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  1. i've also heard pundits wanting the same team
  2. has the goal machine at notts county been picked up yet?
  3. Having surgery on his nose mbappe
  4. Surprise acts probably better Likely Killers & Pulp
  5. hear her take last night? Neville & Lescott looked like they wanted to piss
  6. Eni Aluko spoiling the itv games
  7. Couple of shocks today if this stays 1-0 Hopefully Austria make it three
  8. Absolutely Bellingham can shift forward when we have the ball to
  9. Should be an easy team selection Thursday for me Trent dropped Bellingham plays next to rice Foden 10 Gordon on the left
  10. Remind you of anyone?
  11. Only the second time we've won our group opener Another tick for wokegate
  12. Probably one of the most overrated players ever Gazza
  13. a tough opener like that much better than a walkover
  14. Id probably change Foden for Gordon Always out of position for England, it's criminal
  15. Rice and Bellingham are sexy
  16. The emoji reply, when you realise you haven't a clue what you're talking about
  17. Wanna be politician making stupid videos on social media for attention
  18. 16 year old started for Spain
  19. Sums up the state of the country
  20. I love stuff that makes old dinosaurs nearly burst blood vessels
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