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    When you get a load of day trippers it dilutes the atmosphere without doubt. But I'm all for trying to get more folk in, but they should have all been in the South Lower.
  2. It was definitely an awkward one to take.
  3. Yeah, it would have been a great goal and was inches from being so, I just thought he took it a little earlier than he might normally have.
  4. It was unusual for Doyle to snatch at the chance that hit the post. If anything, he normally delays to make sure. Had he hung on a moment, he'd have seen the keeper was flying across the goal leaving it wide open.
  5. Highly likely, he's shite.
  6. That's where I'm at. No disgrace losing to Rotherham, who are one of the better sides in this league. We're currently averaging enough points for a top 10 finish, which in my opinion would equate to a very successful first season back up. Too many Bolton fans seem to think we should win every game and have to have a big inquest after every game we don't win resulting in lots of criticism of our management & players. This team is our League 2 team plus Sheehan who we signed from League 2. Rotherham were in the Championship.
  7. What price do we have to get for Dapo to ensure Mounts doesn't have to stop supporting us? Was it £5m for Clough?
  8. Traf


    Spot on. All three can get fucked.
  9. In the wider, deeper kiosks...
  10. Yep, and emptied systematically. Have cases of beer in a cold room nearby and as one fridge empties, sell from the next and have someone refilling the empty one.
  11. Kiosks aren't fit for purpose. Not wide enough, nor deep enough for starters.
  12. Should be bottles bars, no fucking about pouring flat pints.
  13. Shite, means I have to have some stranger sat next to me. Filling the ground up? Boooooooooooo! Fuck you FV.
  14. We can't now without moving/upsetting ST holders. But I think they should be upstairs and spread the full width of the stand to stretch them out which makes it harder to generate atmosphere. 100 people all on the same row won't generate the same noise as a 10 x 10 block.
  15. If the money's right for the club, he'll go. That's the moneybag principle and it has worked for Brentford. Player in for nothing or next to nothing, sell for big fee. Reinvest some on the squad and some on the infrastructure and go again.
  16. Why aren't away fans shoved in the top corner upstairs anyway?
  17. Did we have no staff last season? We seem to have made quite a few appointments this season.
  18. Sarcevic 27 Bolton Hospice
  19. What about pre-mixed rum and coke in coke bottles? 😉
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