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  1. I wouldn't be surprised if we resign Bod
  2. He is only going, if he walks and I cant see that.
  3. The whole 2nd x1 comp is dogshit.
  4. I dont remember any being postponed when they played last year 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. We aren’t going up automatically 🙄
  6. How long did it take Sunderland to get out of league 1?
  7. We wasn’t good enough for the automatics, but better than last season. i believe we will have a better squad going into next season, than we did this season.
  8. Evatt stays until we stop improving, we have improved every year under him. Injuries haven’t helped, but thats football. Jones fucking off to play for a country he lived in for a few months, doesn’t help.
  9. We keep him until he stops improving us.
  10. Horwich

    Pompey (H)

    2 of the 4 are against good teams and we dont usually do well against good teams.
  11. Does he know an actress from corrie?
  12. We haven’t exactly been playing well
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