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  1. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    It was a bit ironic that despite being the smallest player in the team, he was still our tallest dwarf.
  2. especially if it's the middle seat in the back.
  3. Just realised Jnr doesn't finish until 3.45, so I'm out.
  4. I might go, if we beat Lincoln
  5. I'd rather shit in my hands and clap.
  6. hope you know a good valeter
  7. Via Thailand or from Thalland? It's as quick to Doha from Manchester as it is from Bangkok... Anyway, not blowing my trumpet too much, BB is on a fucking mega-trip even if I say so myself.
  8. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    Another "It's all about me" ref. Wanker.
  9. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    and the shirts too.
  10. Bradley was replaced by Shea Charles (Man City). Dion never got on.
  11. Looking for a spare FGR ticket (I know!) if anyone has one.
  12. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    And you only need be a member for away games that don't go pay on the day. POTD away fans don't need to sign up and invariably pay less for the tickets.
  13. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    Honestly? I don't know, but it would make logical sense. If 'your mate' isn't a member, he can't have a ticket whether you buy it or he buys it, surely? I don't agree with it, it's bollocks, but it would seem a logical progression to the club's stance on attracting the casual neutral supporter.
  14. I've contacted the Bolton News to tell them that I'd be happy to sit down for a brew with a group of billionaires with a view to discussing being their travel consultant.
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