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  1. That's quiet good for a club the size of Wigan, isn't it.
  2. I honestly think Blackburn will be in the relegation zone this season. Struggling to sign anyone of note.
  3. I haven't even got the app. Its all from the passenger locator form i filled in to travel to the uk.
  4. If the government think track and trace works their having a laugh. I've just isolated for 10 days. Got 2 phone calls a day to check up I was isolating. Here are the searching questions I faced. What's your year of birth. Are you isolating at the address on your passenger location form. Answer, yes. No more info asked for. Have your had your Pct tests, answer,yes. That was it. What the hell they got from that, exactly the same script every time they phoned. Apart from giving people a bit of work and pin money,it's a totally pointless exercise.
  5. This. Don't know if it's intentional or not but we always seem to easy off once we've scored. After the early goal we should have pressed for a second, but let Italy back into the game.
  6. What the hell were the pundits watching, " Denmark the better side for an hour". It was like a game of attack against defence. Great performance.
  7. I don't give a FF what Hancock says. It doesn't effect me. But there's loads of people that do try and follow the advice he issues.
  8. So the day after the Balearics were put on the green list, the Spanish government advised young Spanish not vaccinated not to go to the Balearics due to 400 new cases of Covid. You just could not make it up.
  9. Don't know how Hancock will have the brass neck to hand out restrictions/guidance again in public briefings ever again. Who the hell is going to take any notice of him now. Totally discredited.
  10. 3 poor performances for me.
  11. So I've had both vaccinations, (Pfizer) in Spain, i have a qr code on my phone to proof it. I'm flying to England next week. I have a test booked in Spain before I fly. I've got 2 tests booked in England for day 2 and day 8 and still have to isolate for 10 days. The difference is I'm not a world leader of a footballer. Just a bloke trying to abide by the rules, not openly flaunting them and getting away with it.
  12. Not a chance of winning anything.
  13. Must be favourites to go straight back down now.
  14. Huddersfield, Leeds Rd.
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