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  1. I’d dock Pogba a years wages for that
  2. Funny this Shame it’s the scousers doing it But still, funny
  3. It’s not cult like Its patience Changing managers every time there’s a bad run of form doesn’t work. Look at Sunderland and Forest though I’m sure there are many more. Evatt deserves a fair crack at the project that’s going on. If he gets us relegated, then maybe he would have to go.
  4. Absolutely. Im relying on us still being a big fish in a small pond in this division to keep attracting the right calibre of player. Once we get promoted, we’ll be rubbing shoulders with bigger clubs and Newcastle, so won’t be so easy.
  5. As much fun as it might be, I’m not sure getting promoted this year would actually do us much good long term. We won’t suddenly have millions to spend on transfers and, more importantly wages, as I reckon we’d need at least a dozen new players of the right quality to compete in the second tier. I’d still like it to happen, but the realistic part of me thinks another season of solid building is needed. Evatt has probably over achieved and the last few games have highlighted some fragilities. Not the end of the world, I suspect Evatt and co. see them too and will be looking at ways to fix it. A solid top half finish and maybe a shot at the playoffs would be decent I think. But next season I’d be wanting us right up there.
  6. You seem very animated, dare I say excited, that things aren’t going well. Theres something very strange about folk who get a hard on about their club struggling.
  7. Since IE said we were the best team in the league, we’re currently losing 9-0 Be reet.
  8. Hold your nerve boys We knew it would go this way…
  9. 5-1 A win for the gaffer
  10. A win today. No drama. 3-1 (we’ll concede first, of course) Santos is bagging a big fuck off header at some point.
  11. I’ve slept on it Turns out I give less of a fuck today than I did yesterday, and I wasn’t all that arsed then. The story will be revealed eventually, but I prefer it when BWFC aren’t some channel 5 soap opera. He was ok last season, bang average this. We’ll cope. COYFWM
  12. I've no idea why Jack Wilshere's name has popped up but he hasn't played for 8 months so I'm getting my "no" in early on that one.
  13. No great loss on the pitch and it would seem a massive gain to have it out of the dressing room. Managers too often take the fall for players acting like cunts. It's good to see Evatt taking zero shit and potting the captain sends the right message. By all means be upset at being dropped, but it's clear he's got too big for his bang average boots. Bye, knobend.
  14. I've just realised how important grammar is I meant to say Doyle gone too? It's a different post all of a sudden. Stay in school, kids.
  15. Your owners take more money out of your club than the players combined don't they? It's not money here, it's a tight ship nowadays.
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