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  1. I'd say Andrews departure is probably more down to the amount of money he commands per week, after captain clueless signed him up.
  2. I think he's more an on the shoulder striker rather than thriving on crosses, which he is more than likely to get with two out and out wingers in Feeney and Hall. He's definitely disappointed since joining and wasn't brilliant tonight. It's just the singling out by a couple of morons, almost determined to get a reaction from the player himself. On a more positive, thought we looked extremely good down the right. McNaughton and Feeney combined well.
  3. I've seen much worse performances. Missed a good chance early on but had no service.
  4. Some people seem to have come just to abuse Beckford. What a set of cunts
  5. I recall Chris Fairclough snotting someone as well!
  6. Fuck me! Dougie getting grief for looking after his mate now!
  7. Just in Neo. Full of young women. Brilliant
  8. On every week that bloke. Fucking simpleton with no one to talk to!
  9. Freedman's not doing enough, granted. But stop trying to pretend that you're brother in law Captain Clueless passed him a good hand. I still hold that god botherer responsible for a lot of this!
  10. Does it on another forum too under a different name. Went MIA when we went on that run last year though. Often stated how much of a better manager Coyle was than Dougie if I recall correctly, along with Flitcroft, Holloway, McCarthty, Anewman and any other Tom, Dick or Harry!
  11. Spotted this by the previous video, not sure if it's been put up before.
  12. Not mentioned in this specific article, but Daniel Taylor (Grauniad reporter) has named him on twitter as one of the people involved in this... http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/dec/10/mick-mills-denies-stoke-sexual-assault-claims-george-blackstock?CMP=twt_gu
  13. Maybe they've had a bit of an overhaul? There's miles more stuff going on the Official YouTube page such as interviews and highlights that haven't been on in previous seasons.
  14. Love Super John, a childhood hero, but really I don't think I'd be jumping for joy if he was appointed Chief Scout here. More of Owen's job for the boys formula I think!
  15. Gone according to twatter!
  16. Yes still open and doing a decent trade on match days.
  17. Accommodation or the pub itself?
  18. WBA wanted the recall option which they couldn't have if it was until the season.
  19. Could it be Kyle Bartley from Swansea?
  20. 1:30 Far West win 2:05 ifandbutwhynot each way 2:40 Utopie Des Bordes each way 3:20 Silviniaco conti win 4:00 Chapoturgeon win 4:40 Gevrey Chambertain win 5:15 Rody win
  21. 1:30 Dynaste win 2:05 Shutthefrontdoor each way 2:40 Cue Card win 3:20 Peddlers Cross each way 4:00 Cantlow each way 4:40 Super Duty win 5:15 Arabella Boy win
  22. 13:30 Buddy Bolero Win 14:05 Taquin De Seuil E/W 14:40 Lord Windermere E/W 15:20 Somersby E/W 16:00 Medinas E/W 16:40 Pistol E/W 17:15 Blackmail E/W
  23. Race 1 - un atout each way Race 2- overturn win Race 3- our mick each way Race 4- binocular each way Race 5- arabella boy win Race 6- alasi each way Race 7- Ohio gold each way
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