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  1. Wow, some start here by Canada. Great goal
  2. Quite. No hanging on for these lads.
  3. Got away with it a bit there. Beat Wales handily I reckon
  4. Not just me then. Website bobbins
  5. gregbwfc

    Oxford H

    What I've seen from these last few games is the other teams doing the basics better than us. Defending, working hard and causing bother from set pieces. In no way an Evatt out fan, but he does need to have a long look at things (and I'm sure he is). Plenty calling for 4 4 2 or 4 3 3, but I'm not sure we have a right back good enough. Agree with @Casino that Gethin is better in a back 3, and for me, Bradley isn't good enough defensively (and tbf, we want him attacking). Maybe 3 4 3, is that even a thing ? Anyway, get our best players out there and fingers crossed 😄. Onwards and upwards COYWM
  6. gregbwfc

    Oxford H

    Poor do today, it happens. Oxford worked their bollocks off, in our faces all day. Think the players we have are plenty good enough for this league,as others have mentioned, seem to have a few just off form. Long way to go, be reet.
  7. Usually stay in my seat until final whistle. Walked down to the front after Ricardo smoked that one into the north stand as I figured time was up. One minute later I'm bouncing around with lads I've never met before 😀. Fucking love it 😁😁
  8. Their players look absolutely gutted don't they 🤣
  9. Yeah but it was hilarious how the ref blew as soon as they kicked off though 🤣
  10. Absofuckinglutely 😄. Gave their shithouse goalie a few choice words after the winner. Doubt he heard me but it made me feel better 😁
  11. Just home. Fuck me Getting too old for this shit. Can't wait for Saturday 😁😁
  12. Great comeback that. Don't go to many aways but was glad I was there, amazing scenes when Dapo scored 😀. He has to start when available, doesn't he ?
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