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  1. Well that's Maguire nowhere near the world cup
  2. That's madness. West Ham have only had 16 in their entire history.
  3. Just seen their first. Just stand out of the way and give them an open goal. BIzarre. And it ain't the first time
  4. Aye. Not for me that sort of shite.
  5. Maybe I tuned out all the Royalist bollocks.😉
  6. You've better ears than me then. It's been shite all season
  7. I thought Kachunga was just fine today. Ran his bollox off and got proper stuck in. In fact they all did. They were fucking horrible. Lovely that the goal looked like it deflected off their lads bollox too.
  8. Have some respect. You'll be banned for life from all Bolton games if you're not careful.
  9. Went last season, ground is fantastic.
  10. Seems a pretty major factor to me.
  11. Lads from Eton doing whatever the fuck they want? Who'd have thought it?
  12. Wasn't the only survivor the only one wearing a seatbelt?
  13. His Talksport colleague had it right.
  14. I can't understand the point of cancelling games. Just glad it's an away game and I ain't missing out. Even grassroots games are supposed to be cancelled. What the point of stopping 22 fat blokes from the Dog and Duck v the Red Lion playing?
  15. mickbrown


    I know folk involved at AFC. I understand that are pretty neutral about the merger. FC need AFC more than AFC need FC.
  16. Westhoughton Rangers was rough as when we were kids. Most games there'd be the proverbial man and dog watching us. Play this lot there's be hordes of fat bastards screaming at you.
  17. Yep. It's great stuff. One thing that really struck me, especially so with the young kids is how eloquent they are. Blew my mind a bit. I'm sure when I was 10 you'd have barely got three badly mumbled words out of me.
  18. Agree with everyone else. Thomason was superb. He was absolutely shagged out at the end.
  19. It's a foul if he does that.
  20. Yep. Was going to say it was harsh but thoroughly deserved for his sartorial choices alone.
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