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  1. Aiders of the lost ark - paramedics helping harrison ford in the search
  2. Road to Ali - Bob Hope classic where he's trying to find Osama Bin Laden
  3. Edward Scissorhand - johnny depp remake after the clumsy bastard cut one off !!!! Bea - rowan atkinson playing an aussie inmate from Wentworth Den Lake - english thriller about an ex cockney landlord who was presumed drowned but ended up floating with the tide into a lake
  4. way out wes - a laurel and hardy classic describing how far the ex DMB Brown's shot missed
  5. can you go a chicken supper,you filthy..........................
  6. Bobby Sands croaked it.........................fat bastard...........wonder if Lennon is having a drink in his ''memory'' sorry,i meant 31 years ago tomorrow
  7. i agree. that bastard in the advert will need 24 hour protection at the games IMO
  8. i'll go for the ?22.50 as well
  9. he'd have had you straight in one of his camps pal
  10. the 9/11 conspiracy film actually raises quite a lot of questions re bush's family and their money making from it all. major share holders in companies supplying missiles etc. plus the CIA and FBI not sharing intel,certainly allowed some 9/11 'pilots' to get into the States unchallenged.
  11. going back to the original point and what got the argument going at work..................if hitler was in the modern era,he wouldn't have got away with a fraction of his atrocities,whereas saddam was very active and bin laden making a 'decent fist' of it considering he was in hiding for over a decade. Given unlimited freedom,i imagine bin laden would have wreaked havoc and one or two nations may well have been wiped off the map
  12. the rwandan genocide in the 90's was truly horrific.hutu's and tutsi's living side by side for many years,then 800,000 butchered in just 3 or 4 months,mostly by machete. the footage of that is horrendous. they hold courts for war crimes over there and the accused wear pink shirts,whilst the 'judge and jury' try them. amazingly,many rivals in war are now neighbours again. i read an article in the times where a tutsi lost 3 members of her family when her hutu neighbour murdered them........the hutu is now unbelievably living back next door to her..........i think there's more to come in rwan
  13. I know the Tripartite Pact between the nazis,japs and wops was a hollow alliance but i sometimes wonder if hitler would have viewed the japs as equals,i mean they're not exactly the master race by a long way are they ?
  14. our trip the first time was delayed and we spent most at the time at auschwitz 1 and only managed to get a few minutes at birkenau. my partner has jewish blood and wanted to go back when we visited krakow again. the worst bit for me is the green pond at the bottom of the railway track close to the ''showers'',which is full of human ashes. beyond the realms of my imagination as to how many are in there. at auschwitz 1 all the human hair and pictures on display brings it all to reality. staying on the hitler theme,i visited the topography of terror in berlin along with the holocaust memorial..
  15. i've been to auschwitz twice,i agree history books can only say so much. the size of birkenau totally overwhelmed me though
  16. aside from his internet and taped recordings,i think if bin laden had had the chance to be more of a ''public figure'' like hitler with his oration and propaganda,then world war 3 would already be well under way.
  17. they're not showing much fight on the pitch and by the looks of the footage on sky sports,hardly any fight off it they'll stay up. wigan and blackburn to go down with wolves
  18. Heated debate in the cabin at work today re the above mentioned. Regardless of numbers killed,who in your opinion is the most evil of the three ?
  19. bolton news saying he's not going to feature in either game,but i think he will at stoke and be our saviour in a dire season
  20. still confident of the 40 points. spurs are a top notch side whereas wba and stoke will be there for the taking
  21. first match for a long time. sadly not good enough and it shows what quite a few million can do if spent wisely. noticed a rather rotund lady about to start some lyrics but she was muffled very quickly by a wiser old head full of a bastard cold,feel worse after that and totally pissed off. off to bed sulking............ oh,..........we'll win the next 2 games and stay up.............have faith !!!
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