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  1. I'm going to say no. Watching the older videos and the play was just so different, games much quicker etc
  2. I'm a kachunga fan, but he only had a decent 20 mons amd then just "blended in" bad game for him last night. Very young back line which was a massive risk for Evatt. Not sold on Beck at all..
  3. 26th March 1994, Bristol City with David Lee and Owen Coyle scoring.. Fell in love. Phil Browns goal at 1.12 is immense! 1.13 is when we played Bristol... Pitch is a right state!!
  4. Bit harsh on the ones that still post.
  5. only1swanny


    Issue is, you play 5 at the back.. you end up with a good defensive record, but a lack of goals..
  6. Hard to kick off when you're running away from an imaginary dragon...
  7. We've got a team of misfits and players who have fallen from grace. Our keeper is one that was playing Non-League till not long ago and we've had to Borrow one.. All our players have been gotten on the cheap as they were not performing, despite potential. It's going to take time and despite that, it's a bad run.. that's all it is.. a bad run.. We've scored 6 goals in 3 games.. I mean, yeah granted we have let 6 in too.. My concern is that if we aren't successful this season, we need to really invest in a keeper, we need to be using our own players and developing a long term squad over season long loans.. We've had some great players, but also at the same time, our own squad gets put out. If we didn't have the slump last year and injuries, we wouldn't have as many midfielders.. Hence why Sadlier, Dempsey and Morley are not getting the full look in, I know he wanted Dempsey for a while, but the other 2 do feel like impulse buys, Morley is going to develop into a cracking player, but he's only 22. That's the other thing we have a VERY young squad with most being in their earlier 20s Morley 22, Trafford 20, Jones 27, Santos 27, Johnston 24, Dapo 25, Dion Charles 27, MJ 26, Thommason 21, Saddlier 28, Dempsey 28, Baka 26 with Kachunga, JDB and Lee being the elder statesmen at 30, 30 and 34..
  8. Back home, had time to take in the match and I've clamed down now.. Physically shaking before I was that worked up about how poor the ref was.. Bit worrying how much I got into the match. Anyway.. thoughts.. We are set up to allow for Bradley to play.. Everytime the team gets the ball, they're looking to the wings.. We have a very rookie and raw 19 year old with about 20 first team games on one side, and left back on the other. Basically feels like the whole game plan is to accommodate Bradley.. (bare with me here). The players don't want to shoot, instead sending the ball out wide. We are then wipping it in to the middle with nobody there to receive it, their No5 had a foot on Charles today. The plans not working.. Jones is getting flack, he's constantly under pressure again, supporting a very rookie new player on that wing, Bradleys very good, but he needs a rest, We have no set midfield. Different players every game. How neither Morley, Saddlier or Dempsey (to a lesser extent) are not getting in the first 11 is beyond me, all 3 will take a decent shot on goal given the chance. That's what we need allowing either DC of EK to get on rebounds. Why did we buy them?? It's not squad rotation as it's only the midfield that gets rotated! Dapo was shite today, amazing player with so much potential, just doesn't show it. We need Charles with a bigger player up front, or Kachunga with a bigger player.. Both are getting battered every match. Declan John must have done something really dodgy to not be with a look in.
  9. I thought that, Oh I'm injured, nobody will take the piss..
  10. Kachunga seemed to be pushed out wide at times. still worked his socks off as did Dion Charles.. For me I think atm that's the best 2 to start with up top. We need more creativity in the middle and maybe Sheehan will start the next game, however it does appear to be Evatts game plan to wear it down and then win it with subs... Morley was brilliant last night, dropping back constantly when needed to. Although that misplaced kick was destined for the m61..
  11. Agreed. The players always want to get it to the sides, Gethin Jones needs some shooting practice as he's constantly getting the ball in cracking positions but won't shoot
  12. Loved watching that, cracking idea. Absolute limbs at 10 mins in, and the look on Dion Charles face after the goal!
  13. Making me want to play rugby again, This will end badly...
  14. Put Sadlier up top.. Job done.. Has Declan John been with the bosses missus or something.. Contender for player of the season last year and now struggling to get a full game
  15. I don't think JDB is anywhere near match fit, just seems very sluggish and nowhere near where he was at the end of last season. Bakayoko is a super sub.
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