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  1. The James McClean Metrodome
  2. the lad from United is a very good player
  3. Ah ok. I'll give them a call next week then. Cheers mate
  4. i never applied the 5% lifeline discount last year as you have to ring up, surely it can be auto applied? it shows im a lifeline member within my account information ffs
  5. If crazy corner was to reopen, I don't think NH would get any stick tbh Ridiculous call and needs rectifying
  6. has the correct change at the toll road
  7. eats just ham meal deals
  8. fills the emergency contact details in at the back of his passport
  9. drives two chevrons apart
  10. as said above, the prices were released at the same time as tickets going on sale last year a big success to i don't see much increase persoanlly
  11. id like to move ideally i think we'll sell more again to
  12. early bird on sale friday https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2023/february/202324-early-bird-season-tickets-on-sale-friday/ prices would have been nice like..
  13. guessing this would have been a complete waste of time? a load of happy clappers asking easy questions no doubt
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