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  1. He's another dour/quirky wanker like Warnock/Holloway etc. Very hard to warm to.
  2. 12 from 6 would be fine. 12 from 6 keeps on our current PPG, which is promotion form.
  3. Nice one, chaps. Jnr was only born in '05, so I've just bought that for them.
  4. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    Them signs have been up ages, but the cameras hadn't been switched on up to at least 2 home games ago, as I've always parked there. Been on Parklands for last two games, now that my lad works there 😉
  5. Traf

    B team

    There's only one Gerry Shithole... Scored a few recently apparently
  6. Tram to Prestwich X41 to Accy
  7. Select two tickets and allocate them to the client reference numbers.
  8. I pre-booked a cab for 5pm and was drinking in Rawtenstall by 20 past. Got dry about 10pm
  9. Wanderers Travel Club are leaving the stadium at 3.30, which suggests there's plenty of time. 3.15 from Clitheroe for me.
  10. Nearly 52 years since a City player scored a Derby hat-trick. Two in 9 minutes today.
  11. Got a feeling this is going to be this season's Hartlepool for me. Late decision to drive it
  12. Traf

    Name The Ground

    I didn't know where it was tbh. I merely asked if it was in London.
  13. Should have gone, but ended up declining a ticket in the end. Hope those who went had a great night.
  14. Abu Dhabi's where it's at. Grand Prix is opening day of World Cup too. Some people are doing both.
  15. Traf

    Lincoln (H)

    It was a bit ironic that despite being the smallest player in the team, he was still our tallest dwarf.
  16. especially if it's the middle seat in the back.
  17. Just realised Jnr doesn't finish until 3.45, so I'm out.
  18. I might go, if we beat Lincoln
  19. I'd rather shit in my hands and clap.
  20. hope you know a good valeter
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