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  1. Did you not want the British-based Arabs to beat the French-based Arabs?
  2. Not too hot, though. Beware the Mpemba, eh?
  3. Then it is't handball, according to the new rules.
  4. Not true. Firstly, it would have been a goal kick, I think and secondly the officials didn't think the whole of the ball had crossed the whole of the line and VAR wasn't clear enough to overturn it. It's all about angles and later on a new image was circulated showing the ball was still just about in play.
  5. when they leave junior school
  6. No good for you, your wife can sync it to her phone and see exactly where you are all day.
  7. JDB brings a new dimension to our forward play. Just a shame that Charles never gets more than 10 minutes with him.
  8. Bang goes the Northern cred.
  9. Traf

    Name The Ground

    Nam Ploy, mate. They're taking over.
  10. The business is only worth what some else would pay for it.
  11. Traf

    Name The Ground

    Interesting appearance of one outside the North West corner on Saturday (might well have been there v Blackpool, but I was on holiday)
  12. Obvs, but what flavour? Roasted red pepper?
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