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  1. I'm still drying out from last season out
  2. fucking hell hahaha never seen that before
  3. We looked better yesterday when Dapo & Dadi came on Happy for them to get the nod
  4. Santos got on the end of a corner today. First time for everything
  5. You can have exciting games of football regardless of division.
  6. Poor game Kacha crap Lincoln shite
  7. it's been like that most home games
  8. if we fail to get out of the group stage in the world cup then maybe impossible to consider it after the last 2 tournaments
  9. same it's like trying to get up for bolton v leeds u21s next week meaningless game
  10. Disagree. Southgates picked and started players from most clubs. He started Rice & Phillips the last tournament, West Ham & Leeds are hardly world beaters
  11. still got our knickers in a twist over a glorified friendly i see? judge us on the games that actually matter, tournament football semi & final last 2 most successful side since 66 calm down ffs the 'golden generation' couldnt get past a 1/4 final great to see them still taking the knee also
  12. decent side out not sold on saka tho
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