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  1. Were keep giving the ball away, were wide open to the counter attack. We've nothing up front, never win a ball from a corner or free kick, but i fully expect us to win this.
  2. In Evatt's case that's ok for me.
  3. I think Santos as captain is a strange one. Very inexperienced at this level. I thought MJ Williams or Keiren Lee were the obvious choices.
  4. Why did Wigan players go and celebrate in front of ESL, because they knew they would get a reaction. Not condoning what happened, but if they had gone to their own fans, nothing would have been thrown.
  5. Wigan were miles better all over the pitch, but won't play like that every week. Hopefully we won't again either.
  6. It'll be rite, only have to play top of league on Tuesday.
  7. Totally outplayed. They certainly got us workout.
  8. Afolyan must be the most fouled player in the league, gets no protection at all.
  9. This must be the worst we've played all season.
  10. Not at all, but we had 4 or 5 chances.
  11. Honestly, I don,'t know how we've managed to lose that. Not at our best, but they are crap.
  12. Wednesday have one descent player, Bannan. We need to keep our passing game going we will take one of our chances. We should be 2 up.
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