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  1. Enjoyed that again...more positive signs. The football we're playing is so refreshing after what we've watched the last few seasons. The wins will come very soon. Come On You Whites!!!
  2. DaveTheRave


    Enjoyed that a lot. Promising signs of things to come.
  3. I think Hill is a very good choice. Got to be given time but I'm fairly confident he can turn things around for us. Come On You Whites!!!
  4. He was.. And I think we could do with someone like that in our team. Would be very happy if we got him.
  5. Shame we didn't get anything like those fees. Nor did we pay £4.8m for Holdsworth.
  6. Thought he was pretty crap for us apart from his debut. But so was everyone else last season.
  7. Well that was better than anything I could've dreamed of beforehand. Brilliant and those lads can and should be feeling very proud tonight. I know I am. Come On You Whites!!;
  8. Very excited about today. Fully expect a defeat but know I'll be watching 11 players wearing a Bolton shirt giving it their all. Can't wait. Come On You Whites!!!
  9. I think Saturday is all about turning up and showing our support. The prices aren't great but save your protests/anger/not attending for another day. Just my opinion.
  10. Not really impressed by any of ours apart from Ameobi. Relying on him banging one in from 30 yards isn't going to keep us up though. Time for a change.
  11. Is it not a rule that if the player who commits the foul gets a card the injured player doesn't have to leave the pitch after treatment?
  12. By far the best we've played this season. Vela and Ameobi made a massive difference. Gives me a bit of hope for the rest of the season. Come On You Whites!!!
  13. Good first ten minutes. Played some good stuff and we're unlucky not to score a couple. Then it went really bad. Tactics are terrible and it's clearly not working. Thanks for last season but time to go Parky.
  14. Maybe I misread it. But he then posted this.... Fuck knows maybe I'm being numb as fuck
  15. How could we spend a few quid? We've had a transfer embargo preventing us doing that until last week. You're either numb as fuck or trolling.
  16. We were outclassed. No surprise really. We did make their keeper make 3 decent saves though. I don't think Pratley, Karacan and Derik offer us much in midfield. No attacking threat and little defensive cover really. 3 points on Tuesday and things will seem a lot better. Come On You Whites!!!
  17. 2-1 Armstrong, Madine Come On You Whites!!!
  18. Loved Rioch. That 92/93 season is still my favourite ever. Great days.
  19. I can't say on here what I did after the match. But I wasn't being very friendly. Like others have already said....I would've killed Knight if I'd got hold of him.
  20. Sounded like we were just getting into the game in the 93rd minute
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