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  1. Check the link i put up earlier re the tunnels mate, Hamas might just employ you yet 😉 😜
  2. The place was rather busy the other year when they were scuffling with the Spanish plod 👊 😉 Plenty of interesting midweek footage available online and way back in this thread.
  3. They don't need that, it is imprinted in their minds
  4. Bloody hell, this isn't good for everyone concerned https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-57156320
  5. Yes, the article was uploaded earlier. I mentioned the timescale too, though some work starts this year.
  6. I just want to pass my COVID onto you 😃 Feel like absolute shite the last day or two.
  7. Drown in your own pity then fella or do something about it. You need a boot up the arse and I will gladly do it for you.
  8. You must be a Visionary......how do you know you won't be on more money without even looking what they are offering in terms of position etc ?
  9. Rolls Royce consortium are creating 40k jobs, worth a shot pal.
  10. Exactly, even though I thought you were now such a proud socialist 😉 😜
  11. Joking aside and said this before, they can retrain or look for other work, there is plenty being created. They need to stop being a one trick pony like yourself 🐟
  12. Excuse me.........none of my business has gone to some foreigner. I'm all Right Jack Love Peter Sellars x
  13. Not watched it since Brotherhood of Man pissed it............this year representing Britain will be the Muslim Brotherhood of Man 😆
  14. 53k new jobs announced in the past few days, a couple of huge deals in there, will comfortably dwarf those Dutch deals.
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