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  1. I am just trying to keep forum members in the loop about what is going on.
  2. Update - Its taking a little longer but I have said to the key person that we hope to have it sorted before weekend.
  3. Lamblamb does a cracking job if anyone needs a new sub. Well respected on the forums that know what they are on about 👍
  4. I am hoping we will be back to website normality within a few days.
  5. Its perfect for Sky Sports and the set sipes that run that station. Having been working from home and have it on in the background much of the day, its shocking how much of their content is BLM and womens this and that.
  6. Horwich

    One word

    Bolton arena 🙄
  7. Horwich

    One word

    He has his groundsmans head on. It would be alreet for that standard with some tlc
  8. Horwich

    One word

    The west lancs league arent accepting any new teams. If I was BWFC, I would have come to some agreement to use arena as a base. Pitch is terrible, but could be sorted.
  9. Horwich

    One word

    Playing on the Reebok a few times a season 🤣🤣
  10. Horwich

    Boo Boys

    Sky sports news needs all this to occur, or the would have anything to chat about.
  11. Starlink for me https://www.starlink.com
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