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  1. Can we not set up a paid competition each month or so? Last Man Standing always seems a favourite. £10 a person. 50% to the winner. 50% to the running cost of the site?

    EDIT - just seen Casino suggested this also.

  2. I think the club has missed the opportunity - unless it can be launched secondary - of having a cup ticket scheme.

    As many clubs do. So season ticket holders can have an “add-on” where they HAVE to pay for every home cup tie - whether its league cup, FA cup or Papa Johns.

    Maybe with the option to refuse just one game.

    This would add a further tier to the current season ticket priority.

    Plus it would potentially bolster attendances for cup matches.

    Mate who is a City fan isn’t getting to as many away games any more, but he does pay for the cup scheme - he has to purchase tickets for every single home cup game and with them doing well in the League Cup, FA, and Europe, it’s costing as much if not more than his actual season ticket.

  3. Maybe the clubs/pubs should go into a ballot each away game. So, for instance, if they have combined “members” of around 500. The club allocates 100 tickets to these groups to be balloted. Keeps them in the priority list - but doesn’t smash the entire allocation for every away.

    Loyalty is impossible to measure. As folk say, there’s lads who’ve had season tickets for 40-50 years consecutively. They only do 6-7 away games each season. Are they less loyal than someone who goes to every away game for the past 2-3 seasons?

    I think the club WILL introduce a scheme that includes purchases at the club shop, in the ground, match day programmes. Maybe a club credit card will come into play. Those who purchase bonds may jump up the ladder also.

    As for other “back doors” - can we really deny our sponsors and advertisers tickets? Someone who pays £18K for a box and a hell of a lot more on LED advertising - should they have to queue up with the rest or get priority? For me they have to be at the front of the queue.

  4. 23 hours ago, Spider said:


    Im with the pilot suicide theory. He had all the simulator stuff at home and they said he’d flown routes that weren’t standard on it.

    He knew exactly when to turn the comms off and probably the routes least likely to alert military.

    Presume he switched the oxygen to the cabin off and everyone suffocated before he did the same.

    Its at the bottom of the Indian Ocean innit

    They mentioned the route to the Southern Indian Ocean on his simulator. But they had the information from virtually day 1 but then took forever to release it. But when you watch the documentary they aren’t actually clear that he had simulated that route. They started drawing over the screen and its seemingly got dismissed.

    Why no suicide note? Why not just nose dive it into the sea as soon as it cleared Malaysia?

    Can the pilot really turn off the oxygen for the rest of the plane?

    Can the pilot access the technology to switch off all the radars?

    I’m not sure the answer to those last 2 is ‘yes’. So that doesn’t add up.

    IF, he could do those 2. Why wait 7 hours before the plan ran out of fuel? What benefit is that to anyone? What statement is he making? 

    There was no evidence to suggest he did this or was in the mindset to do this.

  5. Don’t reckon its in Kazhakstan, that’s for sure. Leaving 2 other theories. Pilot or 3rd party taking it off course seems most likely. And of those 2, probably a 3rd party. But who and why? And why not just down it at the first given opportunity?

    Debris that the woman from Florida found on the satellite images - that seemed to be skirted over a little too easily. Seems more to that. One of the pieces definitely looked to have the tail fin logo on it.

    Indiana Jones searching beaches on Africa’s east coast and finding bits and bobs seemed incredible.

  6. On 06/03/2023 at 00:33, Underpants said:

    Fall on Netflix.

    If you enjoyed the claustrophobic and hopelessness atmosphere of The Descent (2005) then I reckon you'll enjoy the vertigo and same hopelessness of Fall. Similar cast and storyline. A loss of someone close has our main character languishing in mourning for a year. Her best friend persuades her to get back on to the free climbing horse and climb a very tall transmitter mast in the middle of a desert. A couple of things made me mark this film down. One was that an active transmitter mast would not be left to be in such a unkept state (yes, I know it's a fussy gripe but my H&S side kicked in). The other was the feet's of exceptional superhuman strength that our main characters possessed. But some of this was somewhat explained later on. The ending was a tad disappointing too. Take away my minor criticism and you have a tense ride for the majority of the film.

