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  1. its time.... 24 points
  2. Good. hes fat and over rated.
  3. Politic is as insingnificant and umiportant as the news about that Tennis Player getting chucked out of Oz, apart from 50k in the coffers. He turned us down so - goodbye. Looking forward to see what else we can get in Brockbank was a Bolton lad and was loved for that, his cards were marked when we signed Jones then double stamped when Fossey arrived. Wish him all the best, he'll make a career in leagues 1 and 2
  4. Ian Evatt getting pelters for being a boss. im Fucked off with reading the fucktards and snowflakes kicking off Crack on Mr Evatt - I’m in
  5. This one boss respect the boss or get fucked off
  6. Ratwhite

    Ipswich (H)

    Nailed on for promotion... Next season. Great result. Baka's first touch is that of a gormless elephant
  7. Your new Avatar / image thing could be construed as Laurence Basinis pillock fro that video pal
  8. Ratwhite


    This I'm going 2-1 Pottymouth and Dapo for us
  9. Ratwhite

    Chester FC

    This Also I have a soft spot, for the new ground, took Mrs Ratwhite shopping to Chester one Saturday on an early date and it turned out we were playing there 👀 We drew 2-2 - start of an era.
  10. have we actually signed anybody today then?
  11. That's the end of that then
  12. Fuck Shehhan off, hes shite
  13. Can see both sides of the Doyle argument. But we are seriously lacking on goal threat. Baka and Kachunga misfiring, Dapo out of sorts and Pottymouth unproven for us yet. Kabongo Tshimanga would make me do some love wee..
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