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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. As in "due to clash of character" with Evatt? I don't know.
  2. We've not had a "general" in Midfield since Carl Henry
  3. He has a very baritone voice, not what I remember of him in Miami Vice
  4. Dread hearing that......
  5. Have we heard the phrase "irons in the fire" yet?
  6. Ratwhite


    It's an annual event.
  7. Wigan ain't lower at this point. We're all back to being the same. Even Crawley and Stockport. Even, even Wrexham
  8. Madine to Cardiff-esque
  9. Mad how the longer we go away from the wembley defeat, the more the poll has swung from Evatt "Go" to Evatt "Stay"
  10. Thats an "out for the fucking season brace"
  11. That is a thing of beauty. Proper..
  12. The tackle on Maghoma in the first two minutes is exactly we "we're missing". Not seen anything like that since Neil Cox on Marc Overmars in fist minute. Hello - Bang - You're done. These tackles don't happen thirty minutes in, or it's a yellow/red. That tackle on Maghoma won them the game, we never recovered. Barry Banno, Carl Henry, whatever, we need some skunk and nettles to protect the defence. GT hasn't got it (or hasn't mastered it yet), Dempsey, Sheehan, Morley not that type. That's why I said Iredale, out of the current squad, he's the only one who has that "edge".
  13. Ding Dong. We have a winner...... This 100%
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