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  1. Apart from city games I don’t think many games have a high amount of big chances. A shot on target can mean a trickler from 20 yards or a shit slow header. We seem to get into good positions that don’t necessarily lead to a shot on target. For me it doesn’t mean it’s not a dangerous situation. There’s not many games in this league where it seems the winning team has bosses the game. All seem to be by the odd goal
  2. Every team we’ve played
  3. Agree that lee is class too
  4. Feel we may run out of games though. I’ve not seen anyone in this league play the football we have done recently. Still gutted we drew
  5. These lot have beaten Newport away and drawn away at Cambridge in their last 2
  6. I believe some people think we should be carving a chance out every time we go forward.
  7. Riley has suddenly turned into Riga. Had a decentish game in the EFL trophy. He get snapped in the rough and tumble of league 2
  8. He fuckin ran into him. How is they a pen
  9. Lucky clearance. Just clipped his heel on the line from Doyle’s effort
  10. I’ve been surprised how good some of the football in this league has been
  11. Admittedly tracking wasn’t there but it was in such a small area that there’s not a lot more could be done. Was good passing and running from then
  12. If we would have scored the goal Crawley scored yesterday people would have said brilliant goal. Instead it was shit defending
  13. The problem some people have is that they think “we are Bolton, we shouldn’t be losing to Crawley, or Carlisle etc” but we are this Bolton, in league 2 for a reason. This Bolton has no right to think we should be demolishing every team and running away with this league. every other comment seems to be “we should be beating this shit” or something like that. Why should we be beating this shit? It’s not the Bolton from 15 years ago
  14. It’s because we are an average team until we sign better players. People need to accept that
  15. Don’t deserve to lose this
  16. Massive midfielder enforcer needed in jan to dish out the treatment that we’re receiving
  17. He threw him out of the way. Foul
  18. He started in the premier league last week so no way he’s going to league 2
  19. We can’t move our best centre back to a position he might not be able to play
  20. Apart from that they did fuck all but pump long balls forward
  21. They had two decent efforts today. Scored one and one was saved. That’ll do from an away game
  22. That goal just highlights how shit crellin is. Powder puff near post shot. Nowhere near it
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