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  1. Nobody else wondering why Gonzo typed this in the style of a Victorian aristocrat?
  2. It sounds like Rob Brydon doing his Man in a Box thing
  3. Evatt makes mistakes, usually when he opens his gob, but by fuck he’s a quick learner. Last season, we lose that game and probably only have 10 men on the pitch at the end. But he’s gradually teaching this squad more than just kicking a ball about. Peterborough came to disrupt and aggravate, and they did it well. But we went toe to toe with the cunts and did them. A special mention for MJ, he doesn’t half put a shift in and he really got under their skin. Wins like that are the ones we could look back on and say “yeah, that’s why we got promoted”
  4. Grassroots football off as well. Missus has already been into me about some DIY around the house. FFS
  5. They’ve planned everything to the most minute detail Shy are large scale sporting events not part of that? Mentle
  6. He sits near me at the Unibol. I’ve never, ever seen him sober. Remember him almost shitting himself with rage a few years back when saw a young lad in a Celtic top. Thought he was going to have a heart attack. Loves BWFC. Well, did. I’m guessing he doesn’t have a debit card hence the current level of anger.
  7. Colin who used to post on here was on Twitter yesterday asking for a refund on his season ticket. That made me chuckle.
  8. Good to have some footy to get excited about before the season kicks off though
  9. I’d be happy to console a few of those Spanish lasses later on
  10. Good to see Sven Goran Ericsson back in work managing our lasses. That wig isn’t fooling me
  11. That was fit as fuck
  12. Aye They are well versed in the dark arts though, spic cunts
  13. Done well last 20 minutes. Spain are better, but I’m hoping home advantage will get us through here. #COYWW
  14. The supporters trust are just another one of those gossipy, nosey beaky Facebook groups that cover your parish. They may present themselves as well meaning but from what I’ve seen they’re just inflated egos supposedly acting on my behalf. Sorry lads, but not in my name. Boooo
  15. People who get worked up about pre season are the same folk who bought all the bog roll when Covid started
  16. Spider


    For anyone that doesn’t bother with other parts of this forum, you should know that WhiteSince63 is consistently baffled when it comes to politics as well. He’s posted some absolute gems in that thread.
  17. Newcastle southampton forest man city fulham tottenham I don’t watch it much anymore so reckon there’ll be a few surprises
  19. I love that lads who don’t like politics in football are ok to wander about with England flags that have “no surrender” written on them and a red hand of Ulster in the middle. Thats not very “football” is it?
  20. Likewise Who needs to hear the political opinions of a bloke who services diggers in the Australian desert? Stick to the engineering, there’s a good chap #KnowYourLimits
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