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  1. All about Andrew Neil. In other matters, surprised with the silence re Hunter Biden, the BLM people are very quiet indeed 🤔 https://twitter.com/bennyjohnson/status/1402385095579910148?s=19
  2. Actually, quite a decent debate on that and how it has turned from its' origins https://twitter.com/standardnews/status/1402541372679282689?s=19
  3. Rich coming from you and your obsessive Tory bashing nature 😄 Here's one you will try and defend........ https://twitter.com/MartinDaubney/status/1402630020812652548?s=19
  4. Stay tuned, the ice cream seller will appear and tell you it doesn't exist and to name an example of it, even though he's been given more samples than Pablo's best customer 😉
  5. NiC will be be in constant demand due to his self proclaimed cancellation of cancel culture 😉
  6. You can all have a fun fix daily starting in 4 days 😃 https://twitter.com/JohnnySeifert/status/1402683804628750343?s=19
  7. This could be interesting if a neutral force was involved https://twitter.com/Antipolluters/status/1402250917232132096?s=19
  8. https://twitter.com/BritainElects/status/1402651571423531012?s=19
  9. Only if you post a Facebook one that can disprove it 😉
  10. Yes, it's Spider as he knows he gets walloped every time on here in his usual name.
  11. Watched Scotland 78 : A Love Story on iplayer last night. Decent viewing, with some amazing tales of how the Jocks made their respective treks to Argentina for the World Cup.
  12. I think it is somebody pretending to be Paul judging by that being the first post that poster has made.
  13. Yep, sadly so. He should step down as a bare minimum, but he's a hard faced twat and won't do that.
  14. https://twitter.com/Jefferson_MFG/status/1402551013194747905?s=19 Plenty of jobs being created
  15. Very true unfortunately, I think @Mickbrown will even struggle to get annoyed by it, though he will have a wry smile about this 😉 https://twitter.com/calvinrobinson/status/1402581237760413697?s=19
  16. Should be sacked but it won't happen knowing the state of politics here. Bare minimum he should resign
  17. Sky News reporter in the shit now https://twitter.com/stephenpollard/status/1402353516845453313?s=19
  18. Looks that way, Spider and Mick Brown will be along shortly with their knives and fish hooks https://twitter.com/GoodLawProject/status/1402561726621667328?s=19
  19. He set loads. Bizarrely, he was also a world champion budgie breeder.
  20. Thought you'd like that.......not a lot 😉
  21. One rag said it was Southport, can't remember it like that.
  22. 😃 The only Tony I remember was Tony Jarrett from County Grammar. I was a LEFT WINGER 😳 playing up front with Paul and Tommy Lohan, both from Thornleigh.
  23. His brother Paul was, his dribbling skills were quite hypnotic
  24. Was in the town team with Paul. Julian Darby, Ian Scott, Lee Howarth and Keith Welch were in the same team too.
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