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  1. Really hope he breaks Hendrys record.
  2. 9 conceded in 4 for City I'll go with they're dropping off Can't last forever and they've got the club world cup to go at Liverpool for me this year Arsenal will bottle it
  3. their squads been hammered with injures and suspensions in the last 3 weeks or so no where near full strength here
  4. have city dropped off or have the other teams closed the gap? still tight between top 5, and we're fast approaching Christmas
  5. I think this will be a strong lineup with no game until next Monday
  6. Cheers. Get this sorted later
  7. Have they reopened the ballot? My app got rejected a few weeks ago
  8. knowing our luck we'll get the Friday or Monday night slot
  9. Luton, Orient & Carlisle all in January now ffs
  10. Sober Dan retired Garrp
  11. aye, his goals have come against routs, Man U Kids, Exeter & Harrogate hopefully he does kick on. Not sure myself
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