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  1. 32 minutes ago, athywhite1958 said:

    Great day, thanks to everyone who made it there, I'm sure a good few quid was raised, on a footnote; the juniors presentation (under 10) before the event, raised £172.50 with a raffle, now this money usually goes towards winter jackets etc for the team but after speaking with all the parents they all agreed and donated the whole amount to BWRG, quality

    Superb gesture.

    I rocked up on full time…. And sneaked in for free! Even found a full packet of Love Hearts on the floor. Daughter enjoyed them. Every pound they say!!

    Great effort from all I believe. Think they were over £2,000, but might have misheard that.

  2. 58 minutes ago, Traf said:

    Used to play on Bromwich St myself.
    My great aunt lived on the street and her garden backed onto the training pitches.

    Yep, we used to climb over JB’s wall all the time as I was big mates with her sons.

  3. On 20/03/2022 at 10:31, superjohnmcginlay said:




    That Forest match, ended up in their end - invite from a supplier - we celebrated that consolation 2nd goal and nearly got ‘involved’ when Collymore clocked Brownie. After the match in the hospitality lounge our supplier pissed off quick as he could feel a tension in the room. Brownie popped his head in and the place nearly went off. He was advised to disappear quick. The angry Forest lot then turned their attentions to us and we literally had to run out the place through the kitchens and out onto the Trent via a fire door exit! Memories eh! And we lost.

  4. On 01/06/2022 at 12:13, Johnnyrotten said:

    There's an interesting article on the BN site today reminiscing about when we tried to get Pele as manager to replace George Mulhall in 1982....anyway it reminded me of Brazil/Pele training at Bromwich St in 1966.  I found this video that I'd never seen before.  Absolutely priceless footage and the Burnden floodlights look magnificent in the background:



    That’s ace pal. I played football on there (unofficially) as a kid from late 70s into mid 80s before it got demolished. Had our fair share of balls that came over the wall and didn’t find their way back to the club! (My fault we nearly went bust)

  5. 1 hour ago, little whitt said:

    got loads of stuff on for kids 

    take her 

    She’s at a party 1.30-4pm. But they won’t allow me to dump her and collect. And cannot find a chaperone for the afternoon. And I was planning on ‘working’ at the event.

  6. Ladies and gents, I’m on the hunt for some good old photography that’s not copyrighted to the Evening News, the club or any particular photographer, stock site, newspaper, magazine, etc, etc.

    Old stuff from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Players, action shots, ground photos, lads on away days, crowd pics, gritty photos of the ramshackle theatre of football before (and during) it was demolished, Manny Rd, the Embankment pre and post Normid.

    Message me if you can assist. Cheers.

  7. On 17/06/2022 at 23:35, Mantra said:

    Been watching the YouTube highlights of our League 2 campaign, absolutely cannot fuckin wait for the new season. Got a good feeling about this one

    Let’s hope the fixtures throw up some home and away bankers to give us a right lift - can still see more season tickets being sold if we get off to a flyer.

  8. Hoping we draw somewhere in Albania in the first round of the European For Those Who Finished in 15th Trophy.

    Wanderersways very own Jules Darby will own the club.

    Beer will still taste like piss.

    The 3D advertising boards will give me migraines. And some dumb cunt will trip over a speeding car on the side of the pitch before realising it wasn't really even there.

    And we'll all still be laughing at how many years its been since United won the league.

  9. And to think they were totally imploding after we’d hammered them 6-0. At that point they looked a team destined to drift out of the play-offs (like Plymouth eventually did). So I guess fair play to them for turning it around. But I’m in the camp that’s going to miss their healthy away following next season…. Plus another crack at scoring a half dozen!!

  10. Just hope he can teach our batters to bat. Interesting that they’ve not gone back to the gung-ho approach of Buttler for the red ball game.

  11. 2 minutes ago, Johnnyrotten said:

    Yes, definitely a reminder he shouldn't be written off.

    There's a pattern developing where the subs coming on look far better than the same player when they start a game.

    Arguably Dempsey, MJ, Kachunga, Sadlier, Baka and Bod fall into this category.  Come on as sub, make an impact.  Start a game, not such an influence on the game.  It says a lot about how games open up, players tire, etc.

    But good to see MJ and Kacha can still have an impact, news of their demise may have been greatly exaggerated.


    I think Dapo has looked lively as a second half sub at times and made more of an impact than from when he’s started.

  12. As with the general consensus, I also felt a draw was a fair result. It was proper end-to-end stuff at times. They looked half decent and we weren’t too far away either. Charles just needs that goal to re-ignite his season (what little is left of it). The shot he blazed out for a throw was a great opportunity, albeit an acute angle to score from.

    Centre back and a hard tackling general in the middle of the park would definitely be on my shopping list. In addition to securing Trafford for a season-long loan and possibly Fossey. 

    I do worry about Declan John’s injury record. I’ve lost track of the times he’s been in or out.

  13. 14 hours ago, paulhanley said:

    You're probably more up on the ins and outs of recent history than me Mounts but if archetypal Wigan scrotes like those in the video have at any point walked in to the comeuppance they are due then I've never heard about it.

    @paulhanley empty your mailbox pal - been trying to message you. Cheers.

  14. Root needs to be relieved of his captain duties now. Not cutting it at all. Let him bat and bowl.

    BUT… no idea who we throw the big job to. Stokes would be an obvious one - but he’s injured more often than not.

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