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  1. Thats what the Super-league is about, those "top" clubs own this kind of offering, they want it all and every penny that goes with it.
  2. Would be a great appointment. But unitll we sort out the club behind the scenes, no manager will ever really thrive with us. Would love a season or 2 of boring mid-table nothingness, with no drama off the field.
  3. Unless its an actual value limit, then its pointless.
  4. Bang on this. Can see CIty winning it by a few points....and close to 10 more than the RS. And they will have won it at 60-70% all season.
  5. Not a chance, that will 5-0 minumum.
  6. Recon a few old bolton lot will be interested....but nobody can shout or speak loudly....it hurts their ears.... 😷
  7. Awww football club I hate fans shouting to loud.....it hurty my ears.🤭 You are the only 1 coming accross with any inferiority. Atmosphere is not about making noise now....jesus mate, you couldn't have this so wrong !!!!! 🤣🤣
  8. It must be then mate and thats whats affective service. I was at the game Tuesday and you couldn't hear that any goals have been scored at all.
  9. Is the concourse soundproofed ?
  10. You are missing the 1 main reason though.....££££££££££££. He can come to any prem club, sign a massive contract, *fail...get paid off and family set forever, then waltz back to Europe to a bigger and better club. * or get hounded out by media & fans.
  11. Literally only ever heard Bolton fans cry about that, which is quite ironic really. I didn't watch the match though, can't be arsed with it.....I watched recorded episodes of 'A place in the sun' instead.
  12. 🤣Exactly how it should be mate.
  13. 🤣🤣 Its only you precious little lot that ever have a problem with that.....most just see it as a great atmosphere or crowd doing all it can !! So bitter, mate. 🤣
  14. Its the only thing we are the best at. Boooooooo
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