4. Aye. Imagine taking a bullet for that prick
  5. He did. There was a programme on the other month that said as much. A Nottingham miner who was working said they’d have gone out if a national ballot had clerks for strike action
  6. We should ask the board’s resident fully paid up BNP member what they think of the whole Reform business.
  7. And they shut plenty of profitable pits. Was a political/social decision rather than a pure economic one.
  8. The ‘commie bastards’ at the BBC showed the miners attacking the police, then the horses going in. The reality was the complete opposite.
  9. Balls. They did slightly better than UKIP did and that’s with a massive backlash against the Tories which won’t happen again. They’ll soon slither off from whence they came.
  10. Supping Stella and eating fry ups at the Red Lion, Benidorm is now ‘business’ 😁
  11. Lovely ball from Palmer and superb finish from Watkins
  12. Bellingham been gash so far
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