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  1. Wont get two easier chances
  2. Plums

    Walsall (H)

    Never in doubt 😬
  3. Nice to be this flukey eh Cloughie.. 🤣
  4. Plums


    I’d just like to add that Aldi’s rum copy of Kraken Rum is bloody amazing gear.. come on you fucking white men 😂🥃
  5. Gaffer, who’s the best shag you’ve ever had?
  6. Evatt quoted in the MEN saying one of the new quartet of arrivals playing tonight, and the other 3 playing at some point at the weekend. I quote: Evatt confirmed that one of the quartet is poised to start against the Stags at the One Call Stadium this evening, while the other three are more likely to feature in some capacity this weekend against Salford City. Now, that does sound a little different to the oft trotted out line of ‘ working hard in training to get selected’? I don’t want to come across too cynical here. I suppose he needs to assess them, so not sure why that’s raised my eyebrow so?
  7. I Heard a rumour he’d endured a cruel summer.
  8. Declan John on his way
  9. Doyle back, give them something to think about? Let the straw grasping begin...
  10. Shit avalanche on its way down
  11. I can smell the shit-o-lache about to tumble down the cliffs later on tonight.. Can our defence shore up the inevitable turd doom that is about to slide? pass me my brolly
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