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  1. Frank Turner playing Urmston Sports Club in August. Fuckin’ hell yeah! Having some of that.... mainly cos it’s walking distance.
  2. We need to get prison staff and ex cons going into schools. And dare I suggest, school trips to prisons. Whilst it’s incredibly sad that this young lad has died. 2 more lads have just about written off their lives as well. 3 sets of parents have just lost their sons in one act of stupidity. It’s crazy.
  3. Yep, spotted that, all added to the moment.
  4. Replayed some classic moments this afternoon. Cliff Thorburn’s 147. What a great sporting moment!!
  5. Enjoyed Viewpoint.
  6. OCGN rocketing still. Was happy selling my positions around 13-13.20. It just hit 15.70! FFS! Dipped in and out all day. Made a few quid - but nowhere near what I could’ve made if I’d not cashed out.
  7. Cashed out yesterday. Doubled my money. Still not had FDA approval. So might jump back in if it dips again.
  8. Definitely fancy this. Bought my first batch of post Covid gig tickets. Morriss, Clark & Helme at the Bowdon Rooms in Altrincham. Snow Patrol at Castlefield (wife birthday) Shed Seven & MCH at Vic Warehouse.
  9. Asda & Tesco will close the booze aisles if there’s any sign of promotion next Saturday! Expect a big pyro party at the stadium.
  10. Always preferred Duff in GNR. Cool as... he also joined Jane’s Addiction for a while but things didn’t quite work out... or Axl came calling, can’t be sure. GNR did cover New Rose by The Damned - and whilst it was shite - it did give Brian James the song writer some much needed royalties. Only time I should’ve seen GNR is when they were at Donnington (88??) and a couple of folks died during their set. I got grounded the week before. Missed both Donnington and Rochdale away!
  11. Back in the day Thursday night was designated tour of Bolton. 1 driver. 3-4 drinkers. Rotated the driver each week. Driver usually stuck to a couple of shandies and a few spliffs or a dab of whizz. Def drove better stoned.
  12. I know where you are coming from but also makes it hard work. I can hardly remember that happened in the previous episode never mind 3-4 series back. Actually fell asleep watching it on Sunday. Need to re-watch.
  13. XRP has more than doubled in a week. Binance Coin is flying. TRON is flying. It’s like the world has just tipped all its money into Crypto this week.
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