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  1. Always lots of bitterness about Liam & Noel. Its really strange, you dont see most of us younger ones so bitter about older bands or even new ones we may not be into. I recon is an angry old man thing.....
  2. Its popular, because its popular and what people want, and what people like. Wimpey is not popular.
  3. "Decent Music" opinion is subjective, like your opinion on Liam, and mine even. Popular is fact, based on numbers. He is popular, thats a fact, and he is popular because lots people like him. If the general / popular opinion was of yours, he would not be popular. Hence, he is relavant.
  4. point was, he is clearly still relevant/exciting, due to the amount of people still wanting to see him...and many of them are now younger kids, not just the likes of me, who would love him screaming ‘humpty dumpty’ for 2 hours. you dont have to like a band, to see they are popular and still exciting / relevant.
  5. Well, his sold out gigs, number 1 albums / releases....TV gig viewing numbers, virtual ticket sales numbers say otherwise.
  6. Get to bed grandad, Liam rocks. Like him or not, he is massive.
  7. Brilliant. Unfookingreal frontman, just brilliant.
  8. Couple of mill fine each.
  9. UEFA punishments are a joke.
  10. Pablo

    Youth Team

    Looks to be the furthest pitch away from the main 3g on the lower level.
  11. Pablo

    Youth Team

    Not sure if you can really....BUT their is a footpath that runs along the side of it, you can see some pitches from it.
  12. Pablo

    Youth Team

    16 year old is playing centre mid, and smashing it. The lad is beast, massive Bolton fan too. Edit : He scored that last goal against Preston.
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