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  1. Crikey, like a librarian with his keks rolled up.......that's a turn up for the books. Daren't show his face on his here though again 😉
  2. I thought Ernest had reposted the same from the other week, or was it Undies who posted it on that occasion ? Like Esco said, whatever happened to Fannelli ? Seems to be a recurring theme with those who have an unhealthy anti Tory obsession.
  3. A few remainers fucked off too after Brexit 😃
  4. Mate said Sordell was bleating like fuck and popping on re being unhappy at Charlton.
  5. Yes, a frightening encounter. Thanks for the warning, I shall take my headphones. During the strike 😉
  6. The former DMB one pal. Your twin is also born on my birthday Russell Grant 😄
  7. Ronaldo, Neymar, Carlos Tevez and Gheorghe Hagi.....not a bad forward line from Feb 5th
  8. My mate a Wolves fan is at a well being day event hosted by the Kent Fire and Rescue Service. He just text to say Marvin Sordell is speaking right now, should we send a collective hug or fuck yourself to him ?
  9. Erewash ? Sounds like Little Whitt's efforts at Dr DIY on another thread.
  10. I shall have a real épée at the tiddly winks then
  11. Inside Number 9 is back on tonight on BBC.
  12. And my Madness ones. Think the timber issue is down to the Yanks, bring back Trump, all is forgiven.
  13. Same with timbers, battens are pretty scarce at present. We stocked up though in 2018, that's Vision for you 😃
  14. You're very welcome Cyril. I think they did as well as Fox. Right, off to finish off City of Tiny Lights, cracking gritty film from the smoke. Text us your number pal, not got it stored, might have something really good for you in the next few days😉
  15. Not sure if it was just a London thing to be honest. Will let you off this time 😃
  16. How did the Rejoin the EU party fare, pray tell 😃
  17. Burnham was up on his votes from 2016 too, whereas Khan was down. That's quite telling. Wouldn't be surprised if those 2 made a leadership bid, would be an interesting battle, though I think Burnham and his northern voters would swing it in his direction.
  18. He lives in an ideal world mate where he thinks every non voter would have voted how he says. Like you say, needs to move on or it will damage his health even further.
  19. The 58% who didn't vote in London were all dirty Cockney Reds who didn't bother because it was raining, the soft shandy suppers. They are all Shaun Bailey voters and are kicking their winklepickering heels now. In serious terms though, very surprised to see Bailey getting the amount of votes he got.
  20. 55% of the roughly 2,531,000 who actually bothered to vote.....approx 41.2% turnout. Sorry to correct you with facts.
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