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  1. Tell you what boys and girls. That'll do.
  2. Good stuff. Really encouraging
  3. That cross field pass from MJ. Lordy, that was a thing of beauty
  4. Yet still they try........
  5. Indeed. Fuck em all.
  6. You could argue the poppy has been hijacked in recent years.
  7. So you will be mooing like a Jersey when you're back then I take it?
  8. So you ain't even got the courage of your convictions?🙂
  9. You make sounds like a cow. That's all we need to know.
  10. And you're a grown man who makes a sound like a cow at people you don't agree with. Fucking weirdo.
  11. So you do care how they feel?
  12. He doesn't give a shit how they feel.
  13. There is that🙂
  14. Going to be a long old season if we ship 3 every game
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