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  1. He's not a new funny loon, he's a long lost member who has just returned.
  2. Charles is reportedly unhappy and his other half has been posting cryptic stuff on Insta
  3. 'My' MP, Jake The Snake Berry's current social media campaign shows a local poll as Labour 45%, Him/the Tories 35% and reform at 11%. His whole campaign is based on Reform can't win this seat and if you vote for them, you're actually voting Labour.
  4. Do you think we've got money to spend without selling players? If they had money, they wouldn't have borrowed £5m off the fans. Ticket prices are up, replica kits prices are up, but we didn't get the new pitch and the rail seating seems not to be happening either.
  5. It's got a whiff of that bloke who faked his death in a canoe, this.
  6. You're not allowed to call her that anymore.
  7. let's at least give him the honour of being named : Matija Sarkic
  8. What the fuck is that abomination. Reaching babyshit/mustard coloured sports bra away shirt territory here.
  9. Traf

    The Final

    Loads of play-off merchandise reduced in the club shop...
  10. Fiorentina Reserves on a Friday night, because the first team need to play a Championship team the next day.
  11. Traf

    Nathan blake

    That's an often overlooked fact about Fairclough being absolutely fucking nails. But yes that squad were never bullied.
  12. Rebuild incoming with Baxter, Santos, Sheehan & Charles leaving. Sadly the replacements will come from lower than where we currently sit ie Southwood, Forino and 2 more. There's no money.
  13. Aye, we'd have done it as a package on a £60pp deposit basis with the balance due a couple of months before travel. And yes, those flights aren't coming down in price, but I'm more than happy to take a look at it.
  14. Just back from two weeks in Cyprus, my first visit there since doing Ayia Napa in the early 90's. Absolutely loved it over there even if it was hotter than the devil's bollocks.
  15. I thought Ramsey was poor when he actually played.
  16. She says it's Coleman's fault we didn't go up.
  17. Never comes. PS It is a keeper.
  18. Traf

    Euro 24

    Yeah, longy facky ardow Josh, even if some of our fans reckon you're a bottler.
  19. Traf

    Euro 24

    Maddison and Ward-Prowse are two players who could have become regular internationals but didn't get the caps when they were at their peak, both now on a decline and have missed the boat IMO.
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