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  1. @BobyBrno M&S are doing what I suspect is the same Czech import that Sainsbury’s were. Its delightful. costs a bit more though
  2. Good My kids are annoying you and this makes me happy.
  3. My 16 year old hasn’t watch a “live” telly programme for as long as I can remember, nor my 10 year old girl. Apart from sport. The pair of them are fucking glued to their phones/tablets. My lad - and his mates - all wander about everywhere with one earphone wedged in their lugholes. They seem able to listen to YouTube whilst also talking to their mates. They’re like Apache pilots or summert.
  4. Only Connect is fucking mental and I’m convinced the teams they have on are all from an asylum full of Rainmen
  5. I’m having to watch something called The Wheel on telly. It’s a quiz show but it’s fucking dire. 10 minutes of mirthless waffle then a question about Beyoncé. Fuck me. Got me thinking. What are the elite quiz shows? Got to be: Pointless Bullseye 3-2-1 Going for Gold University Challenge
  6. I se these phrases but have never really know who’s who. whats Gen X?
  7. Tell you what We didn’t half look good with a back 4 I know it’s a bit old hat, but very effective
  8. Ndulu did a good job when he came on today, him and Daddy held the ball up well and stopped them having it all their own way. Jones is starting to lose it a bit.
  9. Relegation beckons apparently Fuck me
  10. I remember when my mum used to get suspicious of a van parked on our street. Said it might be the tv detector can and they could tell if you were watching telly and even whether it was colour or black and white. Thats cos my mum always bought a black and white license and said that if they ever came round she’d just turn the colour down on the telly. Great days
  11. My broadband is about 100mb, so no issues there I just like all the features with SkyQ, all the netflix, Apple TV, Disney stuff is in one place. Its fucking expensive mind you
  12. Tried it once. Did me head in
  13. My own research would be actually getting the telly and seeing for myself. But I’m thinking of the hassle.
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