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  1. Must be two then Ricky 🤣, my mate Jordan
  2. Trafford going Burnley if not already Mentioned - or so someone in the know reckons
  3. And Sheff Wed's and Sheff U fan Ricky. I live 363 paces from the Bolton boundary. My postcode is M46. I do not recognise Wigan in any way shape or form
  4. Same, he was a class act. Different of quality. He gets iimself into the positions though, that's why he got the 20. If he'd have scored 30 he wouldn't be with us now. Same thoughts, when I first saw Santos I said he couldn't trap a bag of cement. Evatt knows his onions and to gamble 500k he must know something or have something in mind for him this season.
  5. 3 shits, butterflies, feel like I'm going for an interview. Christ sake I'm 56! Even pondering which trainers to wear for luck... Pub at 12 for some settlers. COYWM please turn up today.
  6. I have no fear whatsoever for Wigan. They laughed at our demise and near none existence, I don't care a jot what happens to the tinpot numb A.F tossers.
  7. We’re in em - May as well discusss em.. COYWM
  8. Surprised no one has mentioned Dapo (or the lack of him) A big reason we can't unlock teams like this. Great business for the club, but it's another Dapo-esque type player we need.
  9. This with big fucking bells on We loose Traf and Bradley anyway, id rather it ge in Lg1. Look at Wigan, pissed it last season, "strengthened" and still no were near good enough. I'll give Shoretire a fiver so he can get the bus home.
  10. V Wolves in the McGinley play off game. Score board in Manny Rd corner flashing up "come on you whites" Burnden belted this out and all the ground seemed to follow suit. Now that was a song.. PS bumped in Julian Darby at Training ground yesterday, last time I did this we won at Oxford 2-3 following game......... PPS first player i clocked was MJ (it's a sign) PPS winner of Grand National number 12. One of the above is made up..
  11. Needed at ticket for the Mrs - couldn’t buy on line (even though I’m a member and ST. Decided go to stadium FUCKINGHELLFIRE Queued for 45mins and still same queue when I left 😵‍💫 couldn’t get one in WSU had to relocate to south stand in the block they’ve opened WTF #MASSIVE
  12. Defo do train again. Possibly stop over after game.
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