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  1. Must have been Everton fans....scouse scruffy cunts.
  2. Good on him starting off at semi-pro level, earning his stripes.
  3. Pablo

    Accy tickets

    You should have to show proof you want to the earlier games at home, to get tickets. Bandwaggon jumping bell ends.....
  4. Can see it happeneing, he could well come back in and save us with his mate Big Dunc.
  5. Anyone after a ticket tonight ?? Some kind of proptest I can only assume, see so many available. Must be pizza cup game or sumert.
  6. And Leeds have never ever been close..... Its gone to the last game of the season 3 times for us, in the prem EVER. Leeds have spent 50 years outside the top league including some even in the 3rd division, Everton 4. Its not even close. 4ish Years passed after that CL semi till they went down too.
  7. Well considering they have spent longer outside the top division than in it...it's not a shock they go down quite alot.
  8. Oh indeed, not a shock really. But defo the most traditional so called biggest to go down. West Ham have never played in the Champions league, and Newcastle have been in European football once in 10 years, while Everton twice.
  9. This is true, but still nobody has gone down in that time that has done anything over the same period really.
  10. Yes...., 7 players on £100k a week plus!!!
  11. Not a chance they come back up straight away, more chance of a Sunderland situation.
  12. This was a great trip, and mainly bacasue of the laugh we had mixing with Bolton/Everton fans the entire trip. We went via Salzburg and every pub, train, plane seemed to be full of both sets fo fans. We then stopped in munich for a bit on the way and the same in pubs near station, it was great. Both teams got good results too.
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