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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. 9139 with about 350 from accy
  2. Awful news condolences to the Jones family R I P
  3. Next year it’s 100 years since first cup final at Wembley ,a ideal time to sell memorabilia,replica medals tee shirts and other football stuff,not just Bolton and West Ham fans but I should imagine football fans generally
  4. Leyther Matt the MI5of wanderersways
  5. No excuses beaten by a team that worked harder wanted it more was prepared do the dirty stuff .that was embarrassing
  6. Isolating again for another operation so me wife and two grandkids didn’t go
  7. RIP Neil condolences to his wife and daughter
  8. RIP Roger Hunt another one who was a gentleman another sad day for football
  9. Well done to all involved
  10. Hope Morecambe go up nice away day next season,
  11. Fuck me got out of jail there
  12. Who are the two clowns commentating for morecambe
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