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  1. He has. he’s hardly taken his slippers off here. Joke of a fight in all honesty this
  2. Fury is 100% holding back here. I think he’s worried about really hurting his mate. Weird fight. Doesn’t feel right.
  3. Fury is even holding back here to try and make it go a few rounds. He could finish this whenever he wants. Might as well get Usyk in there now to give everyone some value for money
  4. No contest this Embarrassing the difference
  5. You sound like a scotland fan.
  6. We just need a decent striker. be reet
  7. Morocco have been excellent
  8. Offended by everything You sound like a scouser
  9. How did you know about my paper round? A grown man knowing about young boys, walking the streets alone with newspapers. Im making no judgements, but it’s the sort of knowledge that only certain types of people usually have. I hope your boat was nice and you didn’t spend much of your time complaining about the way it is managed, or the quality of the staff.
  10. Gonzo has this absolutely spot on
  11. That South Korean defence 🙂 🙂 https://twitter.com/paddypower/status/1595752996729675777?s=20&t=GhLuvZIhEyyPbhk6kWuIxg
  12. Yes no politics in football apart from rangers and Celtic. Cos that’s different innit
  13. Indeed. And just as the buzz from that game wears off, the Spanish are up next
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