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  1. Watched the first 2 episodes of “Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?”…. Only in America!! So far so good. Will do the final 2 tomorrow.
  2. Pretty sure City’s are all automated turnstiles with a traffic light system. So the steward on the other side will see a coloured light and expect a certain aged person to come through. Guessing that stops adults with kids tickets.
  3. George Harrison was his favourite Beatle.
  4. Seen Neil Hart and Ian Evatt at a business club event and thought both came across superb. Very clear on what they are saying, saying it like it comes from the heart (no pun). Felt quite confident under both their stewardship’s that day. Did anyone who went tonight get that same feeling of confidence?
  5. It may have had the absolute opposite effect. Lockdown right at the very, very start when we knew the virus was “coming” could have actually prevented it arriving and then it may well have not been necessary to lockdown for too long. All international travel would have been restricted. But movement within our borders could have resumed pretty quickly once we had quashed the 10-100 cases. As for Bill Gates – he is responsible for people using PowerPoint and Word…. He should be called out on that alone!
  6. 4-1 to the Whites. Morley, Charles (2), Toal. 18,534 attendance.
  7. Britain’s Notorious Prisons - watched episode 2 last night - Wormwood Scrubs. Grim.
  8. Glasgow Ice Cream Wars on iPlayer. Very good.
  9. Had a shit week of work and no play. Finally got a run in on Saturday night and a hike today around Malham. Still eating anything that’s not nailed down.
  10. Currently reading The Dawn Wall by Tommy Caldwell. If you’ve seen the film, this is far more in-depth. I don’t climb, so a lot of terminology went over my head at first, but starting to know my belays from my sends now. Good chapter when they were taken hostage.
  11. But will you be interested in a final that doesn’t involve the Whites?
  12. Playing at Albert Hall. Fair sized venue for a band I’d never heard of. Saying that, Yard Act have sold out the same venue. Loving their tunes.
  13. Good episode last night! Love the grin on TLR face at the end! Haha. Plays a good part does James Norton. Shoot me now, but enjoyed part 1 of the Stock, Aitken & Waterman doc on CH5 on Saturday.
  14. Bit late to the party, but been told to give DRY CLEANING a spin. Two albums and a few EPs to get through. Quite like the style so far. Thought I’d search on here to see if I’d missed anyone posting about them! Nearly 2 years ago!
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