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  1. I think I’ve missed a lot of behind the scenes stuff (I blame the Tories) Am I to understand the club have employed some Burnley cunt who’s tried to impose a load of ticketing rules based on a club in the premier league? A cunt who will be staring at a load of empty seats tomorrow and wondering why ? Tell me I’m wrong please. I love Shazza, but something went wrong here. I trust her to sort it.
  2. This situation about having to sign up for a ticket is fucking pathetic. And damaging. My lads mate wants to come tomorrow. Only decided earlier on. But he can’t because it’s too late to sign him up and the hassle isn’t worth it. I cannot believe it’s become harder to watch Bolton than Manchester fucking City. I love Shazza, I rarely criticise the club, but this situation is a steaming pile of fetid dogshit.
  3. There’s loads of tickets left in the home end. Only east lower full.
  4. We’d have been a regular champions league team by now. #Visionary
  5. Your definition of riff raff needs a rethink.
  6. It’s high fucking time Everton went down. Boring cunts who’ve got away with far too many escapes.
  7. Disappointing attitude. We used to have a following away that knew how to own these villages and backwaters.
  8. Get yourself in the Old Salopian and take some liberties.
  9. Word from the Harlescott estate is that they have a big crowd of rum lads waiting for us. On the pitch, a win. Theyre shite these.
  10. Spider

    Ipswich (H)

    In Evatt we trust
  11. Spider


    And there is still time for that to happen. They don’t stand outside the stadium waiting to be signed. Not the good ones, anyway. I just find the immediate clamour to jump on Evatt’s back by some fans very tiresome. To turn a football club like ours around from the position it was in will take years. Years. I understand impatience, but it’s just the way it is. Build slowly, steadily, like we did with Rioch and I’ll be most pleased.
  12. Spider

    Ipswich (H)

    A draw. Fire in the bellies. Spirit shown. The turnaround starts here. La Araña
  13. Spider


    Some good you lot would have been in the trenches. We’re up against it fellas. But we’re still a club in transition and there will be times like these. Trust Evatt, he got us promoted with a bunch of strangers on the same budget as a Sunday league team. Some of these players still barely know each other’s names and it shows on the pitch at times. He’ll get them scrapping, and we won’t be relegated. Show some faith. The Spider.
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