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  1. 22 mins Isgrove Christies
  2. Ahh God awful news. Thinking of Neil and family, if somebody better clued up than me sorts out a night of some description to support the cause or the family or both, I'll have a table
  3. Just 80 quid short of 3k now, great effort.
  4. Nope. It was free for last years ST holders who didn't claim a refund, but you needed to have applied for the free ticket on offer by last Friday. You'll get another chance for the Liverpool U23 match if you want to drag yourself down for that
  5. Does the loan window slam shut today as well?
  6. On the CR7 front, is it churlish to hope he does a cruciate in his first game, then 10 months later on his first game back does it again?
  7. Isgrove 37 Derian House
  8. G. I've texted it to the UK number I had for you. Tried the UAE number but wouldn't go through
  9. Nope just audio, Sky are cunts
  10. Isgrove 23 minutes. Mrs. Happy's Just giving page
  11. Nobody can if you're not there at the moment
  12. A picture came on for a couple of seconds about 3 minutes before kick off then went off again, so they have got a camera there..
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