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  1. If he's a positive influence on any of the quad and can put a shift in, I'm all for it. We need to stop going for rookie loan players
  2. Moves his head slightly just before the hit, would have gone straight through the back of his head.
  3. He's no chance, heard nothing since the election,
  4. We need that experience, because, let's be honest, the loanee's system isn't working for us..
  5. I'll be perfectly honest, in that situation you don't care what happens to them, it's out of your control and their fate will eat you up if you let it, you hope they'll never see light to keep others safe, but the truth us it's inconsequential.
  6. I'd imagine not, I'm hoping they catch him and throw the book at him as I can't tell you how much it hurts knowing someone who's murderers a member of your family may one day walk the streets.
  7. Baxters tartare sauce Coleman tartare sauce
  8. Was about to say, normally go hand in hand with new balance trainers..
  9. A Lord can hold a post in government, but a non MP has no place in am opposition cabinet,
  10. Been happening a while, disagree with someone and get labelled.. Works both ways tbh
  11. Absolutely pathetic reading this thread. I'm a Conservative party member, so here's my outlook despite that, Calling a woman scruffy etc is misogynistic, you wouldn't say it about a bloke etc, absolutely no need to be doing that regardless of your opinion on her looks etc. Reading opinions about women in politics on here's like stepping back into the 70's, looks first, shaggability second, anything else comes last.. it's like stepping back into the 70's. I hope she does well, we need a shake up rather than the posh types running the show, because if she doesn't it sets the bar back for other women and those from diverse backgrounds.. May, Truss and Thatcher were all given a hard ride from the start, what's the connection, this one needs a chance rather than being hounded before she starts her first day of work. Not many Grandma's that are second in charge of a country.. Even as a tory member I want labour to do well, hoping they're all booted out next election but do well for the country till that point. Anyone wanting them not to is a bit of a narcissist I'm afraid. Opposition is there to hold them to account, not to block progress, which is what's happened for the last 14 years.
  12. found the whole "walking down downing street for a photo op" thing a bit cringe, making them wait at the gate and head down at equal timings. JRM had nearly 2 years of doing nothing but working for his constituency, make amends and try to prove his worth.. DID sweet FA to help that and rightly voted out.
  13. They need to look at it from the perspective that they are killing unsuccessful attemptee's. How many have drowned as these people are making money.. If that method of crossing was taken away, and more severely punished, fewer would attempt it.
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