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  1. Doyle 3 Bolton hospice
  2. Gonk

    Wiggin Home

    If you can't, try Lucianos up the steps
  3. Gonk

    Wiggin Home

    I thought Brockbank did OK against the Liverpool babies.
  4. One was my 92 year old Dad with dementia. I put it on for him for something to watch when I called round to put his washing away, as he was sitting in silence. After about 10 minutes he said, these footballers want to get their hair cut, they all look like women 😀
  5. In that instance we would be quite rightly dumped in a similar pot of support by their 100 percenters
  6. Spent quite a bit of time up there over the years and I'd argue that a lot of the population are dense
  7. Doyle is due one, so I'll go Dapo 17 th'ospice
  8. Gonk

    Wiggin Home

    Good use of the stadium at a reasonable price - they should chuck a pastie barm in as well to soak up the drink
  9. Poor penalty that, keeper dived over the ball
  10. Playing some good stuff - gives confidence that the benchwarmers can all do a job too
  11. Gonk

    SW away

    Nah, he was late 80's at Burnden park
  12. Gonk

    SW away

    IIRC He only lasted about half an hour before being subbed after the 4th goal went in.
  13. Gonk

    SW away

    It was 1997 first year at the Reebok, we weren't quite bottom of the league, they were. We had some reasonable results up to that point, and they got dicked by the scum the week before - Only game I've left at half time through shitness. It was also the first match after SJM had been sold to Bradford, as wee were all singing his name before kick off.
  14. Mine was out of a bingo machine so do t try applying anything scientific to it
  15. He's got Marc505 on ignore
  16. Fucks sake, I'm in Tenerife. Wonder if the Giddy Goose will have a feed.
  17. no mention of that number please we're having nothing to do with betting firms
  18. 33 Afolyan Bolton Hospice
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