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  1. Pablo


    Euxton have quite a few plans along those lines.
  2. Pablo


    Yes its a good point. But its the same for some in the Northern Prem west, they look pretty poor, think a few have been smashed by the NW Counties team in the last year. The lower-mid NW Counties prem is very poor, you are spot on. Ashton for example, they have 5/6 lads on loan - 2 from Chorley the BTEC education thing, 1 from Glossop and 1 from Colne, and they look no better than some West Lancs teams and they beat Vauxhall Motors quite comfortably this weekend.
  3. Pablo


    Yeah, only young though aint he. Seems to have clicked with him the last 12-18 mobths, looks a different player.
  4. Pablo


    He is getting involved in everyting ffs. He gave a Chorley U18 lad a telling off after a recent FA Youth cup game, telling him "You have done nothing in this game yet son" Rattled by a BTEC grass roots footballer off ffs !!! 😅
  5. Pablo


    Darr, surprised he turned the rumoured amount down really. Maybe sit tight, keep scoring and get a bigger move further up !?!?!
  6. Pablo


    Double, treble and even 4 times that ast some clubs.
  7. Senior gone to Chorley on loan.
  8. Pablo


    What we recon, £25 - £50 a game for them??!!
  9. Pablo


    You hear about some decent wages in the NW Counties too!!!
  10. 2 escaped since 1992. but, we will go down, and deserve it.
  11. Absolutely mate, quite sad really. Ruthless industry.
  12. Some of these are not even playing anymore, some are at semi pro level. Good luck to them all.
  13. Crowds are bigger these days at the Reebok, than they was in that misty eyed past at Burnden in equivalent leagues.
  14. LOL, see how my chest is pal.
  15. Already a team like that, we should just fold.
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