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  1. He’ll meet you outside the Etihad club shop.
  2. For what it’s worth, I actually think Klopp is as good as Guardiola. I was gutted when he went to liverpool because he was always going to do well (did better than I hoped for sure). But let’s not ever bring money into an argument about premier league football teams. That’s properly homo
  3. Only Spurs, Brentford and Brighton have British owners (or have owners with majority shareholdings that are British) all the rest are foreign. Liverpool - American club City - UAE club Manu - American Club Leicester - Thai etc…. So the “foreign money” claim that scouse nonces have is an argument that’s thick as fuck given they are owned by an American investment manager. Wait until Newcastle get properly spending in a couple of years….
  4. Liam Gallaghers Twitter feed is top notch tonight
  5. 30 odd years I've hated the old gold cunts, but this video has softened me to them a little. For a short while at least/ Top work dogcunts. 🙂 #TeamPep
  6. What was it Jim Bowen used to say…?
  7. You can’t see my shit eating grin. You’d like it.
  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Gerrards face. All the scousers faces. What a smashing afternoon. ¡Hala Madrid!
  9. Point deductions for pitch invasions. They’ll stop in a heartbeat
  10. City won’t do one on Sunday. Got more class than scousers.
  11. Cats and pigeons all over the place tonight. Oh how good would this be.
  12. As much as I would love Everton to get flushed, I just think the shit around them is even shittier shit than them. But, a City win, and Everton relegation and a Real Madrid win the following Saturday would do just fine.
  13. The amount of bloodshot eyes in that rangers end tonight has been like Creamfields at kicking out time.
  14. All those Rangers fans can go back to supporting their main clubs now. They won’t be too upset.
  15. I reckon about 80% of them are probably bustin’ for a shit by now. Stops you getting giddy, that.
  16. It’s still difficult not to get a bit worried when large crowds of Germans are singing and waving their arms about.
  17. Spider

    Jake Daniels

    Jake Daniel’s sounds like bourbon you’d buy at Aldi
  18. 1-0 to Frankfurt for the pre-match Tifosi banners. Rangers fans a bit quiet. Assume they’re leathered
  19. I bullied him When he'd wiped the mascara off his cheeks he hit the mute button I can't find any Rangers fans on here so I'll have to go fishing on Twitter instead. I'm banned on Facebook or I'd have a keep net the size of a hot air balloon tonight 🙂
  20. The Rangers fans on here. I may be wrong and there aren't any, but I'm sure a few have expressed support. Bolty (but he's blocked me) is deffo one I'll have to dig through the thread
  21. It all just has the feel of a massive “I’m a bigger patriot than you” dick swinging contest. But I might be wrong, no one has actually said why they do it. 😊
  22. No-one seems able to answer the question without having some sort of sectarian crisis.
  23. Fuck me. How gay is this? https://twitter.com/awaydaysvideos/status/1526965834878443520?s=21&t=uJOdNdG8SXweVPKdxxY1vg
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