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  1. They hated the Delle Alpi, many fans just refused ot go.
  2. He is actually ahead of Dixie at the same point in the season......Dixie gets 5 in the next game....City play Southampton next....
  3. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    Colls are in JPL too, and offer the same as all those other lower FL clubs and Non-league. From what I have seen Colls offer much better coaching than most of the JPL teams, along-side the Chorley / Flyde / Tranmere lot that are in it. At older ages you find many of the Town teams or schoolboy teams joiin it to help them develop the teams to win stuff at regional schoolboy level. Wirral, Kirkby, St Helens, etc. But, it is just a jumped up Grass roots, painted as "academy"....just like all the BTEC Football college courses, false dreams n all that.
  4. West Ham in Jan for Maguire.
  5. I think we need more players that can deal with euro style football, than the bigger powerfull type in the prem.
  6. Its true, and they are utter cunts. Some West Ham fans chanted through it too btw.
  7. You would love it, if it was Man United....
  8. Kezman only cost about £5 million, so not really a massive risk.
  9. He has been rated and raved about for a while, always baffles me why no English clubs take these chances. Watch him be link to the prem within 18 months for a bout £50 million. We just love to waste money in the prem.
  10. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    You both certainly did that mate, good times. We have 3 of that team together at Charnock Richard now too 👍 Funny age this now, many drop out at this age....but re-join a bit down the linke, 5-a-side, sunday league etc.
  11. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    🤣Damn right mate
  12. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    3/4 years ago it was enforced. Its also a rule in the mens game, couple of Charnock 1st teamers have been sin binned. Its only for arguing with the ref.
  13. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    Its ace.🤣 U15's game few year ago...qtr final of cup again Stockport Georgians - Very good team. Very dirty, and phyiscal they are but our lads can match that. Loads of bad tackles, pretty even...then one of their big lads puts a shocker on ours...massive scuffle...2 sin bins, and our manager sent off. Then next play...my lad, smallest on pitch, puts an even worse tackle on this big lad...ripped sock the lot....him screming on the floor. Ref sends my lad off....then their manager runs on pitch to moan....our parents start to shout at their manager...4 parents sent from the field. Stockport Georgians 1 -3 Ladybridge 2 sin bins 1 red card 1 manager sent off 4 parents 😇
  14. Pablo

    Kids Footy

    🤣🤣 I remember by Dad subbed me off for Astley Bridge at about U12's....I had scored 2 or 3 and he wanted to get one of his better players on after being out with an injury....so easy option take me off. I chucked my shirt at him and stormed off to the car....he got me a maccies to cheer me up...never forgot that, the wanker! 😁 Another good one, 2 seasons ago. My lad helping out Farnworth Hurricanes u16's away at Leigh...both teams could win the league...ref knew all their players....called em by name all game..'' We spanked em, my lad arguing with their players as he always does....my Mrs shouts at him to shut up...ref comes and sends her off.....stopped the game and would not re-start till my Mrs had marched all the way off the field🤣 Piss funny....my lad then moaned at ref for doing it....so he sent him off too. Classy as fook, won about 5-0 though.
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