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  1. Restraining order now in place, he can't go within 200m of her
  2. Oh I say! How terribly southern
  3. I see Harry is replicating his club form for his country. I went watching Scotland when I was working up there and they were playing the Faroes in a Euro 96 qualifier against the Faroes. Super John started and scored after 5 minutes and Andy Walker on the bench.
  4. Gonk


    We have a Nostrafuckingdamus or two within our midst, Achilles fucked 5 minutes into the season - season ending
  5. Gonk


    Traffic is quiet tonight, dunno what you're moaning about
  6. Gonk


    Where does the The cock and balls detour through Fort Sterling take you - do you have to use a space hopper to get onto the school playing field?
  7. What if LW meant to type GINGER
  8. Is that your bested attempt at NAKED ?
  9. Gonk


    I walk to the ground and noticed a lot more people walking up to CNR
  10. Thanks for your support
  11. @bolty58 this is a link to the audio version when it was broadcast live on Radio back in July - got an extra half hour included - some of taht is interval, but a couple of intrumentals in there too Turnin’ My Heartbeat Up - The M.V.P.’s Out on the floor - Dobie Gray I need you - Shane Martin Night Owl - Bobby Paris Gone With The Wind Is My Love - Rita & the Tiaras I Surrender - Eddie Holman Landslide - Tony Clarke Hold Back The Night - The Trammps The Drifter - Ray Pollard Sliced Tomatoes - The Just Brothers You don’t know where your interest lies - Dana Valery I Never Loved her anyway - Jimmy Beaumont No One Could Love You More - Gladys Knight You’re Gonna Love My Baby - Barbara McNair You’re Gonna Make Me Love You - Sandi Sheldon During the interval, Stuart Maconie and Joe Duddell talk to Georgia Mann about the music in tonight's concert and about the heady days of the 60s and 70s. Exus Trek - Luther Ingram If that’s What You Wanted - Frankie Beverly & The Butlers Temptation Is Calling My Name - Lee David What - Judy Street I Got To Find Me Somebody - The Velvets Better Use Your Head - Little Anthony & The Imps You didn’t say a word - Yvonne Baker It Really Hurts Me Girl - The Carstairs Time - Edwin Star The Night - Frankie Valli There’s a Ghost in my House - R. Dean Taylor I’m on my way - Dean Parrish Long after tonight is all over - Jimmy Radcliffe Time Will Pass You By - Tobi Legend Tainted Love - Gloria Jones Do I Love you? - Frank Wilson https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001nnsq
  12. Regardng subsidised bars - it wouldn't surprise me if money spent in there was claimed back on subsistence expenses
  13. Keeps the riff raff out. I thought it was on a par - they do a home made individual cottage pie that would feed two for about 16 quid. I had a rack of lamb for about 22 quid
  14. I don't mind the Cherry Tree, but EWE on the A6 at Wingates has the edge for me
  15. They should have to settler for silvers with no gold awarded.
  16. Gonk

    Apps on TV

    I've got a TCL android with side loaded apps, no issues, just allow them in settings
  17. Is it down to the lake I fear? Ay ay ay ay ay ah Ay ay ay ay ay ah
  18. Gonk

    Wigan (H)

    Sorry for the facts, I know it's not normally the done thing, and this may be out of date but here is the 2018 Safety Certificate: 27824 Excluding Reflections, Seats outside reflections and South Stand Bedrooms/boxes 28018 with https://www.bolton.gov.uk/downloads/file/1669/safety-certificate-the-university-of-bolton-stadium
  19. and an EFL cup game.....................................................oh hang on...
  20. With a winklepicker overshoe I hope.
  21. Gonk

    Wigan (H)

    Other mistakes, not necessarily that incident?
  22. https://www.facebook.com/help/1216349518398524?helpref=faq_content @MickyD Follow the guided help on this page
  23. As I can't see Bristol City pushing for the top this season, If he and his current team keep playing as well as they have started this season, he's likely to end up at a mid table championship club next year anyway
  24. It was the Ifollow video feed. I would imagine all away match footage where the home club is using the Ifollow service will simply be the Ifollow video feed in a Wanderers TV Pre & post interviews wrapper.
  25. Edit: Just in case you'e got Dr Feelgood on ignore, That's the new format going forward
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