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  1. Excellent πŸ˜€
  2. Honestly don't mind him talking the club/team up. Mind rub some folk up the wrong way, but so what.
  3. Really enjoyed this season. Seen some good games where both teams have played good football. Some of our stuff at times has been out of the top drawer, shows what we are capable of. Tighten up/organise defence a bit better (think this is where thevwell drilled bit applies) and I think we have a great chance of being in the mix next season. COYWM
  4. Bluenose at work said that exact same thing. Reckons they are in deep shit if they drop. And tbf, he's not one for over egging things so I believe him. (OK, I want to believe him 😁)
  5. gregbwfc

    MK Dons (A)

    We were never going unbeaten, bad day at office. Win our 6 home games and we're right in it. And we will. Be reet πŸ˜‰
  6. It's happening, 25 points from the last 12 games - doable. Could just be enough.
  7. Good win that, pulled it out eventually. Thought Lincoln were very good at times. Was surprised he replaced Dapo with Dempsey but I thought that lad made the difference. Seemed to get a grip of things and a great bit of skill to set up the 3rd. Onwards and upwards, it's happening. COYWM
  8. Any sort of win will do. Think we'll need at least 76 for playoffs, so 9 wins and a bit more. 7 games at home,probably need to win the lot to have a chance. COYWM
  9. Correct, apart from the result. It would've been the equaliser, we lost 2-3. Still would've kept us up.
  10. So what they're saying is, we weren't good, they were just shite πŸ€” Probably a bit of both tbf.
  11. We really broke Sunderland, didn't we.
  12. Some of our football is a joy to watch. Players seem to be really together and absolutely loving it.
  13. Agree with the 2 draws from these 2 games. And if we were offered a win and a loss, think most would've taken Oxford. Back on it Saturday
  14. Yes and they've been terrible too. Let's hope they hang on
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