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  1. One of the accused is married to the chairman of the Tory campaign committee. Just a coincidence like
  2. Weird When inflation was really high the government said it was beyond their control. Now its low it’s because they controlled it. Tory doublethink in full flow
  3. Looks like he’s eaten a jar of bees for his tea today
  4. I was listening to patriots when I should have been listening to traitors. But I’m at peace with it all now. Even Bolty changes his mind these days so I’m in good company.
  5. He’s had to give Jeremy Vine £75k and issue a mealy-mouthed apology online. Legal costs will probably make that nearer a million he’s stumping up because he’s a cunt. Lollllllll
  6. Let's be honest, the pair of them are unsuitable to lead America. Trump is a shoe in to win again but even if Biden wins, the next President will be unstable and unfit. Madness
  7. Can’t be Brexit. That was the nirvana we were all promised. Must be Labour and their intransigence
  8. Boby will be along to blame Labour any minute now
  9. Fontaines DC Then I’d head home
  10. SZA sounds like a type of Subaru
  11. Then my apologies. You sure don’t like Labour though
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