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  1. Morecambe's OK, no delusions of grandeur, just a working class town that happens to be by the sea. Enough pubs to drink in.
  2. I'd be happy for Dapo to stay but not exactly unhappy if he doesn't. Other than geography, I don't think he'll get a better offer, but I'd trust Evatt to find us something better.
  3. Not much tourist stuff nowadays
  4. Cheeky Chinese Cockle Pickers...
  5. https://www.nuffieldtrust.org.uk/chart/the-composition-of-the-nhs-workforce-february-2020 Many many support staff...
  6. Noblot, that's original.
  7. Traf


    Traf, Lancs and he is.
  8. Traf


    Or you could post them...
  9. I was rounding down for effect 😉 But yes, it's 22%. 330k of 1.5m
  10. Redundancy/incapacity benefit.
  11. Traf


    Was expecting Barry Wood on the edge of his bed tbh.
  12. How many of those nurses were from Matt Wankcock's 50,000 new nurses?
  13. Over-rated, yes. But more than Coldplay or Radiohead?
  14. Traf

    Keith Hill

    Am I getting a second season?
  15. Traf

    Matt Gilks

    The fact he catches it works for me. Too many keepers prefer to flap/slap/parry/punch the ball away indiscriminately. Keepers who catch are often good at setting up counter attacks..
  16. We scored fewer goals than we had shots, so improvement still to be had.
  17. Traf


    Hope you're reading this, Shaz. We must get something for promotion, melt the fucker down.
  18. That would be a factor.
  19. Different bar/location, I think
  20. or because they were raging paedos who wanted it to look like they were shagging kids?
  21. Thought you might have been on it 😉
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