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  1. What a race that was. Fucking amazing. Hamilton moaning that Alonso wasn’t letting him past though, petulant prick. He needs to accept at times that he can’t just go unchallenged through the field. Best race I’ve seen for years. Something about the Bottas incident seems a bit off to me though.
  2. You can’t spread these things around. Im a bit less tolerant about this one. For me, choosing not to get a vaccine because you think the Rothschilds are somehow interested in your movements is as fucking mental as it gets. I simply wouldn’t treat people with Covid if they didn’t have the vaccine. At best, I’d chuck them a paper bag out of the hospital window and suggest they breathe into that. if everyone had that attitude we’d still be in lockdown. Take your chances should mean just that. If you get it, deal with it yourself and let the rest of us keep the freedom we’
  3. If I run a business and choose not to have anti-vaxxers through my doors then that’s up to me. Take your tinpot, dogshit, attention-seeking bullshit elsewhere.
  4. I remember asking on here what a polite amount of time was to wait fire suggesting to my missus that I climb back on after the birth. Cant remember who it was, but someone on here said “just after the placenta comes out as it’s very very moist and the vaginal muscle contractions are very fierce”. Probably too late now, like.
  5. Some research here about the Lugano Convention for you. Legal services are worth £60billion to the UK and our withdrawal has put this at massive risk. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/07/28/business/lugano-convention-uk-europe-dispute-intl-cmd/index.html?__twitter_impression=true Of course, everyone knew what they were voting for (apart from me)
  6. Just as a catch up Brexit has fucked the fisherfolk, but we don’t care really because it’s a very small contribution to our GDP and there are losers and winners. Brexit is now bumming cauli farmers (and probably other farmers that need cheap foreign labour), but we don’t care really because it’s a very small contribution to our GDP and there are losers and winners. Brexit has caused a number of businesses in the steel manufacturing sector to lose customers in Ireland, France and Holland, but we don’t care really because it’s a very small contribution to our GDP and there are los
  7. They should sort some cauliflower picking apprenticeships
  8. Congratulations luv, glad it was nice and easy for you. Yer fella will be pleased that your pipe work hasn’t taken any damage, I expect he’ll be keen to get back on in a week or two. I’ll raise a glass to the new Wanderer 🍺🍺
  9. Big drop in cases today. Now the holidays are here, what’s the betting people won’t go for a test if it threatens their week or two away?? Its bollocks now. Most of it is folk wanting to lounge around. Furlough made a lot of people lazy. The economy needs everyone working, it really does. Or we sleepwalk into a recession which was already lurking.
  10. Most employers are probably playing full whack. Its causing havoc. Was supposed to be on a golf day with a customer today. 120 people confirmed 4 weeks ago, 57 turned up with most using the ping as a reason for not going. I was honest and said i couldn't be arsed
  11. Part of the delivery issue is, of course, brexit. That is being conveniently brushed away as the pinging gets the blame. Actually, both things are contributing. I know a driver who is losing up to 3-4 days worth of driving time a month just waiting at customs for his load to be given clearance by customs when previously it took less than an hour. It would certainly help though of folk weren’t being told to have 2 weeks off because they walked past someone in the park.
  12. A neat reminder there of the time Boris said there would be no parking fees for people attending any hospital. But his shit simply gets flushed and ignored because he has funny hair and a jocular manner.
  13. No doubt the Tory bloke was standing up to ask the speaker to join him in congratulating the new chef at Eton on his fabulous menu options and the introduction of an amuse bouche for all students.
  14. Co-op in Horwich is nigh on fucking empty. no deliveries for 4 days. Covis now only kills the non-vaxxed, the million-to-one unlucky types and conspiracy nut jobs. The app needs binning and we need to treat it like flu. Tha vaccine is doing its job yet people are still praying for a few easy days off work in the sunshine safe in the knowledge they will come to no harm regardless.
  15. The likes of Lax-Lennon and his supporters are all likely to be great students of the right wing playbook. Tell a big lie, make it stick etc etc Trouble for his ilk is that humans with brains that don’t form a big lump above their eyebrows are wise to it. We’ve seen this playbook before. But let them keep believing they can rise to some sort of power. Keep them where we can see them. In the pub. Chucking bottles and chairs about on The Strand. They probably go home happy from their rallies, tired, confused, the bing wearing off and the sweat forming a puddle in their gigantic un
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