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  1. Not read anything but some of the photos make him look ‘a bit simple’. Saying that, heard a few interviews with current set-up and they say its been amazing having him involved. Can only presume he’s actually coaching which would be tough with brain damage. From a news report 2 days ago…. “it has already been suggested that the father of four wasn't wearing a safety helmet during the incident, a source has now told them that Freddie’s telling final words before the smash were “Do I need a helmet?”
  2. If fit and he’s not starting… what was the point of re-signing him? I don’t know if its just me, but the more that fans demand a certain player to be picked (John, Sadlier, JDB), the more IE doesn’t select them.
  3. 3 nights in Lisbon wins. Been twice before, but memories are vague (especially the Sporting Lisbon trip).
  4. Just watched Johnny Football. Really enjoyed it. Frustrating to see him waste his talent. But he had a great time other than that!!! Did wonder if he’d try and make a return - not sure at what level when you get to 29/30. Obviously no longer able to play college… what other options are there other than NFL?
  5. Bali 2002. Fuck me, that was a grim watch. Glad I’d waited until my daughter had left the island before I watched it. Your Mum, My Dad on ITV. Like BB/LI but with 50-year-olds. Both Sharon and Natalie are worth a length… but not a relationship!
  6. No longer a lazy student down there. However @Traf may have that dilemma soon!
  7. Looking for some suggestions…. 3 nights in Lisbon (wife has never been). or 3 nights in Porto (neither of us have been) or 2 nights Lisbon + 1 night Porto. Is there plenty enough to do in either city? Looked at trains between and there’s a 3 hour high speed train for around £22 each. Believe the national park at Sintra is decent. Worth a full day visit from Lisbon? Lastly, best location for hotel/Airbnb in Lisbon and/or Porto?
  8. Entered Manchester Marathon for next April. Need to get in shape for then!
  9. Just over 32 miles and 8900ft ascent. Killer.
  10. Yes. I crashed on a deck chair at the finish line for about 45 mins. Would have just grabbed my medal and jumped in car. They were on early though - 8.10pm. But, I’d have stunk like shite and been driving.
  11. Highly recommend the Barcelo Aguamarina Hotel in Cala Ferrera/Cala d’Or. Was decent. Had a total refurb last year. Booked with Traf Tours. Got a delightful 7th floor balcony with sea/beach view. 2 mins walk to beach. 10 mins into centre of Cala d’Or.
  12. Recorded the first episode of the Bali bomb dramatisation last night. Do like stuff based on true events.
  13. Shhhhhh. Only watched 2 so far. Finishing with the bath scene last night. Got visions of Jamie’s little brother doing something pretty major.
  14. I’ve got that on my Garmin watch for running!!!
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