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  1. It was only 100k Bond scheme was their big earner
  2. he could have been a decent option for England if we hadn't let him fuck off to Nigeria
  3. Outclassed Leverkusen here tonight, a game to far for them
  4. I'm interested to see where Klopp ends up. Haven't seen him linked with anything yet. Club level can only really see him at Bayern, Barca or Real. Could England ask the question after the euros. Imagine how we'd set up with him in charge with the attacking players at his disposal. He's the perfect man for England.
  5. who's blasting things can only get better in the background hahahahahahha
  6. aye, it's a proper expensive do, trains are a joke from price to reliability i've already narrowed down my aways to about 6 for the coming season
  7. Sell, Santos, Morley, Jones, Nlundulu, Cogley, Thomason, Sheehan
  8. Stones can play in midfield if he wants to break the CB's up
  9. nah, a jobs a job, we've all got bills to pay
  10. have williams and ogbeta been downgrades on declan john? discuss
  11. 22/23 top 5 all had better points totals than this seasons top 5 imagine this coming season will reflect 22/23 defo the year to go up, league was miles weaker, we've another 2-3 years in league 1
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