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  1. Erm.....they look a well run, big named, well established company.....nice big office at the registered address.....
  2. City & the wall pushers top 2. Dozens of dodgy decisions will go their way, all "mistakes" of course, with apologies after the games. Massive gap Then all the rest. Rigged....the big 6 are even having reduced fixtures on the run up to the Word Cup, unreal.
  3. Look to be doing cracking business, Spence coming in from Boro / Forest too.
  4. avanti ragazzi di buda
  5. Pablo

    FV and IE

    suppose it could come down to if him and club agree on what is needed to make that push.
  6. Pablo

    FV and IE

    Be a terrible sideways move that, and im not sure how much more money he would really get, they could well be in a relegation fight and him needing to build a squad from scratch again. being a league higher doesn’t mean THAT much if they are just making ip the numbers. 12 months time and the teams could be passing each other. He talks about plans alot, so he does seem the type to see “project” as such. But….all these money rumours could be true, and an extra £1k a week may be massive to him.
  7. Edit, fuck em. We will be having this debate again next season, after they get to another final in another country.
  8. I have even seen suggestions that the OTT policing may have had something to do with the pitch invasions in England lately....
  9. They will still complain that UEFA didn't make the ground bigger and more accessible....
  10. And they are dickheads, and had anyone got hurt in any crush, those bunking in fans would be to blame.
  11. Well it was printed in a huge letters on the back of newspapers as a the headline. Maybe they also needed telling what NOT to do then, because its the same issues in every single big game they play in.
  12. So when have you ever heard this encouraged before ? Its part of the problem.
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