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  1. i dont think i've ever been bar a friendly so it's tempting me, and a decent KO time
  2. anyone bothering with Rochdale on Tuesday in the pizza trophy? another step towards wemberlee
  3. getting all hysterical again here the year is 2021 and all your details are easy enough to obtain if needed anyway get on with it, massive massive fannys
  4. In Sheehan's case, him lifting the ball above his head is about as high he gets it
  5. Tbf to Isgrove, we haven't a player within the squad who can put a decent delivery in It's been our achilles heel all season Quarter of the way through the season and Sheehan is still on corner's, that needs addressing
  6. Talk about papering over the cracks Abysmal Teams have found us out Luckily they tired massively
  7. Doyles been gone all season No great loss
  8. i dont rate him at all, but I dont think he's this bad f me wish him best
  9. Get what I mean now These cunts are our rivals
  10. rivalry works both ways, they dont give a flying fuck about us, never have we've never challenged them for titles, never will wigan are our main rivals we've not played united for about a decade ffs
  11. tell me who is? dont even come back with gazza
  12. you're trying to impress the crowd to much here you'll defo watch it
  13. stop pretending united are our rivals lads ffs
  14. more i think about it, i think we should go for this with what the club has been through, a trip to wembley and a trophy would be be great for both owners / fans we've fuck all chance in the FA cup and we'll sneak playoffs i'm sure
  15. I hare these bastards
  16. Why have our games been at home This would have been so much better at anfield obviously which in turn would have gave us more of a incentive
  17. In the Liv end for this with family & friends
  18. If Youri was to turn out id squirt man fat allover the ESLSC
  19. any further baka update? could he feature here?
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