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  1. Didn't bother doing anyone else. Save it for next game he plays.
  2. Its got to come in at some point, hasn’t it 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Has to score at some point. On him again tonight. 20/1 Skybet
  4. Club are now planning on opening the outdoor fanzone for tonights game. It was only going to be the hotel at one point.
  5. England “should” top the group from here and play on the weds.
  6. Home vs Man United Tuesday 13th December.
  7. It was a poor crowd. Everyone will be moaning when they dont get tickets for the final 🤣🤣
  8. They will sell all the upper tier first, then probably announce the price for the remaining lower tier.
  9. Also more cash for a ticket up there.
  10. When we the 25 year old PA system be replaced?
  11. I’d be very surprised if outside was open. Same with the exhibition hall.
  12. After my record of never seeing us win at Wembley since I first went in 1986, I might stay away 👀
  13. Horwich

    Missing out

    Nearly missed Derby away in the FAC until the Bolton news came up trumps.
  14. Current weather report from my pal in Melbourne ”There are a few clouds about, but no rain” Game on
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