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  1. Horwich


    Wait until 1/9/22 (at least) until you place any bets for better odds. Evatt out crowd will be out in full force
  2. He is no Fossey. Booo
  3. Sunderland The first fixture in Portugal will see the Lads face Europa League finalists Rangers on Saturday 9 July at Estádio Municipal de Albufeira (KO 8pm), with a second fixture in Albufeira to be announced in due course.
  4. It ideally needs to be fibre or cable broadband, as with any IPTV. The forum is called CS KINGS phone Virgin, tell them u are gonna cancel as you cant afford £49 a month. They will give u a deal to keep u
  5. We should be chasing someone like this https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/18720150/preston-dundee-united-benji-siegrist-transfer/?utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=sunfootballfacebook290522&utm_source=Facebook&fs=e&s=cl#Echobox=1653859509
  6. Sunderland are also travelling to Portugal in July 👀
  7. I would look to sign someone permanent. He has done ok. Possibly a free agent in 12 months, but cant see him being within the wage bracket at the club.
  8. Not sure BWFC can be slagged off for this. What they are doing may not work, but they are looking into it and possibly doing something about it. Fair fucks to em.
  9. The club will have all the data showing who isnt attending these night games. Fair play for them for looking into it.
  10. Won a game have we?? 🤣
  11. The problem the club will have is they will be trying to address why upto 4000 fans dont turn up for night games.
  12. Plans changed Now in the North/West corner https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/20148603.revealed-key-details-location-size-offers-bolton-wanderers-fanzone/
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