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  1. I had to stop wearing socks for the day.
  2. Is that the B-side to the Barry White hit?
  3. I'm rather hoping Dion, Victor & Cameron score enough goals for us to not need Dan's dodgy hamstrings.
  4. My lad was 30 last month and he's still at ours. He has, however, just landed a new job in Melbourne, so he's off to Oz later this year. His older sister is already there and Junior is off to Uni in September and then the nest will finally be (temporarily) empty.
  5. I've no assets left to grow. I suspect I'm not alone. A record high FTSE doesn't feed the 4m UK children living in poverty, but as long you're OK...
  6. I'd expect Mendy to return to France and start playing again or over in the Middle East/Turkey where they don't give a fuck.
  7. He'd got 11 in 22 at Swansea, so you could see Sheff U's thought process
  8. Traf

    Neil Hart

    eats all the hot dogs at a charity event
  9. She'll have been carried away for sure. But by a bloke.
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