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  1. Didn’t mind him on the radio. Totally forgot about his “racist” conviction. Well, well, well. No way will he survive this.
  2. It’s like he decided to run to the near post for a header…. The ball has come in along the ground behind him and he’s thought “fuck it, I’m still going to jump in the air for an imaginary ball”…. Either way, looks odd!!!
  3. What is Baka doing here? Can someone explain? How many Charlton defenders has he taken out with this move?
  4. Dempsey was on fire when he came off the bench. That’s what you want to see from our subs. Really wanting to make an impact and impress the boss. That tackle in the 90+ minute upfield when he really didn’t need to bother, spoke volumes for me.
  5. My 1-3 prediction didn’t come in (thank fook!). Happy with that. A few teams lost games today so we gained some ground.
  6. A step too far? Did pretty shit batting first.
  7. A quick reminder to all those who have so far purchased the https://www.whitelove.co.uk/book that there’s more GBU’s online. With a few more due to follow in the coming week or so. Go take a gander… https://www.whitelove.co.uk/gbu
  8. Remember last season when a local businessman bought about 10 pairs of tickets to give out to struggling families. It’s a shame that our membership now prohibits that from occurring. Makes me wonder if giving out free tickets is now impossible with the scheme. Score - 1-3. More bad news I’m afraid.
  9. Debatable first. I do believe a few keepers might have got sucked in on the corner goal. Aimson looked to be dragged over. 2nd is marginally offside and the foul on Ings is also suspect - in slow motion Ings looks to be going over with very little contact. Third goal…. Can’t say much more - shocking. 4th goal - who even cared by that point? Dixon did make a few good saves. Glad for Charles getting a goal - will do his confidence the world of good. Let’s put tonight in a little box under the bed and just leave it there.
  10. Didn't mind the membership scheme idea at first. But for games like this and Sheffield Wednesday where folk might just want to decide on the day or day before, it's become an unnecessary struggle. Which is a shame. Casual support - rocking up - could push up both gates IMO. I've not got a ticket for Villa yet. Down south, hoping to get back in time. Would have liked the option to pay on the night. However, I've decided to buy one regardless as its only a tenner. Mate getting them on Saturday whilst he's up at the ground. Maybe a lot of other folk will be doing the same. As an after-thought... remember when we used to have a ticket office kiosk in the town centre.... would that be a useful addition once again? Folk could rock up, buy a ticket and become a member there and then.
  11. Saved me typing all that up! Aimson had his best game EVER for us last night. Thought he was pure dogshit when we lost 3-0 at Fleetwood last season. We showed progress as a team when they were throwing everything at us and we held firm. Great performance. Sadlier… what’s going on there then? Thought he was 100% a starter last night.
  12. I did say my memory was hazy in the footnote.
  13. BANGED UP SOME NEW CONTENT ON THE WEBSITE LAST NGHT AND THIS MORNING. Like the bad old days of fanzine production, was still tapping away gone 1.30am this morning. For those who like a bit of UGLY….. TAKE ME TO THE GOOD STUFF….. Remembering back to a whacky old day out at the end of the 1986 league campaign.
  14. Not necessarily true. Horses for courses. I’ve no affiliation to anyone. Always happy to assist local businesses though.
  15. Smiley

    Ipswich away

    I’ve been saying and thinking this for years! But do they actually exist anymore? With the powder-puff rules and regs these days, looking at an opposing player gets you a yellow card these days. Long gone are the crunching tackles where you took the ball and the man – moments that I felt were just as skilful as back flicks and mazy dribbles.
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