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  1. 14 hours ago, victor meldrew said:

    until last week we didn't have a keeper.

    as someone else said ,if gilks had played the previous 6 games we would be in a play off position, thats hind sight ,

    it's the same thing.

    I think that’s the frustration for me. I’ve never been anywhere near thinking Evatt should go and I’m happy to give him this season and beyond.  However I hope we don’t rue some of the early selection decisions. There were some obvious wrong selections early on such, as Comley instead of Tutte and Crellin instead of Gilks, that everybody could see apart from the manager. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, snowball said:

    no plan? Hughmungus Bellend.

    Exactly! There clearly is a plan.... whether he have the players to execute it long term we’re still finding out. The majority of performances have left a lot be desired, but no plan!? 🤣

  3. 3 hours ago, jayjayoghani said:


    Always worth a revisit.

    Looks like we were a bit outnumbered at that point. Generally accepted we got the better of it though? 

    That’s my recollection. Pretty sure one of the fanzines had a picture of Fairclough catching a Wolves player flush in the nose 

  4. 19 minutes ago, MickyD said:

    They were most of the time but both got slagged off by Henshaw despite decent passes because maybe they didn’t pick out the man that they can see from 60 feet up in the stands but they didn’t from pitch level.

    He’s definitely got it in for Comley... he was shite though tbf

  5. 49 minutes ago, Duck Egg said:

    Christ, I wish I'd not looked at that.  Fans of ours posting on there like privileged bell ends.  Who have they been watching this last 10 years?

    Their thread on Evatt is close to a 100 pages 😳

    Equally, some absolutely delusion on their part by some of them, describing it as a “sideways move” and throwing out ill informed shite about FV etc.

  6. On 04/03/2020 at 10:23, WestStandUpper said:

    Those stats are quite worrying... he's never actually done a good job anywhere!

    End of season, can him off, and take pick of those that are available (as more will be then than in March) - plus who wants to come in now and have a relegation on their CV?

    There are enough things to have a pop at Hill about without making stuff up.

  7. On 07/01/2020 at 15:55, Smiley said:

    Nearly as good as our draw in 2010.

    Enjoyed reliving that earlier at lunch when they showed the highlights. I say "reliving" - I was smashed in the ground and don't really remember any of the cricket - other than celebrating Onions' defiance.

    Not been the most productive day with work today.

    Pretty sure I knocked your beer over on the grass embankment at Newlands 

  8. 9 minutes ago, Matt said:

    Disappointing 2nd half, thought we sat back, stopped chasing and invited them on, but still absolutely made up with the win. 

    Well taken 2nd goal, thought he was going to run it out of play.

    Ref was a disgrace. 

    I don’t think we sat back... just think a few of the players, especially the front 3, were absolutely bollocksed, hence the ball coming back a lot.

  9. 1 hour ago, Breightmet Boy said:

    “Salsa Curcic is a illegitimate, he ain’t got no, birth certificate” we sang at that match, I remember our dug out laughing :)

    Funny what things you remember as a youth. That song, Scott Sellars getting pelters off a bloke who was Radcliffe Juniors coach at my age group, and the Frandsen and Johansen’s debuts in that dark green kit!

  10. 1 minute ago, Casino said:

    I thought I did

    I've been told this week his game was to buy the debt from EDT

    Perhaps as well he wasn't succesful

    Similar to what Dale has allegedly got a family member to do with Bury?

  11. 2 minutes ago, Escobarp said:

    Per sluffys nuts post the Compromise you refer to was offered earlier today but rejected by you know who. 


    As long as he’s not doing anything illegal....

  12. 1 hour ago, Moon boy said:

    Give it a rest with your personal vendetta against Iles, he’s spouted no more shite than most people on here, if you don’t believe him or trust him don’t read him

    Club is about to go bust and all the bloke cares about is deflecting criticism away from his hero Anderson, to Iles and the BEN. Pathetic

  13. 2 minutes ago, Benny The Ball said:

    Be good if Michael James put out a statement 

    Maybe he could urge the administrator in his capacity as a fan to remove FV s " Preferred Bidder " status

    and urge him to talk to any other interested parties that are out there 

    Proper  fan would put club first 

    Other than Nixon, who seems to revel in this whole thing, how sure are we there are other interested parties?

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