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  1. Didn't deserve to go behind there
  2. Should be 1 up here the jam rolls
  3. Of course he would. Especially with the current crop of players
  4. He definitely would. Any English manager would leave their current role for the big seat Unless your winning the league every year
  5. I fancy the USA to get the result today.
  6. 16,786? Find that hard to believe. Piss poor again. Won't keep getting away with this 90+ equalisers / winners Lots of teams around us with games in hand We're going to quickly fallout of the playoff's
  7. No. He's absolutely hopeless for a bloke his size. More chance of Little Whitt getting on the end of a corner
  8. Bod for Charles. Offers absolutely nothing at present
  9. Spain get Morocco next. Not all bad for them to be fair
  10. Another one to add to your ever growing list my friend
  11. Anyone still boycotting this world cup?
  12. I think it's time for var to go It's definitely broke 🤣
  13. Souness and Mounts in talking absolute bollocks shocker Up the snipers
  14. They haven't played anyone yet
  15. 9:30 main event 3-1 down after day 1 Love it
  16. Fury Chisora weekend i've not really heard it mentioned and no build up whatsoever bad timing sandwiched in the middle of the world cup or because it's a complete con and complete mismatch big fury fan, but i've no interest in this whatsoever
  17. Still haven't conceded yet Poland
  18. Fucking hell Horrendous decision
  19. you don't carry champions league winners
  20. i'm already dreading how cold its going to be friday night
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