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  1. Sad news,no age at all that. RIP
  2. Not fussed as long as Blackpool and Tranmere lose out.
  3. Ha, remember that. Stood behind goal. Seemed like he hit it from his own box, was miles away.😀
  4. I didn't. Was vital we went up at the first attempt. Really worried we could have spent a few years down here. Feels like we are in a positive place now, onwards and upwards.
  5. Yes a couple of comments on there chime with what my colleague thinks. He'll fuck us off to manage them. If he does well, he will leave, but not to go to a shithole like that.
  6. I'll be keeping my powder dry Paul, but if they fuck up, one in particular will be getting it with both barrels. He was genuinely pissed off we didn't go bust. I haven't forgotten.
  7. Hope Blackpool get dumped in the playoffs too. Work with a bunch of lashers and they've been aching for us to fuck this up. Seem to take a weird interest in how we've been doing all season.
  8. Brilliant stuff. Well done to all, fully deserved. An incredible effort to pull this off 👏
  9. Just fight like bastards and win.
  10. Well said Traf. And if we go up, we'll have no trouble shifting 8k. Club will feel like it's moving in the right direction.
  11. Biggest game for us in a good while this. Captain Obvious I know but vital we go up now. Playoffs are a lottery. We win, 0-1, nerves shredded.
  12. Yes, not going up today never entered my head tbh. We've worked to hard to throw it away now.
  13. Surely our lads have to want it more next week.
  14. Balls. Ah well, second chance next week. The BWFC way . Still going up
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