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  1. Horrendous Sales rack job They won't even make ebay Need your head feeling if you're buying those
  2. yep crazy and suckers will pay for it why woudlnt they do it
  3. L/H White


    I was under the impression that all games will now be at spurs, as the NFL pumped money into their new groud Could be wrong like
  4. its all scripted little exhibition bout and they'll make millions people love it
  5. if they ever did comeback, they could sell heaton park out everyday for 3 months solid the biggest comeback of all time they must be absolutely minted, cos they're only a hug & kiss away from making millions Liam is a king, Noel twat I love them
  6. youtubers are saving boxing ppv numbers for that paul chap the other week were mental
  7. https://twitter.com/EddieHearn/status/1391434546957242374?s=19
  8. Just seen last nights cards before the stoppage, comical If his eye socket is fucked, would like to see a rematch Joshua Fury at the ATT Stadium? Cracking venue
  9. Shame it ended like that Interested to see what the cards looked like
  10. Say what you want about Khan but hes been in there with everyone
  11. how you getting on pal? ours went on the market last week, we've had 2 offers alraedy, one couple a cash buyer we've viewed 3, ones gone and we really like the other, but they have shit loads of viewings when we first started there was fuck all to buy, like you said seems to be mopre coming available in our area now
  12. Stephen Graham is in the new series of peaky blinders englands finest actor
  13. don't get up for many boxing fights these days, but fully invested in Canelo Saunders this weekend while I expect a win for canelo, I expect Saunders to have his moments "you like that beef yeah?" hahaha
  14. murphy is a scratch golfer to, talented man can't watch selby playing for 4 snookers he knows he wont get
  15. wasn't the ending I thought it'd be, then again who would we have been happy with as the 4th caddie? Doesn't take anthing away from what a unreal show it is started out on weds night about 11pm on bbc2
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