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  1. Soon be having nightmares about keeping 2 players in the box during a goal kick...
  2. He came to us and dropped down knowing he would make a dent in league 1.. Very astute tbh. Reckon he'll be gone in January. He's worked hard and tbh deserves to be in the spotlight. Good luck to him and if he knocks a fair few in on his way .. better for us
  3. I honestly hope it isn't a Bolton Fan. Appears to be someone who WANTS to play for us, and it's clear IE see's something in him, from what I can tell most of his goals come from crosses into the box and that appears to be our current way. Few forums I'm on won't let you post under an Alias, one even makes you have your real name and phone number on there.. Needless to say there is a distinct lack of banter etc.
  4. Someones created an anonymous account. That's pretty clearly premeditated that they were upto no good.
  5. Ticket system is an absolute farce. Both season tickets for me and the daughter are registered in my name. So it won't let me buy 2 tickets. Had nothing but issues this year and getting them to sort it is a pain in the arse. Going to have to ring up tomorrow.
  6. Who are the sky pundits, see them from here but can't make out who they are. Suits n trainers... tut tut..
  7. I'm 6'3 and 21 stone.. call me luv or princess all you want 😛
  8. Didn't expect that line up. Seems a strong team
  9. Thought it was a deadpool thread then.. Wouldn't wish it on anyone, but a few kicks to the crotch would suffice.
  10. Perspective is that a top half finish is an achievement for a newly promoted, playoff team. Once this team settles, the plans going to just take hold.
  11. Quite liking him from what I've seen. Runs round and gets into space, more of a forward than a striker, Clearly up for the game even to the point where he was fetching the ball to avoid time wasting. Would love to see him start uptop.
  12. Had a fan next to me that was applauding and cheering them and the ref all the way though, was about to say something then realised he had a few "additional needs". Didn't hear any booing at ours, plenty at the ref and their time wasting antics. They had a game plan which they executed well and if we done get the shots, we're not going to win. Much as I like Doyle and he runs his socks off, I don't think it's working.
  13. Only saw one getting marched out by about 4 police. Walking back to the car and it was going off with a Bolton fan outside the pub opposite. Getting fed up of trouble every match atm. Clubs gotta start coming down in people before we get a reputation.
  14. Evatt was given a yellow card at full time having had a go at the ref.
  15. Ref and linesmen had a shocker.
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