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  1. This year's census will make for interesting reading.
  2. Leigh White hasn't changed much 🌹
  3. And why would that be ? Are you saying most terrorists of Asian descent are of a different religion ? 🤔 💣
  4. Miles more, especially going back to the census in 1991.
  5. West Hamas have a big following out there, though the Israelis favourite player is Stanley Mattjews, despite him being man marked out of the game every time by Tommy West Bank Also very popular is David synaNgog
  6. How ironic the name of the coach company eh Max Bygraves 🤔 🙄 🤣
  7. And Jewlian Darby is the president of the Israeli Whites Fan Club.
  8. Aviv Anderson runs a DMB bar out there. Takes you right back in time
  9. Me and Kent spoke privately the other night re the choice of venues chosen for urgent vaccinations, as shown on BBC North West. Seemed to be deliberately chosen without raising racist tones or connotations. This is the census of our town taken in 2011, never had a single issue with our Indian friends here, all decent people and hardworking 👏 https://www.boltonjsna.org.uk/ethnicity
  10. Absolutely heartbreaking when you see the lovely work what the poor little lad did earlier in the year 😢 💔
  11. Gonzo was hoping for a Wetherspoons 🍺
  12. I'm looking forward to your tales of 'Mick's Charabanc Granny Shags' 😃
  13. You smoke Regal cigarettes, closest you are to Royalty 👸 😉 😜
  14. Totally agree on that. And this what Labour now need to be pushing for.
  15. You'll be going on cruises next matey with all the other boring old duffers 😃
  16. My mate did exactly the same a week or so before he died. HTH
  17. Thought it was you near Sainsburys pal, hope you made a few quid 😃
  18. Oh fuck off. Read the report commissioned by their own team. Goodnight
  19. Ask Spider what currency they will use 😄 He will know the answer despite the Natzis being unable to answer
  20. They can't be Independent whilst still being dependent
  21. In 2017 - 19, she was an Election Agent, part of her role involved budgeting......how splendidly ironic she isn't very Independent https://uk.linkedin.com/in/emma-roddick
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