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  1. That was the one, hilarious.
  2. Feels strange this, ref giving us everything 🤔
  3. Conceded a pen against Bradford didn't we ? Which Crellin saved. We keep saying how bad the standard of reffing is at this level. It bloody well isn't if you're our opposition.
  4. gregbwfc

    Salford (A)

    Holding up our play-off push, all these postponements
  5. As it's a loan move, will he be unable to play against us in the playoffs 😁 ?
  6. Agree with that. Didn't give the opposition an easy goal today
  7. Well played lads. Fully deserved 👏
  8. Christ we should have had 6
  9. Story of our woes this season. Just can't seem to get our noses in front. Keep going lads, it'll surely come.
  10. Idiot. Was screaming at him to take the corner
  11. Yep. Isgrove clearly held there. Ignored
  12. So are they just plain old Chelsea again now, as opposed to Frank Lampard's Chelsea? I lose track of such things.
  13. Frustrating. Only 8 points off playoffs.
  14. Yeah , it's the way they've been throwing money at trying to get to the prem forever. Not having it that it's all above board. Have to temper my dislike a bit as my nephew works there, so wouldn't want them to go bust.
  15. Yes, there was a cut off date. You could sign players all season up until then.
  16. I have an intense dislike for derby. Is it irrational?
  17. We had no window then, which is how he ended up here. Rest of Europe had window. Could only move to England, wanted to try to get into French world Cup squad I think.
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