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  1. Yeah, you were indeed. Weird that we never met until years later.
  2. Used to play on Bromwich St myself. My great aunt lived on the street and her garden backed onto the training pitches.
  3. I can't make this now, something has come up. Can someone get me a programme, please?
  4. Lots of Angry Birds on Merseyside.
  5. And don't forget the ticket split sites.
  6. I suppose it's better than Uncle Ken and retarded nephew Lee, but it's just weird that grown men call some businesswoman they don't know Auntie Shaz. Plus the name Shaz is awful.
  7. Ipswich is actually on my list on never go again grounds (Bristol C, Hull, MK etc), but I always take Jnr to the first away.
  8. New kit won't be out for a while yet, I bet. Launched training kit this week, so will want to flog a few of those before the new kit & sponsor are fully revealed.
  9. Auntie Shaz. Makes me cringe everytime I see/hear that.
  10. We're at home, Friday night or Sunday lunch on Sky.
  11. Empty gesture. They always boycott.
  12. We'll get Crewe in the Carabao.
  13. Is he a dull cunt like Shearer too?
  14. To discriminate only generates hate and when you hate then you're bound to get irate. Madness is what you demonstrate and that's exactly how hate works and operates.
  15. Like a new signing. Oh, it's been a while since we've had that one.
  16. It wasn't too bad tbh. I had a quick look and it was mainly positive
  17. Traf

    7:45 kick off

    Booooooooooo, why not 7.30?*** ***that's how it will have ben greeted by the social media mongferst
  18. And they'd still find fault with Apple's logo.
  19. Couldn't really go back in after Page's efforts. It'd be like shagging your brother's wife. Wait, hang on, what's that you say? He didn't? Surely?
  20. The club is in League 1. The club doesn't want any links with gambling firms. Who the fuck else wants to sponsor us? I trust that the board got the best deal they could, it's in their own best interest, surely? If you like it, buy it. if you don't, then just fucking don't.
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