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  1. Never really got into him, but I appreciate his talent and totally get why sooo many love him, influenced so many other musicials too.
  2. Because we spend around the same as many others, but they dont get picked up on it. Simple really.
  3. well you seem to know alot about us, and have strong views...strange really. maybe those at the club should just ask you what they should be doing...
  4. aww bless ya, nailed on bullied by a scouser on holiday.🤣
  5. and won manager of the year 2/3 times before he went to United.
  6. what others say is irrelevant to us, and what we want to achieve. Leicester is what we want to be doing, so its a valid comparison, they seem to what many fans love to watch.
  7. you clearly dont get it, context. its like laughing at a team celebrating finishing 3rd in division 4, fireworks, singing at coaches....in isolation, without context!!
  8. nope, its context on the season and a more realistic measure of ‘how far off’ other teams we are. its a fine line, 1 more win would have had us in Europe, thats how close it was. we was closer to 3rd, than 12th. Used Leicester as they are the main team in the top 6 that are seen to have had the most successful season, maybe west ham too.
  9. Lots of bolton wanted Coyle gone...its worked out well for you since then.....😉
  10. Sheff united finished 51 points behind united. we finished 6 points from Leicester. its chalk n cheese ffs
  11. So did sheff united finish not that far off man united then??!! Context is massive.
  12. What does that matter now?? klopp got relegated with Mainz....means nothing.
  13. Like I said....we took 4 points off them. And we finished as close to 2nd as we did 14th. it really is a fine line, and not much between many of those in the top 10. Imo that shows how weak the league is after the top 2/3.
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