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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. medwaywhite


    A woman claiming to be Ruth’s sister posted on Facebook that she was bedridden but still bought a season ticket she is a tremendous fan
  2. I’ve backed evatt but after the last 2 matches tippy tippy football we can’t play that we’re are so predictable
  3. Shocked to hear that sad news
  4. Pretty confident they’ve got to be up for Peterborough twice then us can’t see it they’ll put everything into getting to Wembley
  5. See Blackpool have got Peterborough at home so they play Peterborough in the league on the Saturday again on Tuesday or Wednesday then us on the Saturday I’m happy at that
  6. Well that’s saved me about £600 concentrate on getting out of this league
  7. RIP fellow wanderer condolences to his family and friends
  8. I’m up for that il contribute as a small gesture of our appreciation
  9. Derby are out beaten 1-0 by Bradford
  10. Sorry to hear the sad news condolences to all concerned RIP fellow white
  11. What condition will the pitch be in football Friday night rugby playing on it Sunday night let’s hope it a dry few days
  12. Finally had no offers so had them melted down didn’t make anything just got what I’d payed for them
  13. How much?I could have gone abroad for 14 days what it’s costing to go to Portsmouth
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