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  1. I think it was a display at JFK airport with a big picture of Jay Jay amongst others
  2. Are England playing in carpet slippers? Every fucker is falling over
  3. Gonk

    Fan Zone

    Fan Zone The Fan Zone, situated near the Nat Lofthouse statue, will be open for home supporters from 5pm with a variety of drink and food offerings available. The build-up to the game on Sky Sports will be shown live on the big screens from 7pm. The Fan Zone will not be open post-match. https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2022/august/aston-villa-h-supporter-match-pack/
  4. Can they not both fuckin lose FFS
  5. Not seen that photo before - Sharon and Nick Mason holding hands...
  6. Gonk

    Sheff Weds

    Can't be doing with begging on the street
  7. Gonk

    Sheff Weds

    What time do they fuck off from there
  8. Yeah - they can fuck off to Gillingham.
  9. To all the bus wankers - except those from Adlington & Beyond - From September 4th normal buses adult fares are £2 max single journey in GM or £5 for 1 day unlimited travel. Just take you a bit longer. https://tfgm.com/get-on-board?utm_source=MPU&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=Bus+fares.
  10. Gonk

    Fan Zone

    The Crofters had a Gin trailer - for the 15 minutes or so I was in there, queuing for no lager then just wandering around looking at what was on offer I didn't notice a single customer - there was certainly no queue, and only a couple of gin glasses on the tables
  11. Designs by Diddles?
  12. Gonk

    Fan Zone

    We called in just before 7, queue wasn't too bad but they had a spell where all the lager was off as it was 'too warm' 🙄 Ended up getting a pint in the ground quickly, so although the Fanzone might appear to be doing OK, but would be interesting to see if it is not incremental sales and just moving sales from inside to outside the ground.
  13. Or go with what we have got and strengthen in January like the last 2 seasons - didn't work out too bad
  14. I think it was mentioned somewhere but checked it out on the behind the scenes vid. He hung around at full time to shake every Bolton player's hand as they came off the pitch following their 'lap of appreciation' . He could have quite easily fucked off 5 minutes before. Class that.
  15. Audio only on ifollow - no live video anywhere, even IPTV sources
  16. Gonk

    Fan Zone

    Gin & Prosecco though
  17. He's the Chaplain's brother
  18. you check yours
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