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  1. Used to sell a fair few copies back in the day. The easy all stars ones a remix or dub stars iirc. They did a few beatles ones and other famous albums .. Reggae equivalent of me first and the gimmes
  2. Apparently the trials only open to Government employees.. Knew they were doing something in NHS with daily tests
  3. 3rd time. Despite being double vaccinated
  4. Wife's now tested positive. Im still negative.. Lad's absolutely fine now.
  5. Facebook is vile, twitter is worse! "If you have a different opinion you're scum" seems to be the currebt thing. Debate yesterday doing the rounds was about life time bans for racists, which I'm pretty dead against as society needs room to grow... a lifetime ban does not allow for that.. Needless to say it's being mooted by predominately armchair fans that don't get the whole "going to the match" culture and realistically what they are saying with s lifetime ban. All for a ban, but lifetime's just a knee jerk reaction. People need to be able to change their ways etc.. Anyway..
  6. Not at all.. he's 7. Prone to coughs and has gets them quite often. I doubt he'd even know how to fake one. Daughters in year 6 and so she's got 1 day left in school, she's absolute gutted.. As my wife's really not well, we're doing lots of LFTs because she's really vulnerable having already had it twice and still trying to recover. I start at s new job in September, so have 1.5 weeks left at current place, ill manage one day now before the school closes so I'm also pretty miffed.. won't get to say bye to a lot of kids I've taught..
  7. Because.. Private and confidential and not something im willing to put online.
  8. Lads tested positive on a lft.. PCR taken this morning. Poop
  9. Feels very odd that we'll have over 10k in a stadium.. no social distancing etc
  10. Wonder who leaked it..
  11. Had a huge impact on learning but not across the board. Some simply won't work from home.
  12. Still can't sign in on my pc .. apparently the site isn't secure..
  13. Any particular? Know some of the meat loaf duet ladies have amazing vocals
  14. The giant hogweed look alien before they flower, just a huge bulb on a thick stem. Must be about 30of them around the canal breach in LL. Biggest ones about 15ft tall. One next to the path thats been hacked down,
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