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  1. Paris… must sees? Got around 36 hours. Is the 2nd floor on the Eiffel Tower decent? Struggling to find ‘Top of the Tower’ tickets.
  2. Think Perry is around 65, how was his voice? Always seemed a bit weak in the last 10-15 years.
  3. Not heard if they are doing this at the hotel this coming Sunday. Was ok last year. Anyway, without wanting to miss an opportunity….. And anyone devoid of ideas on what present they want or need to buy….. look no further, ideal gift for sure!! https://www.whitelove.co.uk/book
  4. Did you both to watch Jane’s Addiction? Set list looked belting. I’ve just gone and booked flights, accom and tickets to see them in Paris after missing out on Manchester (was on holiday).
  5. Well done pal. Doing brilliant. Imagine if you cut back on the alcohol and did some exercise! Reckon you would crash the extra 8-10lbs easy.
  6. Hope the locals turn out! Fridays are just a huge pain in the arse for me and the trains from mine to Horwich just don’t work.
  7. Smiley

    The Final

    Should be good, may do a bit of Wealdstone first and then a bit of Baker Street. See how we get on for timings.
  8. Did Kin and also 3-4 series of Love/Hate - we need to go back to it, just had a break to watch some other bits and pieces. Should have Dopesick finished tonight. Not watched the last 2 episodes of Race Across The World (Asia) yet either, do love that series.
  9. Smiley

    The Final

    Will message you, but think we are parking at Wealdstone.
  10. Aye, but worth watching. Sadistic bastards the Nazi’s.
  11. Going to start it tonight.
  12. Capri! End of. My dad had a yellow one.
  13. See White Lies are playing albums 2 & 3 at Gorilla in Manchester. Obviously their first was the best, but did quite like Ritual as well. Big TV can have a wide berth.
  14. World of My Own - Chris Helme. On repeat. Loving it! Had a stab at Nothing But Thieves yesterday, but gave up. Didn’t like the vocals.
  15. Coma was okayish. Obviously went daft on the final episode.
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