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  1. thanks mate, its so much piss arsing about though i'm out until its fixed or a new site is launched its been a blast R
  2. new site needed it's booting in a thread, but cant go back a page to get the finer details ffs
  3. whats gone on, cant go back a page to check ffs
  4. who's said they have to go? Surely it's your choice if you want to go round bojos for tea and biscuits?
  5. thats good, I keep reading its hoter than a apple turnover
  6. it's their choice, they arent sheep, great to see imo
  7. The heat will be factored in
  8. I havent been mad on him either tbf he's had a few good runs, did well for the goal, but looks far to lightweight for me foden looked very lively when he came on will be hard for him to change the team for sunday, only positions up for grabs are mount and saka for me
  9. i completely made that up mate
  10. looking like 90k being allowed into wembley be a lot of isolations off the back of that 🙂
  11. as always, they'll be tough to break down its coming home
  12. we're a team of kids tbf this team will be scary good at the next 2 tournaments teams wont be queuing up to play us agree re sun, very tough game would change saka for foden
  13. best england team i've seen this the togetherness is brillaint bring on the wops Rice, the big money move post euros? serious player
  14. its falling over rapid, it will continue to do so, as its pretty much unusable whats its gone it aint coming back has zico and gonzo made the new one yet?
  15. L/H White

    Euro 2020

    its not worth the hassle absolute ballache
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