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  1. 3 minutes ago, Sweep said:

    I'm sure I heard that there are only actually around 15M Jews in the world.....which is a similar number to how many Mormons there are I believe.

    It's incredible that such a small group of people stir such high emotions, over thousands of years, all manner of folk have had it in for them, from the time of the Pharaohs (and probably earlier) to modern day. It all seems very odd

    Yes, almost as many in the States as in Israel.

  2. 5 minutes ago, Spider said:

    Does anyone on this forum apart form Leigh White actually say they'd vote Labour right now?


    Mick Brown....100% fact 

    Red rosette on a donkey, he's your man.

  3. 11 hours ago, Casino said:

    Is it fuck

    There is no simple answer, as i thought you well knew

    You do realise antisemitism has gone on for many centuries and goes hand in hand with the religious side ?

  4. 1 hour ago, Spider said:

    I’m happy to keep saying it.

    Asians in Bolton are choosing not to be vaccinated.

    I deal with lots of Asian folk through work, and they freely admit that it’s not something they’re all that arsed about.

    If anyone thinks I am being in some way racist, that’s up to you. But I sat with 2 Asian brothers (siblings, I’m not being urban) only yesterday in a plumbers merchants, and they said they don’t trust the jab. They laughed it off.

    It will not be all Asians, of course, but there’s no need for anyone to tiptoe around what is plain and obvious. 

    Welcome back 😃 

  5. 55 minutes ago, Winchester White said:

    How do you figure that out? Neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh were already on the red list as was pretty much all of Africa.

    Not figured it out hence the word maybe.

    No doubting though re the race card being played by parts of BAME though is there ? 

  6. 25 minutes ago, gonzo said:

    Was just about to question this...

    Why have the lefty leaning clubs like Celtic and Wrexham and Scouse twitter become pro Palestine? 

    Corbyn and his gaggle of wet wimps all seem to be pro palastine but I’ve no idea why. 

    Antisemitism is the simple answer

  7. 22 minutes ago, Ani said:

    No mate as you know my views on this have been consistent since day 1 on this. The denial of the issue pisses me off especially when it is branded all Asians . 

    Very well said, but please be careful mate as you will be expelled and your reputation tarnished by the Lefty Club on here.

  8. 12 minutes ago, Casino said:

    If it wasnt predictable, id have sympathy for the decision makers

    Maybe they were scared of having the race card thrown at them as always if they red listed India ?

    BAME don't half blame a lot of COVID on others.

  9. 26 minutes ago, Ani said:

    My point really is that although a number of countries over there have an alleged rape culture there is only one country whose 'expats' have bought that with them and actively target white women/children. 

    It is issue specifically within the Packistani community. 

    Have you been red pilled in the last 24 hours 💊 

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