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  1. For me the end of season has been a absolute mess. Our last game was on the 30th April were now 24th May and the season's still not finished, an absolute joke.
  2. Their acting like they have just won the league. Terrible club, shocking ground, diluded fans.
  3. Championship starring the mighty Everton in the face. 0-2.
  4. Whooops, not quiet going to script, eh.
  5. Our stadium is light years better than any club in Div1, and better than many in the Championship. But does need tidying up.
  6. That's my thinking too. Don't think playing in a pub league will tempt him. He's settled at Bolton, for the forseeable.
  7. Did they also have them at the Eurovision song contest.
  8. Do they actually sell flares in and around the ground at Everton, there everywhere 'recently. No mention of any punishment.
  9. If they were trying to mess the end of season up, they couldn't have done a better job.
  10. So crazy corner moves to west lower, potentially nearer to the away fans. What cunning plan will Neil come up with now. ? Move away fans nearer East lower. This could go on for a while.
  11. Not sure he'll want to plat for another Championship club.
  12. Well merited, pitch has been superb this season.
  13. No mention of Ronan Darcy, presume he's still contracted.
  14. I thought he worked hard as anyone yesterday, played well, always involved.
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