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  1. I ran with him from the start, plus his GF (SS) and another well known local runner (AS). Hopey ended up doing the 17 mile route again (he came first last year).
  2. Wow! I finished with a severe pain at base of my shin - a new pain for me. Still not gone. Coincidentally the same leg/ankle that I’ve since gone over on. Good luck with the rehab.
  3. I did the 24-25 miles in 4:33. Was actually very happy with that. But was sluggish after I came off Great Hill.
  4. Well done. Keep it going!! I’ve had a week all-inc in Egypt to contend with. Worse still, I went over on my ankle half way though the trip, so have a tennis ball on the side of my foot! Managed to walk ok and have done a few spin sessions since. Just need the fucker to heal very very quickly.
  5. Bumrah could be a big miss for them. But I’m not convinced we’ll turn things around now. Rot seems to have set in with a few batsmen.
  6. Yes pal. Was tough with very little training before it. How about you?
  7. Anyone recommend a decent central hotel in Delhi for one night? And a tour guide whilst I’m there? Probably wanna see the Tomb and Red Fort, other worthwhile sites. Got approx 24 hours to kill.
  8. Smiley

    Barnsley (H)

    Think I’m in a minority who actually really enjoyed the game on Saturday. Some great football played. Some silly mistakes (but this is third tier football remember). A sloppy goal to concede - but shoe on the other foot, I’d have felt it was a great goal to score. Our equaliser was a cracker. Great cross, not unlike a John McGinlay cross of old. Bodvarsson definitely changed the game. Charles had a great chance first half that he blazed over – going for power over accuracy. Couldn’t help but think that the likes of Andy Walker and John McGinlay would have found the far corner along the floor. Decent atmosphere. Poor result – but does keep Barnsley at arms length.
  9. Watched two morbid documentaries last night. The BG one on YouTube (mentioned in the BG thread) and the Nicola Bulley story. Both incredibly sad, but worth the effort to watch and find out bits you don’t really hear or see during the cases unfolding at the time.
  10. Watched the Daily Mail exclusive YouTube documentary last night. Really put things into perspective for me. Wasn’t really a hate crime from the girl’s point of view. Definitely was for the lad, he seemed to have issues with regards to BG’s sexuality. Didn’t know they had a list of 5 to kill and that BG wasn’t the first inline. But became the target as she would be the easiest. I presume the other 4 on the list were notified as part of the investigation.
  11. Gutted to get up this morning and find us 210-6. Really thought one of the senior batsmen would have put in an innings. The Stokes runout was just stupid, lazy running. We could still believe with him and Foakes at the crease.
  12. We need 6 good partnerships of 50. And a flurry from the tail. Ideally we want 2 centurions. They have to believe it can be done and I’m sure they will. I wonder if India will have fielders in close to put the pressure on us, or man the boundaries to stop the heavy scoring.
  13. What’s your thoughts now? 332 with 9 wickets in hand. I think psychologically we wanted to be around 330 with all 10 wickets intact. That would have been a slight moral victory on the day.
  14. It’s a funny thought process this. We should be hotwired to think sleep, exercise, breakfast, work, lunch, work, tea/dinner, relax, sleep. (or a permutation of this) Exercise is the elixir of life and most folk choose to avoid it. Crazy. Also think folk in this country should be planning their main holidays in the sun for the winter time and not the typical May-Sept period. Get that Vit D fix and some winter enjoyment.
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