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  1. Just had a look. Sounds like a decent affordable service
  2. We’ve actually beaten them in 4 of the last 6 games including not long after the World Cup semi.
  3. They were shit against us last year. I think there is this myth that every other international team apart from us plays wonderful free scoring attacking football. The world champions have hardly been in fire recently yet they seem to be the benchmark.
  4. As shown in the Euros🙄
  5. I’m not sure why people are getting upset about these games or the way we play. In these games we are trying different players to see if they can adapt to international football. Just look at some of the other results over the last week from other teams. In tournament football you have to be a little cautious because if you fuck it up you don’t get another chance. It’s not like league football. out of interest who do people think we could get that would play free flow attacking football. We ain’t getting pep or Klopp so anyone else would be much of a muchness. 2 tournaments a semi and a final not much more he can do apart from win it of course As for everyone saying we have the best squad in the world is wrong. Attack wise we have some good depth but you can’t play all of them. France lost at home to Denmark and drew away to Austria, Belgium got thrashed at home and just drew to wales, these are games that nobody wants to be playing so I’ll save my judgement for the tournaments where to be fair it’s been pretty exciting over the last 4 years
  6. Santos named in PFA team of the year again. Could be in wrong thread but he did sign a new deal recently 🤣👍🏼
  7. Makes up for that shit pen we gave away against Hungary
  8. Arguably had better chances than them
  9. Neuer suddenly turns into prime neuer
  10. It’s because people focus on a slight negative rather than all the overwhelming positives. The guy is class at this level
  11. I just think an impish creative midfielder would complete us. Someone who can thread a ball
  12. Definitely. 9 goals and 12 assists this season. As said, a very tidy player. Think we need to find a player like that. At the moment we have neat a tidy midfielders, who don’t score. Would like to think Dempsey can step up to that maybe
  13. superkev


    Very true. 83 points and you could still miss out on the playoffs. That’s is very high. Average is around 74-75 points
  14. I’d hardly say they were poor. Let’s face it, they should have been out of sight
  15. Been punished because jones cleared it rather than let it go to their man
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