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  1. Spider


    I’d love to see the faces on some of your mates when they get a text tonight telling them they might be pregnant 😁😁😁
  2. Spider


    ….is the comment we’ve all been waiting for 😂😂
  3. Ah Righto, cheers. Makes sense that. Shit news though, because I thought he was a good host and seemed to be over his troubles.
  4. I know he had an accident a few months back filming for top gear, but the BBC played it down as I recall saying it wasn’t too serious. Theyve now cancelled the show and have described his injuries as more serious than first thought. What happened? It’s hard to find much about it for some reason.
  5. Spider


    😳😳😳😳 name and shame, because that is fucking dreadful. Hope baby and mum are healthy and doing well mate.
  6. Spider


    Well Congratulations first of all 😊 The most obvious question I suppose is did she just think she was building up a massive fart and it got blocked?
  7. Been going to the hospital for my busted ankle for a few weeks. they haven’t mentioned Covid once. Last night I get 3 text messages waffling on about Covid before my next appointment. Highly probable it’s on the rise again, the may even start a push on vaccines again.
  8. Anyone But Boris Rishi at the wheel. Just maybe the markets prefer not to have a waffling, boneidle wart at the helm? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-65048756
  9. Spider

    Wembley 🍕

    Meat and greet sounds like something that’s done on a forest car park
  10. Spider

    Wembley 🍕

    They’re taking liberties. More tickets and the best pub round Wembley. Our yoof need to bring their A game
  11. I’m a big fan of goal line tech, as that’s a simple yes/no scenario. VAR, like Wigan, can fuck off and stayed fucked off. It’s gunge.
  12. Spider

    Wembley 🍕

    Plymouth 36k Does that make them massiverer than us?
  13. Aye Im with the pilot suicide theory. He had all the simulator stuff at home and they said he’d flown routes that weren’t standard on it. He knew exactly when to turn the comms off and probably the routes least likely to alert military. Presume he switched the oxygen to the cabin off and everyone suffocated before he did the same. Its at the bottom of the Indian Ocean innit
  14. AWACS don’t carry weapons do they?
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