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  1. And to think they were totally imploding after we’d hammered them 6-0. At that point they looked a team destined to drift out of the play-offs (like Plymouth eventually did). So I guess fair play to them for turning it around. But I’m in the camp that’s going to miss their healthy away following next season…. Plus another crack at scoring a half dozen!!
  2. Smiley


    Just hope he can teach our batters to bat. Interesting that they’ve not gone back to the gung-ho approach of Buttler for the red ball game.
  3. Do they have fountains in the Algarve?
  4. Missed some chances did Chelsea in those closing minutes.
  5. I think Dapo has looked lively as a second half sub at times and made more of an impact than from when he’s started.
  6. As with the general consensus, I also felt a draw was a fair result. It was proper end-to-end stuff at times. They looked half decent and we weren’t too far away either. Charles just needs that goal to re-ignite his season (what little is left of it). The shot he blazed out for a throw was a great opportunity, albeit an acute angle to score from. Centre back and a hard tackling general in the middle of the park would definitely be on my shopping list. In addition to securing Trafford for a season-long loan and possibly Fossey. I do worry about Declan John’s injury record. I’ve lost track of the times he’s been in or out.
  7. Smiley

    Wigan (A)

    @paulhanley empty your mailbox pal - been trying to message you. Cheers.
  8. Smiley

    Windies 2022

    Root needs to be relieved of his captain duties now. Not cutting it at all. Let him bat and bowl. BUT… no idea who we throw the big job to. Stokes would be an obvious one - but he’s injured more often than not.
  9. Smiley

    Al Mather

    Posted on the other thread. But RIP to the big man. Sad to hear.
  10. Smiley

    Al Mather

    Spoke to him the other year and gave him some print advice, suggestions, recommendations, etc. Messaged him a few times here and there. And then finally met him on the coach to Sheff Weds this season. Wasn’t the picture of health, but had a cracking sense of humour on the day. Since met him again at the big Remembrance Evening at the stadium last September. (Might have those dates wrong way round). Did so much for so many. A selfless man. A huge hole has now been created and will need some big boots to fill it for sure. RIP Al. Another Wanderer taken too soon.
  11. Promised my Mrs she can have her Tuesday yoga night back - after our run of midweek matches. She ain’t going to be best pleased.
  12. Smiley

    Windies 2022

    Not a great start today. Very slow recovery. But great innings from the captain and Lawrence. Shame he lost his wicket at the end, deserved a ton. Party stand tomorrow! Could/will get messy.
  13. Smiley

    Windies 2022

    Great comeback - Bairstow’s warm-up ton obviously stood him in good stead. As for the red ball reset with our bowlers. Oh dear. Not really going to plan.
  14. I rarely miss a home game.
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