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Wanderers Ways. Neil Thompson 1961-2021


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  1. You survived the ‘Rona? Still going to games?

    1. Buford T Justice

      Buford T Justice

      Evening! Hope all's well.

      Yes. Don't think any of us have even had it. If you're running 20 milers, sounds like you survived too. I did a parkrun in Epsom before the game yesterday. Not quite 20 miles, but it'll do.

      That answers your other question. Definitely yes. I've not got a season ticket and will only pick and choose home and aways, but I've definitely got my mojo back with it. Disappointing yesterday, but not TOO disappointed. Great day out. We'll be a very good team once the defence settles down a bit. 

      I hear you made a catalogue of errors with going to the match yesterday.....?


  2. it has nothing to do with the golden cup

  3. I think Zozzy fancies you Satan!

  4. any good fisting tales to tell of?

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