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  1. you quarantine in that country at your expense, I guess. Not a thrilling prospect. Hopefully things will be clearer after 5pm today.
  2. You'll need to present proof of a negative PCR test to get back into the UK from an amber/red country too, that's the suggestion.
  3. France & Spain looking like amber. UAE will be red, because it's the hub to the East.
  4. That would involve him being honest, though.
  5. Nope, if they're both there at the time of the murder, they both get charged.
  6. We've been told that won't be the case. They're saying it'll be a rolling 3-week window.
  7. Depends what dish you've linked it to.
  8. I had chicken jalfrezi for breakfast in a roof top restaurant in Margao, India. That's not a breakfast dish, either.
  9. You did the right thing to be honest. Every case is different, but based on where & when you were going and with having kids with you etc, I think you did right to err on the side of caution. I'm not into making a commission off mates if the holiday isn't what they really wanted.
  10. Cheers, lads. Guarded optimism is the current state of our industry. As some of you have already alluded to, it won't be quite as simple as going to/from a country on the green list. 1. That country needs to accept you and you'll have criteria to fulfil 2. You might need a PCR test overseas in order to come home. That will cost money and what if you fail? I think July might be more like it.
  11. I voted whilst on my afternoon walk. 3 ballot papers in Lancashire today.
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