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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. Fuck knows (as usual) Moist and cold 16329 cant go - wife decided to be born on this day some years ago.
  2. He was at Cambridge, that was pretty shit. Was in The Tramstop with a few (lots of) other Bolton pre match
  3. Fleetwood 0 Rest is up to us
  4. Ratwhite


    Took me a while to get around to posting this, but top weekend, not even spoiled by a lack of a shot. Met a few off here and few from Westhoighton pre- match. Getting home Sunday was a fucking mare culminating with an Uber from Sheffield station to Atherton (4 of us) - ยฃ185 ouch. Gutted cant be at Fleetwood today though @anewman pestering the Vision allocation stewards
  5. Ratwhite


    Just arrived mission on train Bikini weather #COYWM
  6. Ratwhite


    In. FIrst away this year. Down today until Sunday.. Daisy Hill flyer at 09.30am COYWM
  7. And my Winter Hill SPZLs ๐Ÿ˜‰
  8. Tense Damp Need an early goal. 18203
  9. This. Also I'm 6'6" and sizes are decent and generally true. Wife buys me it cos it fits and is decent clobber. I'm not a thug or loaded, just like the gear. PS when is too old to wear SI and Adidas?
  10. Bad night at the office. Kick up the arse We move on
  11. This is almost what I did ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. This - with bells on STEPPED OFF PLANE FROM HOLIDAY AND AM BUZZING (sorry for shouting canโ€™t be arsed correcting) 3 points. Clean sheet Boss knows his onions EIEIEIEO
  13. BTTS not a clue, they've lost 5 on spin, we all know what that means. WSU will have the cold wind of Autumn blowing round my shins. #beercoat and first outing for the Winterhill SPZL Trying the Duke of Welli approach today as match bus was cack last time
  14. Nothing here to fear. We've got another goal in us
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