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  1. Must have voted Tory then 🤔 😉 😀 That was a shocker for your lot in the St Anne's ward, Sunderland.
  2. She's better piping off Corbyn, only thing she made a success of 😃
  3. You've just put me right off my chips, gravy, scraps, pea wet and quinoa lunch.
  4. Well, seeing as folk call Labour the social media champs, you're probably ✅
  5. Seen it the other month, first episode is a bit cheesy but pretty decent after that. Parts of it will relate to your Moat House experience 😄
  6. You may as well vote Boris then and not waste your vote 😉 👍 💙
  7. Might go for the double re telling the difference between a decent jacket and the shite Asda rag you bagged 🐟 🐠 🎏 🎣
  8. no one is having a go Mick, just need the proof.......facts not hacks ☺
  9. Exactly, like they said in Band of Brothers, we could be friends in a different world 😉
  10. At least i know what day it is after a decent drink 🍸 🙃
  11. No proof though ? Like I say, we just need facts and not from a biased anti Tory pub hack 😉
  12. Just a half with lime for me 😃
  13. We just need facts Mick, not pub gossip from The Griffin
  14. Wooooow.....don't have a pop at cat owners or the far left and always right will unite 😉
  15. I'd share a beer with you, you left wing whopper 🍺 😃
  16. Who was it from on here who had the 'inside info ' re Boris ? Was it NiC or Mick Brown ? Quite ironic as they publicly scorn all gossip from the bloke in the pub, until they get said info off said drunk in the boozer.
  17. Time yet you bellend 😃 😘
  18. Labour are like a cult, ...a B film shown at 1pm at the Odeon on a Wednesday afternoon.
  19. Yep, totally agree on that. Same with that doppleganger of Spider's, Ross Greer. No policy whatsoever, just sucking up to Nippy, very similar in fact to Spider's lookalike in 5 years time Patrick Harvie. Uselless cunts the lot of them. The entire political landscape is fucked. Johnson wouldn't be anywhere near No.10 now if we had the calibre of political opposition like there was in the 70's and 80's
  20. I thought that too, struggling to see what Labour have offered other than vitriol and abuse. It's a wholly sad time the state of the nation's political scene.
  21. Anyone checked on @leigh white this morning ? 💙
  22. Jesus, this isnt looking good for Labour. They've got to get their act together ASAP or this country is well and truly knackered https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/uk-politics-57016689
  23. These people on the zoom call are absolute fucking fruit cakes.....makes you lot seem normal 😉 One later accused a guy of hacking into the call too, even though another on the call posted it on youtube😄 Well worth reading the entire thread
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