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  1. Bear in Mind the loan is matched funding so they have pumped in at least 5m of their own "The Future Fund describes itself as “A government scheme to support UK-based companies ranging from £125,000 to £5 million, subject to at least equal match funding from private investors."
  2. No but lifeline members get a 5% discount on the season ticket
  3. Or better still join the lifeline and benefit from the offer as intended, whilst helping out the development association
  4. ...with deductions for opinions presented as facts
  5. Especially surprising given the first three letters
  6. I'd argue that the delivery is the issue - way more often than not a corner is cleared by the first defender, which means that our players don't get a chance
  7. Gonk

    Ipswich (H)

    Don't forget your Lateral flow test email confirmation from NHS confirming you're negative.
  8. Congrats, you can have this one (Subject to Rudy's Casio)
  9. Hmmmm. not been at home for a month but...School night...Freezing...Form poor...Covid Checks 13850
  10. Gonk


    Don't forget your vaccine certificates or NHS confirmation of a negative lateral flow or you're not coming in.
  11. GTF! I was 150 away, Burnden was 242. Good job it is still going to the Hospice
  12. We seem to have gone to shit from around the time IE proclaimed that we were the best side in the division.
  13. Nice goal from the Dogheads. (Well any goal against the filth is a good one.)
  14. Any excuse to void it because I was nearest?
  15. How To Buy Tickets remain on sale via the ticket office phone lines until 3pm on Friday 31st December. Phone – 01204 328 888 *A booking fee of £1.00 per ticket is applicable for all tickets purchased via the ticket office phone lines. Supporters who purchase via the ticket office phone lines will need to collect their tickets in person from Bolton Central. Those unable to get to Bolton Central, can collect at Rotherham United’s ticket office on the day. Tickets will not be available to buy in person from the ticket office. Supporters who require wheelchair/ambulant disability seating will need to contact the BWFC ticket office by calling 01204 328 888. Note: Rotherham have capped their capacity at 9,999 so no COVID status needs to be provided by supporters to gain entry to the stadium. However, supporters should not attend if feeling unwell and will be asked to adhere to safety protocols at the ground. Details HERE
  16. When you start on a project you would have to have a plan, a timeframe in which you want to achieve certain goals and commit to it. The more important part for me from what she has alluded to is that she is enjoying the role even though it has no doubt had it's unforseen challenges, and will continue in the role as long as that remains the case, or somebody comes along with a silly offer in the meantime
  17. I haven't got a dog, and don't intend borrowing some shit, so I'll not bother becoming a member for that thanks
  18. De Veres was basically Greenall Whitley, a regional brewer of not very good beer - not an international hotel chain
  19. Who the fuck do you think you are, a travel agen..... oh , sorry
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