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  1. 2 buttered hot dogs.
  2. I'm even nearer, but not a chance either.
  3. Just booked for Stockport, no dramas, booking fee aside.
  4. And if it's a 50/50 split on here amongst a group who are generally pretty reasonable and pro-club, imagine what's going on at Facebook & Twitter.
  5. Then that's all Sharon & co needed to communicate.
  6. They'd have to pay him enough to retire on. There's no way he'd consider taking that squad on for purely football reasons.
  7. Harry Brockbank would be an improvement on Kachunga.
  8. What disappoints me most about this isn't the fact it is being introduced, but the lack of a clear explanation of the reasoning behind it. Since day 1 FV have appeared to be open and transparent with the fans, but yesterday's statement was a bit woolly. C'mon, Mrs Brittan, (a) tell us the full story and (b) what's in it for us long-suffring ST holders? Another board with our names on?
  9. Simeone? Just someone would do better.
  10. Yeah, none of this deciding over a few beers on a Friday night to travel to the other side of the country to watch a game anymore. Not sure removing that element of choice is a forward step.
  11. Didn't ask for any details. Just logged in to my account, added the membership and checked out.
  12. Traf


    Gonzo has a uniform you can borrow.
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