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  1. Not with the present squad, but it's been done before. Momentum is a great thing, we will have to improve the squad, particularly up front but I wouldn't rule it out.
  2. And seeing rat face and his little club failing miserably to get in the play offs.
  3. First step back up the ladder today. But from where we were in Febuary, it's a hugh one. 0-2, Doyle and Thomasson. COYWM.
  4. Chelsea made Real Madrid look very ordinary. Should have had 4 or 5.
  5. I've been surprised how much football is played in Div2. Not as much hoofball as I expected. As said previously the main difference between Div2 and Div 1, is probably the standard of finishing.
  6. When we go one up, we always seem to ease up. Where as we should be pushing even harder for the second. So are the team playing to Evatt instructions or is.it psycological. As mentioned I would play Miller off Doyle at Crawley. We need more threat and firepower.
  7. Can you explain why you fell the need to post on another teams forum. Doubt any fan of a league club will feel the need to post on a forum of a National League team like Grimsby.
  8. We have to offer more threat up front.
  9. Certainly well capable of winning at Crawley. They have won just two of their last 11 games, lost 5, drawn 4. But it will certainly be nervy. Need to score early. I would start Miller supporting Doyle
  10. Well we bloody hard work of that.
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