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  1. Are they going to erect a temporary stand behind the goal for one season, before they return to Div 1.
  2. The thing for me, that makes the play off final the worst was we were definately playing an inferior side to ourselves. Not sure that was the case in the other games mentioned
  3. Much as i like Evatt, i voted to go. His brand of football is great on the eye, but its been proved its not for Div 1 and no plan B.
  4. Thomasson up to Febuary was definately worth his place. Since all his booking an sending off, Dempsey should have replaced him.
  5. And his way does'nt work in Div1, its been proved.
  6. Paris was injured from minute one and should have been taken off. Ogbetta is a kid and still learning.
  7. Evatt was a gamble, as would any other manager. A manager can be sucessful at one club, move on then fail at the next.
  8. The whole of our midfield and defence go missing regularly, why pick out Sheenan.
  9. Its not Sheenan that needs to get better its players around him that need to be stronger, so he can create. Thomasson has total lost his form due to a booking every game. Not to mention Santos indecisive play.
  10. So ditching our player of the season , then.
  11. As an aside of yesterday, we were suppose to be developing youngsters to come through the ranks. Where are they.
  12. Mendes Gomes has absoluely no bearing on yesterdays debacle. Or previous loses against inferior teams.
  13. Is he any better than what wev'e got. Didn't notice him in the play offs.
  14. Your going to be busy.
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