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  1. They took the piss when we were struggling with bad owners. Every dog has their day. Tick Tock
  2. The keeper who was on loan at Barnsley has been released by Luton.
  3. There is no way anybody credible wants to buy these lot. Panic by the clueless owner. Flush them
  4. £25 to park a car 👍🤑
  5. They should have replaced the 25 year old PA system.
  6. Jimmy seems to do. The brothers don’t. G liked it when he was younger.
  7. Support through sponsorship 🙄 Their hanger on’ers seem to enjoy the hospitality.
  8. Those represent lot need to start supporting the club.
  9. There will be. Concerts are always a nightmare. carparks will be full by about 5pm and every fucker will be moaning. Do some homework before you attend the venue!!!
  10. Did KW and GW buy it from the Hemmings family (or gifted it)
  11. @lamblamb is still running a superb server with discord support. I have always been impressed with it.
  12. BN had originally announced our new media was for the 24/25 season. Its coming in next season
  13. 1st leg sold out 2nd leg not sold out Booo- Evatt out
  14. Not good enough at all. 😔
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