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  1. Everyone is looking after themselves Glazers at united Sheikhs at city Neville at Salford Dont been fooled Imagine the potential of 1000s of new fans at your club if all this kicks off 🙄
  2. Let them go. I think this will be a good thing for English football. Start a fresh.
  3. Horwich


    I met Martinez at the Reebok and was chatting to him. His plan is to return to the North West. I will back him for any decent job that come up our way. Already got him at 66/1 for next Man Utd manager.
  4. Horwich


    No such thing as a good football manager.
  5. I wonder if Sky will try to get the broadcast deal?
  6. Are you still at city? 🙄 No fuckers heard of you there 🙄
  7. Imaginary jobs is up there 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Are you still making up job titles?
  9. Maddison creates chances. He doesn’t when sat on the bench. I think we had one shot on target. That was in the 94th minute by a centre back.
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