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  1. That wasn't the start of anything, Mounts. Awful football. And if we're not careful, we'll ruin some young talent.Hopefully it's the start of the end at BWFC for the overpaid unprofessional so-called footballers we have.
  2. Tits up sooner rather than later, then ?
  3. Did you change my "we" to "I" for that weak joke ?
  4. But who will ? Or are we back in never-never-land.
  5. "A year on from relegation, his boys have come of age after a whole new squad .......... were whipped into shape ........ And sealed the title in front of their own fans". NLP talking about the Cheltenham boss, Gary Johnson.
  6. True. But some appointments look more of a gamble from day one than others.
  7. Will it be that interesting ?
  8. I'm getting uneasy & twitchy. We can't afford another mistake.
  9. John Moss is a poor referee. That's not just based on today.
  10. The defender had a hand on Vardy's shoulder. That's usually a penalty. Were the commentators talking about a possible Hollywood film about Vardy & Leicester ? Or am i imagining things.
  11. They'll outpass & outfight us. 1-2 21,674. According to the club.
  12. No way. Charlton home game will be a test for most fans.
  13. Any of our players watching this Glasgow game must be exhausted by the pace & intensity & effort. It's beyond their worst nightmares.
  14. Still can't see it adding up to 18000.
  15. I said Trotter for Heskey was as baffling a substition as any Lennon or Freedman did in their times with us. Your point is ?
  16. That was as baffling as anything Lennon or Freedman did.
  17. "Jolly" outing ? You mean excluding the match.
  18. 4-3 Liverpool. Dortmund have blown it.
  19. 3-3 at Anfield. 8 mins or so left
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