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  1. Newcastle southampton forest man city fulham tottenham I don’t watch it much anymore so reckon there’ll be a few surprises
  3. I love that lads who don’t like politics in football are ok to wander about with England flags that have “no surrender” written on them and a red hand of Ulster in the middle. Thats not very “football” is it?
  4. Likewise Who needs to hear the political opinions of a bloke who services diggers in the Australian desert? Stick to the engineering, there’s a good chap #KnowYourLimits
  5. Gareth Bale holding it together for them
  6. Your highlight Just so we’re clear Is a stadium full of kids with parents who were banned for racism, booing a few lads showing solidarity with their ENGLISH mates who received racist abuse? I didn’t see the game, but if that’s your highlight then I think your problem with yesterday wasn’t the football.
  7. When we played them in the “friendly” final at Wembley in the 90’s, I genuinely had no interest either way in liverpool. My footballing distaste was reserved mainly for Tranmere, United and wolves. now, having lived amongst them for 20+ years and listening to their constant nonsense, they are for me the most loathsome supporters in the UK. what’s worse is that I’m a big fan of Klopp, I just wish he was elsewhere.
  8. No fake tickets, no jibbing in = no problems. Remember that the scouse spin machine is well oiled at deflection and finger pointing to distract from its own issues. They’re a nightmare wherever they go. It’s a massive “I was there” cock swinging competition with them and I have zero sympathy.
  9. Youd think the one set of supporters that would encourage their own to stay away if they don’t have tickets would be these lot. But here we are.
  10. That’s the only game that went through a legal process. We all know they’re head and shoulders the biggest set of bellends in the country when it comes to jibbing in and generally acting the cunt around a stadium. Everton a close second.
  11. Always the victims eh…
  12. Just been reading about Madrid fans steaming the turnstiles with fake or non existent tickets. Oh, wait, no I haven’t, because the scouse rats are the only ones who did it. Fuck em. I hope the tear gas wears off just in time for them to parade the wooden spoons around on their bus. Theyve alway been a set of cunts and last night was karma personified. What a fantastic ending to the season this has been. ☺️☺️☺️☺️
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