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  1. Not just fallen out over being dropped. Something else afoot here.
  2. Smiley

    Windies 2022

    Ta for taking my booking.
  3. Wetter than an otters pocket!
  4. Beat Wigan tomorrow, it might add an extra 100 or so. Who knows.
  5. Smiley

    SW away

    Not drinking again, ever. Bastard rugby fans had packed my train home to Flixton. Wouldn’t let any more on. So ended up having to have a couple more beers in the Salisbury. 15 hour drinking binges are the stuff of the devil. Kebab going spare in our fridge if anyone wants it! From Kings on Churchgate!
  6. Smiley

    SW away

    Haha. Yes. Surreal walking over the moors and hearing a bit of Bob ringing out.
  7. Smiley

    SW away

    Gene? If so, he was driving the support car. Nice bloke. Apparently another rum ‘un back in the day.
  8. Smiley

    SW away

    Meant to have been have a dozen lads doing this but one by one dropped out. Decided I’d throw my hat in the ring. Did 16.5 miles on day 1 (they did 23 in total). And then another 9 today (they did around 24). They’ve got 6 left to do tomorrow. Won’t be joining them as I’ll be doing shots by 10am by the sounds of things on the coach from Vulcan. If anyone spots me at the match - remember it’s just my body - my brain and mind will be addled! oh, for those that haven’t sponsored them - get chipping in.
  9. Any of you Bolton car drivers got space for one more - and able to do a pick-up / drop-off in Flixton? Can make my way to the Trafford Centre junction of M60 if necessary.
  10. I’ve read that today.
  11. 100% IPL related. Set of shithouses. Got a mate up from London today. Meant to be there all day tomorrow. Was even forfeiting my daughters birthday party. Oh well, 15 nippers running around screaming and kicking off could be better entertainment and at least I won't have a stinking hangover on Sunday now.
  12. I’ve been in touch with the BWRG. Think they may do something pre and post the inevitable.
  13. Gutted to read the last update. I think we really owe it to him & his family to get a Sportman’s (sic) dinner organised, and raise some funds for his loved ones.
  14. Can you or anyone confirm this?
  15. Great performance and a much needed win. Its still small margins at the moment though. On 75 mins they really should have scored. And then for our goal - why their keeper hasn't slammed the ball into the stand????... a clear mistake that thankfully got punished. Onwards and upwards.
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