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  1. If not, I'll go for Torquay due to a subtle clue by Undies 😉
  2. The proper lads went in their end with us @Mounts Kipper
  3. I am after I say Peterborough 😃
  4. Seems to be the Chaddy End.
  5. A few remainers fucked off too after Brexit 😃
  6. Yes, a frightening encounter. Thanks for the warning, I shall take my headphones. During the strike 😉
  7. The former DMB one pal. Your twin is also born on my birthday Russell Grant 😄
  8. Ronaldo, Neymar, Carlos Tevez and Gheorghe Hagi.....not a bad forward line from Feb 5th
  9. Can only find Andy Fordham 😃 And Phil Brown....the silver medallist from 84
  10. In the 1987/88 season, we expected to go up as a given, but Wrexham was still an amazing day. This season, we've been grateful asically just to have a team to follow after all the recent shenanigans. By fuck, how good does today feel 😃
  11. BOOOOOOOOM Thank me later you cunts 😃 x
  12. From Bolton with love on a wet day 😍
  13. Mick isn't that bad 😆 🤣 😂
  14. Mick Brown has one of Owen Jones 😄 🤣 😂
  15. You're always wrong fella 😄 🤣 All good here thanks ,hope you are too
  16. Told you...4 goals for us today
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