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  1. Little update here. in the 10 weeks since the appeal for funds to pay for treatment for their dog, the family have - been on a week/2 trip to Devon. Plenty of pictures of nice days and and nights out with no sign of an egg and chip dinner - the wife has been on a long spa weekend to Mallorca and several nights out to swish eateries - the massive house has been featured with a number of decorative upgrades - a new car Which is nice. oh, the dog is walking again and having a Lazarus like recovery.
  2. I’m involved with some of the high rise towers being built in manchester. In one case, the Chinese company who are the main contractor only directly employ 6 people. This for a set of building with almost 1,000 apartments in them. Beyond that, the amount of sub contracted is unreal. One particular product we’re supplying goes through 5 price uplifts by the time the final price is paid by the contractor. Assuming this model applies to big government civil projects, it’s no wonder everything spirals. But - and this is key - the government is the client and ought to manage it much much better.
  3. If they committed to improving the fucking bastard cunting roads around GM, then no problem as far as I’m concerned. But I just can’t see it.
  4. Even though I’m a bit meh about HS2, the timing of this announcement is fucking amazing. Lets see what they’d going to do with the money.
  5. That Elizabeth line would look like the Jetsons to a lot of northern oiks
  6. It’s all a bit scouse, this
  7. This is how you take a knee
  8. Just doesn’t wind me up. There was a bloke used to show up at Burnden saying the end was nigh. Unless he was referring to Roy McFarland, he was wrong. But it didn’t get in the way of anything.
  9. Just had this email from daughters school:
  10. Some folk go to church every Sunday convinced that an invisible man in the clouds will make their lives better. Some folk kneel before a football match convinced it will end racism. None of this affects me in any way. Leave them to it.
  11. James MacClean never took a knee
  12. I’m sure they’ll be corralling southern blue hearts up for the big speeches. I doubt Grant Shapps could pull a crowd if he was dishing out £50 notes at the end of every sentence.
  13. And still northerners want to ram their tongues up the arses of these fucking charlatans
  14. Manchester City centre is going to be a pain in the fucking arse this week. Not least because it will be heaving with chinless wankers pretending they adore northern culture before scurrying back to the Home Counties and being fumigated on Friday.
  15. Folk are free to do what they want. Thats the long and short of it for me. Whether I agree with or support them is irrelevant. They can still do it.
  16. No politics in football* *apart from Rangers/Celtic. that’s different innit.
  17. Been listening to Nick Drake all weekend. Mental that so many talented people all died around 26/27 years of age. Cobain. Winehouse. Hendrix. Morrison. Joplin.
  18. Fair enough. It’s a few years since the flock was sold and now I just wander around the moorland lamenting the loss of livestock 😞
  19. As long as it’s not your own bits, you’ll be reet. Shearing is a real skill, watching the lads from down under do it is unreal. The best part of the year is midsummer - have to get all the sheep in for injections and foot trimming. You put them in a metal cage that flips them upside down, trim their hooves with secateurs, brush the maggots out, inject them with a cocktail of stuff, bum them, then flip them back and send them on their way. Stood on a broken syringe once, which had snapped off and been in the shit and piss on the floor of the race. Went straight through my welly and through my foot. They looked at me like I was a Neanderthal in A&E. then gave me another injection in the bottom.
  20. What negative impacts has it had on your football experience?
  21. Aye few years ago when we last did it, we had kiwis and Aussie lads would come over and charge us 50p per shearing. each fleece probably fetched about 30p and it was always boiling hot, the fleeces would often be full of maggots and dried shit round their arses and the smell was awful. Nice on your skin though
  22. We mainly had the flock out on moorland and would use pasture/meadow towards winter or in spring for lambing. Can’t speak for other areas but ultimately we have a relatively small island to share amongst all livestock and crops. All I know for sure is that DEFRA is the most over regulated and stringent body in the country
  23. We used to farm texels and blueface Leicester. They were delicious and having spent a year wandering around Rivington were as homegrown and organic as it gets. However, uncle had to sell the lot because each lamb was only fetching £50/60 and New Zealand lamb was coming in cheaper. Had to watch him sell all 750 at auction in Clitheroe and he cried for more or less the duration. Heartbreaking,
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