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  1. Bakes first tough was sublime, is second was disastrous
  2. This. They absolutely battered us in the middle. MJ and Sheehan totally overwhelmed McClean ripped Brockbank a new one. He ain't up to it I'm afraid. We move on
  3. See whats coming next though, they sell 1.5k for the beam back and theyll be all - "we would have brought 5.5k to yours" bull shit
  4. Saturdays ref has issued 18 cards in last 2 games. This could take him to his target of 30 in 3, including a couple of reds. Now cant make this due to vespa re-build/ pending holiday bullshit issue. Gutted Junior and Grandson standing in 19345 Damp BTTS 56% possession, fuck knows how many we/they score
  5. Get that red CxNT from Little Lever with the spray can a taxi to Belmont
  6. Sounds like he talks a good tale. Probably bought a tracksuit from sports direct. "Yeah mate, Newcastle are in for me , I started a few games".....
  7. Nobody on pitch could hit a barn door with a banjo Saturday Let’s put it down as a bad day eh
  8. Not a clue bit how many of Holloway’s Blackpool squad went D4 to Prem?
  9. So Adidas, but maybe leather if raining.
  10. Day after Bonfire Neet
  11. Tough game BTTS Raincoat and leather Gazelles
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