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  1. Get some chick with a sexy phone voice to phone up and say you have won a prize or some crap like that and we need to send the information by post, can you just confirm your address or better still the last part of the post code you have pretty much confirmed it's BL4..
  2. any predictions...? It will be cold score? Hopefully who will get lost? Not with these directions: - bar, airport, bar, train station, bar, hotel(optional), bar, train station, bar, ground, bar, train station, bar, hotel (optional), bar, train station, bar, airport, bar. --- The commas are subject to change to bars who will get too drunk? A few.......too many!
  3. Hmmm.....Don't tell em all. When it drops to 4 a side my pace becomes apparent....!
  4. skin


    Spot on if you use a Nationwide flex account card abroad you not only get the BUSINESS exchange rate but DON'T get any charges. Skin
  5. I might be needing the wheelchair as well, buggered me leg a couple of weeks ago playing 5-a-side. Drinking to excess takes the pain away...!
  6. Was origianlly flying direct with Spanair until they cancelled the direct flight....
  7. No not doing that route, but maybe someone is doing my route...? K6215 06NOV JEREZ-MADRID H. Salida: 15:25 H. Llegada: 16:30 JK414 06NOV MADRID-BARCELONA H. Salida: 17:30 H. Llegada: 18:45 Night in Barcelona BARCELONA - MUNICH: DE 7371 15:15 - 17:25 (2:10h) 2 nights in Munich Depart Munich (MUC) at 16:20 and arrive in Barcelona (BCN) at 18:25 Another night in Barcelona...! Saturday: Depart Barcelona (BCN) at 14:55 and arrive in Jerez (XRY) at 16:30
  8. Munich 10 day weather Big drop from the temp's I have at the mo.....
  9. That makes it a 5pm kick off in Germany unless I'm missing something....????
  10. Quote from BBC today: Possibly the most bizarre and clueless appointment this season. Quote from BBC before Megson was appointed Leicester job: Not Megson... please Milan no!!! Makes me think LCFC will be chuffed to bits with this. Gartside has lost it. Souness probably turned us down as he wasn't going to be given more than 10 bob to spend on new players. Time for wholesale changes at the club, not just the Chairman but time to sell out to some Russian Billionaire, mind you I'd be happy with Anthony Axfords buying us at the moment. Skin
  11. Think I'd go for sneaking in with this lass...
  12. Air berlin had some deals, check out condor (for flights from UK) I got barcelona to Munich for 29 Euros and doing over night in barca as the flight from my neck of spain tobarca wouldn't connect.
  13. Hello THICK...!!! Group stage, Matchday 1 25.10.2007 Group stage, Matchday 2 08.11.2007 Group stage, Matchday 3 29.11.2007 Group stage, Matchday 4 05/06.12.2007 Group stage, Matchday 5 19/20.12.2007
  14. skin

    Group F

    30mins for a computer to sort out the dates............. ........I've done it myself in 2mins: Bayern & Aris away and neither matches are to played in December as I'm on holiday and can't make it!
  15. Just joined setanta sports, cheaper than a flight back for the game to night. Minimum contract time is 2 months as you have to give 30 days notice plus you get charged a ?10 joining fee which is (probably) payable every time you cancel and then join up again. ?30 in all not bad at all. SKin
  16. FROM THE CHIEF OF POLICE::: "There was no violence and it would appear it stemmed more from a misunderstanding and a clash of cultures. "We do not expect any trouble and the local police have made it abundantly clear that people will not be able to get a taxi to the local chippy for chips pudding and gravy."
  17. Cheers Zote for all the updates - Bottom right hand corner of the above pic isn't that a funny way to spell sex....? Mind you looks like the EU have given it's approval...!
  18. Make sure you are in town on the 19th as all matches get changed for TV!! I'll be in Barca at the end on September for The Police concert also at the beginning of December when they play Espanol away! Cheers Skin
  19. Bloke at the front with glasses on: Is tommy tanking Squidgy The guy with his arm around Squidgy : Has just taken a mouth full....
  20. Trani says: We did it 5 times last nite luv Other trani says: We did it twice Korean bloke says: just one more time Squidgy please Squidgy says: I've got a bag of viagra here, lets try some more... Bloke at the back says: I'm doing my best to look like Squidgy so I can join in....
  21. Anyhow Squidge can't wait to see the pic's videos etc and wait for the Uefa draw so me and everyone else can do their own little blog of Latvia would be nice...!
  22. Don't get caught out mate and look for the adams apple...!
  23. Cheers Squidgy for a great thread... Some interesting background into the GDP in South Korea: In South Korea the sex industry accounts for 4 percent of the country's gross domestic product. Rumour is that during the whites tour this will increase significantly, but then again I did hear it will drop massively. Keep it up mate!!! Skin
  24. Got to be Walker & Super John - Never saw Nat, so don't count....Sorry Sir Nat.
  25. Sanlucar de Barrameda close to Jerez (Costa de la Luz)
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