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  1. Morley's not exactly been great in the last couple of games.
  2. 3 bloody points, should be at least 12.
  3. Except the fencing, not sure anything else has changed since the disaster.
  4. Both shoretire and Mbete are not ready for Div 1 football, in my opinion.
  5. Most important game of the season, must not lose. Forget Wembley, its a fun day out, but not important.
  6. Good point, them having been the Championship recently.
  7. Can't think of anything Shoretire has controbuted in the last four games. Not blaming him for today, just don't understand why he gets a start. But every one was extremely poor today. Wembley is definately a hugh distraction.
  8. Figures that a lot of Championship sides can only dream about.
  9. Has a microphone and makes regular annoucments, singing, chanting not allowed and don't show your colours.
  10. Lost i follow, has it crashed.
  11. 0-3, Dion, Shoretire and Santos.
  12. Santos and Trafford looking nervous, from the off. Trafford's kicking was terrible. Santos's early booking didn't help. But generally no one in the team looked comfortable on the ball. Still not getting Shoretire, works hard, but offers little. Doesn't look ready to me. When Lee gets booked for two silly fouls, you know we were'nt right on the night. On to Morecambe, must win.
  13. What no rayguns in Plymouth.
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