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  1. Honestly never heard of them ! Thought Cameroon has changed their name..u in til I saw Cameroon were playing.
  2. Comeros? How have I got to my age and never heard of this country?
  3. mickbrown


    I'll be honest, I quite like the bloke.
  4. mickbrown


    Loads said stuff about us Neville included.
  5. mickbrown


    Bit of a bizarre rant. He'd already bought Salford when Bury went tits up.
  6. Isn't it basically American non league?
  7. I think he was more important than old big head. But not the greatest we've ever had.
  8. And the best thing about Sam fucking off because we couldn't match his ambition is the highest he ever finished was with us. He peaked with us.
  9. Coyle's first full season saw us play some of the best football I've ever seen from a Wanderers side.
  10. If Jussi hadn't got injured and replaced by Al Habsi for the remainder of the season, we'd have gone down that year.
  11. Despite the big headed bastard's protestations to the contrary, Allardyce is not our greatest manager.
  12. This. Even more so nowadays. It's just a massive sausage machine where they stick kids in at ever younger ages and see what comes out at the other end. Not sure it's too healthy if I'm honest.
  13. That's our issue. Nobody makes a run. All stood still in the six yard box. We're awful at set pieces.
  14. mickbrown


    Decent first half hour. Then bollox. Delfonso? Pointless. Like the look of Sideshow Bob.
  15. Your clues are like Ted Rogers on 321😀
  16. Sixth Form cup? That'll be the Mackereth Cup.
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