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  1. The same outcome also said we gained no sporting advantage.
  2. Lucky.....hell yeah. But you didn't go down because of that "goal".
  3. What have player got to do with it ? The extra money was spent on the ground during covid.
  4. How did we cheat ? By spending £20 million more than we should on the ground during covid ??
  5. Seems funny than, becuase we finished 10th the season these charges are from....
  6. Because the Daily mail says so !?! BTW Leicester also have charges pending.
  7. They don't have any case because it applies to the 20/21 season where we would have finished 12th instead of 10th with 10 points knocked off
  8. I know, its not allowed. They brought it in after the West Ham / Tevez thing. They would have to go for the Prem, who also over-seen every deal Everton have done in the last 2 years....making sure they was ok. Prem just doing Prem things.
  9. Can't sue other clubs, not allowed.
  10. Nah, if you don't go down, you don't deserve to go down. End of story. If you go down, you don't belong in that league, thats what the 38 games over a season are for mate. 😁
  11. Watch the fume from those laughing when we stay up again🤣
  12. Meh, rules are rules innit. Will still stay up in this wank league.
  13. And now Leicester, soon to be Wolves and West Ham.
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