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  1. Widnes will have a copy
  2. It's got coverage on terrestrial free to air TV That's about the only saving grace. I'll stick to HRMI / Lancs / England
  3. Gonk


    Got pinged a few weeks back. Watched the first England game in a pub in Morecambe with the Sister in laws fiance. Nobody else near us and sat down service. both got pinged later in the week for 5 days isolation, and that's the only place where we were together without our other halves who didn't get pinged. Being a good citizen I complied. Neither of us had it and nobody was in close contact in the pub, the barman served us twice, and we were sat in our own area., nobody within 5 metres of us, quite a big pub. I'd had two LFTs for work between going there and being pinged, had a PCR test and
  4. Helmut the helmet can fuck right off too
  5. Gonk

    New Site

  6. As much i like Traf, I'd prefer that ticketmaster sorted their shit out so it works to be honest.
  7. Gonk


    Somebody who knows what they were talking about on the radio today, due to the rise in cases there is an increase in numbers turning up at hospital due to, but if they are admitted are generally in for a shorter period than previously, thanks to the Vaccine
  8. Fkin hope so, tried downloading to Google pay and just kept getting an error
  9. Yorkshire should be thrown out of the competition for providing an unsafe playing area
  10. Balearics back to Amber after a week or so of partying in the green zone
  11. He's fucked Saturday night TV for the last couple of decades too
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