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  1. Traf


    Only if he leaves the door open
  2. It also makes them more desirable to a top half L1 team.
  3. Not too sure about that. I know one or two posters on here have Burnley FC links, but the 'local' talk (my house is less than 6 miles from Turf Moor) is that there's a fair chunk of debt to service and the more sellable 'assets' will have to go and Kompany will have to go back into recruitment mode again.
  4. In fairness, it is getting smaller every week
  5. Traf

    The Final

    Ruislip tube is 0.4 miles from Wealdstone's ground. 10mins max walk and if that's too far, there's a pub nearby.
  6. Aye, him & Grigg up front. Goals galore in L2.
  7. My dog has started digging holes everywhere too, she's becoming a fucking nuisance.
  8. Traf

    The Final

    flash your gash for not much cash
  9. Traf

    The Final

    I've got PTSD about that
  10. I've just had Yanic Wildschut v Shola Shoretire That's got to be a new low.
  11. Traf

    The Final

    Grim. Once was enough.
  12. Traf

    The Final

    Where should we be going?
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