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  1. 27 players released by Watford.. Scary amount of players that!
  2. This seasons red and black shirt was decent.. Sold out in larger sizes very early on and never restocked at the club shop.
  3. only1swanny


    Ah must have been a match before then, or after? Ace for the kids though getting to play in a stadium and nice for bury too. Was 5-1 to St Gabriels in the one I watched, which must be absolute gutting for BGS,
  4. only1swanny


    Was St Gabriels vs Bury Grammar
  5. only1swanny


    Been to Gigg Lane today to watch the Bury Schools cup final. Stadiums looking good, few tell tale signs that it was left to rack n ruin but nice to see it being used for football again.
  6. Fair play, will inevitably be more to follow. Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things football wise.
  7. Say something and sound confident, people will believe it.
  8. only1swanny


    Lad who I went to school with is heavily involved with his brother and dad (think it is). Nice guy amd Bury through and through, used to do the match day commentary on the radio. Hope they sort it out, nothing against Bury, and we were fortunate to stay afloat, they weren't. Did offer to help out with the cleanup,
  9. From the way I was worded, he's not fully match fit and is still recovering.
  10. Not match for yet, was told last week he could play 15 amd did a whole half so needs to rest the injury. Older brother saw him outside and had a chat. Apparently really not a fleetwood fan 😛
  11. Does a job and works his socks off, can be tricky and hard work for the opposition as he is always moving into space and can run at them.. but working with Amechi on Monday showed all his flaws.
  12. First time in ages that I've seen someone given a yellow for kicking the ball away
  13. Sorry I meant the other examples such as the mma fighter
  14. Could shove a wig on amd call me Mary and I'd still be shite at football Issue is that these are professionals or sportsperson that have trained to a high level for years and then changed gender.
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