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  1. Exactly, it will never be resolved https://iranintl.com/en/world/israel-palestinian-conflict-likely-affect-nuclear-talks-iran-analyst-says
  2. You do realise antisemitism has gone on for many centuries and goes hand in hand with the religious side ?
  3. Where's the support for the Batley Grammar teacher ? 😒 🤔
  4. Starmer losing the support of his bloc vote
  5. Leigh White will be in his element in a pub full of old dogs 😃
  6. A few on here have started to wake up, I think my task is almost complete now 😉
  7. Not figured it out hence the word maybe. No doubting though re the race card being played by parts of BAME though is there ?
  8. Correct answer sir. Take a prize, any prize 😀
  9. Excellent pal. Don't tell Casino, he'll ban you from here.
  10. One never knows what goes on behind the scenes.
  11. 73 years ago tomorrow saw Israel become an independent state. Bit of topical trivia for you Nazis and Socialists
  12. Antisemitism is the simple answer
  13. On the very street Kriss Donald was abducted from.
  14. Very well said, but please be careful mate as you will be expelled and your reputation tarnished by the Lefty Club on here.
  15. Maybe they were scared of having the race card thrown at them as always if they red listed India ? BAME don't half blame a lot of COVID on others.
  16. Have you been red pilled in the last 24 hours 💊
  17. Some further information https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/10110940.census-reveals-towns-religious-diversity/
  18. They could be Stoned Island to death 💀 🤔
  19. Interesting stats here, Indian population in Bolton rose to 7.8% in 2011 from 6% in 2001 Pakistani population wasn't far off doubling from 2.5% in 2001 to 4.3% in 2011 Not just terrorist top boys and gold medallist groomers, but also shagging champs https://www.bolton.gov.uk/downloads/file/616/people-in-bolton-2011-census-ethnicity-factfile-updated-october-2013
  20. This year's census will make for interesting reading.
  21. Leigh White hasn't changed much 🌹
  22. And why would that be ? Are you saying most terrorists of Asian descent are of a different religion ? 🤔 💣
  23. Miles more, especially going back to the census in 1991.
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