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  1. I'm not sure, they're very inconsistent. They either seem to be on it or off it, no in-between. We need to get at them from the off, kick towards their fans first and get a couple of goals.
  2. Traf

    Name The Ground

    Yeah, I think so. Probably the game where they just stayed in the League.
  3. Traf

    Name The Ground

    So, it's not Millwall, after all?
  4. Traf

    Name The Ground

    Not far off, the clock should be a giveaway
  5. Dresden's a shithole, I wanna go home.
  6. Traf

    Name The Ground

    She was a Burnley fan back then.
  7. Berlin 45, Berlin Berlin 45
  8. Traf

    Burton (a)

    Toying with it, if I can sort transportation.
  9. Dhanda might help sell some tickets/merchandise to the ethnic community of Bolton, who might feel distanced from the club.
  10. Who knows? They blocked most of us.
  11. Esteemed is correct, just like our local journo.
  12. You wouldn't have thought so.
  13. Traf

    Name The Ground

    It was the lamps. They're similar to the old dog track lights.
  14. My initial take on the deal is that they've done well to get the club valued at £60m+, as to only give 8% away to secure the loan. My concern is that FV had to borrow the £5m to start with and that they were quickly keen to dilute their own holding. One wonders if they'd be happy to sell another 41.6% for £26m (same deal pro-rata) and effectively own 50.4% of the club without having invested any money?
  15. Hmmm, indeed. How you perceive the story will always depend on your starting point.
  16. Surely not? £7 a pint for Budweiser?
  17. Traf

    Name The Ground

    I recognise the lamps, but can't remember the ground. Down South? Brighton? Portsmouth?
  18. Traf

    Burton (a)

    Non-season ticket holders are required to become Official Club Members in order to purchase match day tickets for this fixture Until it becomes pay on the day when no checks are made.
  19. Do season ticket holders get a free go on the Lifeline?
  20. Dempsey reportedly much happier at Gills now that the manager has gone.
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