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  1. Wish Neil all the best in his recovery Some of already contribute to the site upkeep via Paypal to HW, can this be diverted in some way or a new recipient be sorted?
  2. upper lower mid-table (about 8th)
  3. Next signing likely to be the keeper from Barrow if (what little rumours there are) are to be believed. I can get excited over keepers. When we gonna sign a striker, they get you excited. It's great that we are a tight as a nuns though with respect to leaks. Watching England is shit. Like trying to pretend I like white wine
  4. Bit of treck for him now though, its at least four buses
  5. Maybe DC is on holiday
  6. Number of STs sold us no bearing whatsoever on what we will achieve on the pitch If we play well people will turn up. I don’t personally give a flying fuck about Ipswich, Charlton or whoever - Sunlan can sell 20k every week and still under achieve according to that way of thinking
  7. Kinell As this forum gone pink
  8. I hope he hasn't learned is lesson, and gets us promoted again
  9. No Unless we bring 6-7 new first team starters
  10. Didn't Evatt say that Jones contract had already triggered a renewal the other week? Also are we defo out of the embargo now? Mate of mine reckons we are when we repay a 2m debt to some creditors...
  11. Sky have picked this game for a reason. It's not to see us comfortably win. Someone said earlier in the thread, theres loads of teams fans want to see us fail.
  12. Noted this next season or Leaves for 375k plus add ons.........
  13. you'd be reet pal. Same as me
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