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  1. 2-0 Charles, Dapo Come On You Whites!!!
  2. Two very good professionals.
  3. Sheridan started it by pushing/slapping Geoff Thomas as he ran past him.
  4. Wolves players got twatted during the game. Wolves 'firm' got twatted after the game.
  5. Good luck to Brockbank. Did his best when we needed him and the other youngsters just to put a team out.
  6. Tony Kelly isn't a Bolton 'legend' and was average at best.
  7. I liked Politic when he was in our first team. Thought he had some talent. Bad injury, unable to get in Port Vales starting eleven and not signing a new contract with us means £50,000 is good business by us.
  8. Very happy with that today. Started a little slow then dominated the first half. Thought we were struggling a bit in the second half and they were having most of the possession but then got the two goals. I like the look of Charles and reckon he'll get a few goals for us. Morley and Trafford had decent debuts and Fossey again caused some problems. Still work to be done but great result. Come On You Whites!!!
  9. 2-1 Dapo, Charles Come On You Whites!!!
  10. Thought we looked okay for the first 20 minutes then were terrible all over the pitch. Glad Jones is back and Fossey could potentially play in front of him. A couple decent bits of play from those two.
  11. 2-1 Dapo, Kachunga Come On You Whites!!!
  12. Good luck to him. Would've liked him to stay until the summer tbh but hopefully Charles can do the business for us.
  13. Thought we played some decent stuff first half and the two new boys looked good. Second half we were poor and obviously the fuck up by Dixon was beyond poor. I don't like us getting into their half and then passing back and back again until it's with the keeper. Constantly doing it is just ridiculous. And shit. We need to play with more urgency.. especially when we're losing.
  14. 2-1 Dapo, Kachunga Come On You Whites!!!
  15. First half I thought we were decent. Second half we weren't as good but really should've got something right at the end. Brockbanks miss was bad but Dapos was even worse.
  16. 1-0 Doyle Come On You Whites!!!
  17. First half we should've had at least two goals. Second half we didn't have a single chance did we? The obsession with getting to the halfway line and then passing back to the keeper is ridiculous. Especially when you're losing. No urgency and little idea what to do with the ball. Hopefully some new recruits in January will be enough to see us safely through the rest of the season.
  18. Not good at all but Doyle and John should both have scored. Big improvement needed second half. Come On You Whites!!!
  19. 2-1 John, Kachunga Come On You Whites!!!
  20. Shit performance. I actually thought for a short spell in the first half we started to look threatening..but that didn't last long. Second half was dreadful. Santos had a bit of a nightmare even before being sent off. Big improvement needed and soon.
  21. 2-1 Dapo, Lee Come On You Whites!!!
  22. 1-0 Santos 12980 Come On You Whites!!!
  23. Started slowly and were very lucky not to be behind. Gordons run in the build up to the first was superb and in my opinion he was man of the match. Was an easy game after the sending off and we could easily have scored 5 or 6.
  24. 2-1 Lee, Dapo 12,957 Come On You Whites!!!
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