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  1. very weird behaviour to want to leak a young lads home address on the internet
  2. Must be refering to all those wards they're winning
  3. Get yer fivers out mate @bolty58
  4. Pretty much lost all credibility now talksport for me Constant clickbait nonsense pushed out by them
  5. People on here would have you believe they aren't our main rivals
  6. I was at that one Also going this weekend
  7. They'll take anything on there
  8. Give it a few month and PS will end up on GB news with all the other rejects
  9. I still can't believe people don't get it He doesn't go around telling you how to stack shelves at Aldi ffs
  10. Back to represent It's not for me, the lettering is far to big and it's on pretty much ever piece Very well made stuff tho
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