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  1. If we're top 6 in December, there be fuck all chance of Evatt leaving,
  2. I've more chance of being next Blackpool Manager then Evatt going. And I'm in Stangweways on a 4 stretch
  3. This Morley may turn into one, one day, when he's had a few Spoons breakfasts A Karl Henry type
  4. My first home game since end of last year due to work and apathy (Season ticket been used by others) Brought the realisation and love flooding back. Cant wait for next season already.
  5. Ratwhite


    Just thinking the same, whilst selecting my retirement acca 😂
  6. Santos to Sheff U or somewhere Dapo to Fulham Charles to Leciester Fossey to Bolton Royal Darcy to Hibernian Everybody else are being watched by Wiggin
  7. Ratwhite

    MK Dons (A)

    Tough game this. These lot only lost a couple this year..
  8. Moist 13232 Take a any win after Tuesday
  9. Just trying to get 20k on like we did See if they can stick six past em.....
  10. moist any win please
  11. Do we still need Dempsey now we've got Sadlier
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