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  1. superkev

    The Final

    Do we though. Do we just think that because they’re our players
  2. superkev

    The Final

    Possibly the worst performance under evatt
  3. Chill out. It’s the playoffs. Always nervy
  4. Tactics spot on. Don’t invite the press like we did in both league games
  5. But then all it would take is defeat in our first championship game for it to start again
  6. Surely every team could do a montage of sitters and sloppy goals though
  7. Believe it or not we have the best shots to goals ratio at 11%. I know that doesn’t take into account ease of chance, but there you go
  8. I care. I’ve had enough of wank hoofball over the years. I just pray we can go up in the playoffs
  9. Plus Toal stands of him for the first
  10. superkev

    Pompey (H)

    Realistically, how much do you expect us to create against top of the league. We had one or two where we should’ve scored. I would say we did create enough but didn’t take them
  11. superkev

    Pompey (H)

    As long as we finish 3rd then we have a great chance of a Wembley playoff final
  12. superkev

    Pompey (H)

    We are by far the most entertaining footballing side in the league. Should’ve won but we didn’t. I too am proud that we stuck to our footballing principles and dominated the champions
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