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  1. Well no, that would have the opposite effect of what's needed.. however it's a rock and hard place as refusing to treat them will just cause a "them and us" scenario (vax vs antivax).
  2. source? or bullshit scaremongering made up by closet racists?
  3. Not great but the way they are doing assessments at the moment backed by evidence and using teacher assessed grades means that they have other assessments under their belts to sort a fair grade
  4. I seem to get skin tags under my arms, I tied one off then used a pair of sterilised leather scissors to snip if off, felt wierd and still bled like crazy..
  5. Never liked oasis, they're oreet but nothing special
  6. Start at a new school in September, head teacher pointed out that there is another teacher in department with the same last name, and the kids will think im his dad or something..
  7. Lots and lots going on with county lines etc.... kids are not held accountable for their actions, so it escalates.
  8. Gang culture is an absolute destroyer of young people, can see it develop in the way that kids communicate. Kids who feel they don't fit in, made to feel welcome and then trapped in a constant game of one up-manship. I can't see many on here having kids that would fall into the category, as web forums are different to facebook and most social media, and people are more level headed. Some parents create this culture where kids are untouchable and can do what they want, it's not preparing them for the wider world. Having issues at work atm with teenagers answering back and refusi
  9. That's why it's so important to keep them away in school, to create a safe zone as such. So much bullying and hate gets spread online,
  10. Do who will "own" the millions that have been microchipped...
  11. Regulars at church, we haven't really been so much during lockdown as it's limited numbers and so we've kept away. Kids enjoy it and want to go, so we do.
  12. How does people not using social media stop bellends from posting bile??
  13. Not achieving anything, just a bunch of dickheads born from a culture if telling them that they're right, everyone else is wrong.
  14. Nope.. different varient same power. Just going to look around and weigh up if the saving is worth paying a cancellation fee.
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