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  1. I hope he hasn't learned is lesson, and gets us promoted again
  2. No Unless we bring 6-7 new first team starters
  3. Didn't Evatt say that Jones contract had already triggered a renewal the other week? Also are we defo out of the embargo now? Mate of mine reckons we are when we repay a 2m debt to some creditors...
  4. Sky have picked this game for a reason. It's not to see us comfortably win. Someone said earlier in the thread, theres loads of teams fans want to see us fail.
  5. Noted this next season or Leaves for 375k plus add ons.........
  6. you'd be reet pal. Same as me
  7. What @gonzo just said In cheap as chips on DD
  8. Been thinking this for weeks. Tutte had some great games for us.
  9. This is a lie. I said next week.
  10. 3rd pre match poo This is why we do it folks COYWM
  11. and Sarcevic 👀 ssshhhhhhh
  12. Just been thinking the same. All we actually need is Morecambe 0
  13. Delfonso must start alongside Doyle
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