    Both girls had great tits. 

  7. Since 1982, he has reportedly amassed £10 million from sales and royalties of records. Although 'Careless Whisper' was a George Michael solo song, it was credited as being co-written by Andrew. He still receives thousands of pounds each year from his share of 'Careless Whisper' royalties alone.


    "So George Michael wrote Careless Whisper at 17, but when it was released when he was 21 he added Andrew Ridgeley to the writing credits so he would never worry about money.

  8. On 03/03/2023 at 12:25, Zico said:

    aye, it should be

    it was up until yesterday

    but it's on this wham album look



    and what the fuck is "wham featuring george michael" all about


    99.9% certain that it was a GM song, but being best pals with Andrew, he gave him some of the rights to the song. I’ll try and dig it out.

  9. 13 hours ago, Underpants said:

    The food poisoning came after a night match 🤢🤢🤢🤢.  A fucking warmed up pie from their previous home match I suspect.

    We were sat in that stand when Seagraves scored. I think @Smiley made the Roadrunner highlights clip. And if I'm not mistaken it was the same afternoon the Grand National was cancelled.

    One of the best away days I’ve ever been on. Tremendous - with a short pitch incursion.

  10. Better on BBC, 5-parter. Started well. Ended a bit odd. They always do.

    The Gold - enjoyed it. Even though we all know the story.

    Currently 2 episodes in to Go Hard, Go Home. Another bunch of misfit 20 somethings on some desert island being put through their paces by some hard nut PTs and athletes. Dimitri is a fuckin’ big fuck off drama queen (him/her/they/them). Whilst Seb (who happens to be from Bolton) is the standout top bloke so far. His accent could not be more Bolton if he tried. BBC3.

  11. 11 hours ago, jayjayoghani said:

    Theres also Córdoba if you can squeeze in? The Mezquita is supposed to be fantastic. 

    Gave it some consideration as an alternative to Seville (I’ve visited twice before), but stuck with the original itinerary now. Does look ace. I can see me returning! Feel like I know everything there is to know about the region already!

  12. Nothing for nearly a year (ok, late May 2022). And now 2 trips in April…. Plus Wembley!

    Standard family AI for a week in Fuerteventura (daughter chose it).

    Then a 4 night road trip in Andalusia with my 2 elder daughters.
    Day 1 Fly to Malaga, drive to Granada via Nerja (stop for lunch). 1 night. Do the palace tour.
    Day 2 Drive to Ardales via El Torcal NP. Go kayaking, hiking.
    Day 3 Caminito Del Rey hike (looks mint). Drive to Ronda. (Either wild swimming or via Ferrata).
    Day 4 drive to Seville. Segway tour. Drive to Castellar de la Frontera. Overnight in a castle.
    Day 5 drive down to Gibraltar (been advised to park and walk across border). Hike to the top of the rock. See the monkeys. Drive back to Malaga airport.

    Any recommendations for eating in any of the above places or en-route. Love a bit of the local cuisine.

  13. 3 hours ago, Casino said:

    our mutual russian mate was telling me about the deal he has signed up for

    Silly that they didn’t put it through a business and claim the £500-£600 VAT back.

    The offer came to me on WhatsApp and I declined. Doubt they’ll get their monies worth but reckon they’ll have a good go at it.

  14. On 23/02/2023 at 16:44, green genie said:

    Right . You can pay me back in beer or reach arounds later.


    Wealdstone FC are opening their car park inc coaches and mini buses to you mob. They have social club and minted from Ruislip tube on direct line to Wembley


    07979 795414 is number of James the secretary to book in




    extract from citehWays where mate pointed me in direction but they’ve been told by police their on northern entry routes

    If he’s got any business acumen, he’ll offer a tented village with portaloos as well. Glamping on the pitch!

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