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  1. It's live on the NHS App now. I've got it in front of me - dates type and batch numbers
  2. Has somebody reminded them of this yet?
  3. Kinell, it was bad enough having people quote his comments on here after putting him on ignore, now you're quoting him from the bottom half of another website FFS
  4. If it's linked /affiliated in any way with the ST, then it's a no from me
  5. Nah, swapping places with them would have been
  7. For it to have Any bearing on what's going on they have to win anyway,
  8. He was mentioned early in the FV takeover iirc - some private equity bod as part of the consortium
  9. Into 4 mins injury time
  10. Just started watching with the volume down, the team in yellow scored and I had it in my head that was cambridge.
  11. There is still coverage on the official website and I think the BEN website, and no doubt press association feeds to other websites. The blackout is Social media channels: Faceache, Twatter, Instamong & the like, not a full on internet blackout
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