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  1. Rotherham did their homework. Top marks to their manager, I’d say he nailed Evatt tactically. It happens. All part of the learning curve were on together. We’re still in a good spot all things considered.
  2. Rotherham should have had a pen second half but agree with most of what’s being said in that they just had a bit more about them in terms of solidity and experience in this league. Their number 8 is a good un We still have enough to challenge at the right end of the table but Evatt needs a back up plan rather than watching us knock it across the back 4 hoping gaps will appear. I don’t mind a thunk over the top now and again as it makes the opposition uneasy. Gut feeling is we’ll get a result next week.
  3. Turns out that stench wasn’t a load of beery farts after all. It was Sarcevic
  4. This stadium stinks of Beery farts on a hot day when it’s full. Almost Burnden-esque
  5. Rotherham haven’t read the script Neither have we Next goal wins this
  6. I’ve even seen someone buying a golden gamble ticket. The good times are back.
  7. Been a long time since I saw it like this down here
  8. I’ve not been this giddy about a home crowd since the Wolves play offs. You just knew that would be immense.
  9. Assume you go on the cocktails after 5pm? Complan with a dash of Sherry, something like that? All gathered round a wireless dancing to Vera Lynn bangers.
  10. Spider


    Twitter word is that they could get -21 Fuck em Take your medicine and start at the bottom like we had to.
  11. Ipswich have already banned him it seems. Fucking caveman. How do Cunts like this still exist?
  12. Have we all seen the Troy Farthing video yet? If anyone is still in the area, find this cunt and do the right thing please
  13. @hughmungus ☺️👋👋👋
  14. I fucking love football me, I do.
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