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  1. Only a few short weeks ago City we're on the for the treble They bottled it against Liverpool in the cup semi, bottled against Real in the CL semi and whilst I expect them to beat Villa, is it possible they could bottle the lot?
  2. This is a Bolton Wanderers forum
  3. It's a football forum, in the Today's Games, thread What would you like us to discuss? If you're aren't capable of grown up stuff may I ask you to politely move on
  4. No idea what the boss is doing sending the C team out here Musnt fancy villa to get summut at city On to Paris
  5. Will he have his own changing room and separate team talk?
  6. Good result Stevie G & Villa could end up having massive say in which way the title goes next weekend Funny old game
  7. Booing the knee = Racist Scum Booing the National Anthem = Showing a dislike to some shitty song about saving some owd slapper The Answer is Knee
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