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  1. Ok. Thought there may be some useful suggestions from folk in here. Always good to pool thoughts and ideas. I’ve cancelled our virtual landline account. Requested support with business rent - CBRE have confirmed 50% discount for next 3 months. Cancelled gym membership (we’d been putting it through the business) Requested support or discount from our mobile phone line provider. Requested support/delay/suspension of our next corporation tax bill. Opted to work-from-home (if we have any) for the next few months - which will drastically reduce travel overheads. Not a financial solution - but we have contacted a lot of our clients offering our support through a very tricky time and letting them know we are in this shit-sit with them. Their replies have been very heart warming and hugely supportive for us also. Any further advice on tax, small business grants or loans, national insurance payments, etc - would be more than welcomed.
  2. Had it on in the background - but didn't hear what Stokes was saying. Really needs to grow up and ignore the abuse. His batting, bowling and fielding is all he needs to do the talking.
  3. Get on the Hydrofoil from Bratislava to Vienna down the Danube instead.
  4. Do you know a good divorce solicitor? (don't answer that!)
  5. Brilliant thinking! Great catch. Howzat!
  6. Haha. Was probably warm anyway! It was only a pound a pint. I spilt more than I supped on that trip!
  7. Nearly as good as our draw in 2010. Enjoyed reliving that earlier at lunch when they showed the highlights. I say "reliving" - I was smashed in the ground and don't really remember any of the cricket - other than celebrating Onions' defiance. Not been the most productive day with work today.
  8. Who took the photo needs shooting! Cropped out the bloody mountain! haha. White t-shirt holding the Little Lever flag - used to frequent this site? Remember him dancing with an inflatable guitar in a nightclub in Reading one December.
  9. Midweek in sunny late April sounds like a decent day out!
  10. Very corrupt nation. Local economy won't be gaining much from the money brought in by the tourists - or should I say, the local community who really need the money. Rich getting richer and the poor just living in severe poverty. Nearly got mugged twice in Cape Town - but was fine everywhere else. Told this story many times. Got back from SA and a couple of day later went to do some contract work in Ardwick. 5.30pm. One of the lads heads to his car on the car park round the back of the building. Just as he sits in his driving seat - his door flings open - big black guy with a house brick stood there telling him to get out - passenger door opens and the mirror image - another wannabe gangster with house brick. Safe to say, he got out, and they drove off - even affording him a honk of the horn as they did. Nowhere is safe when folk want what you have.
  11. Bit overcast today. How much is the beer BD?
  12. Any recommendations folks? Believe some will profess to offer faster more powerful connections - but probably not deliver. Ideally one of the flat ones. And I've a case on my phone so needs to be able to power through that. Ta
  13. Smiley

    Euro 2020

    After last night - we cannot win this with Pickford in goal. Simply not good enough in my eyes. Is there anyone better?
  14. Wow. Only saw him outside The Wanderers in 2005/6 and he looked healthy then.
  15. Ah well, Shrewsbury now looking favourite for a jolly boys trip. Train only £23 from Manchester. Not bad that.
  16. Well this is very very shit. On a day/evening when I’m looking for some solace. 496/6. I’m off to bed. Bastard.
  17. Do we know if there was more to the red card than just the shirt tug? The way the Accy players surrounded the ref immediately suggested there was something more than we all could possibly have known. Spitting? Something verbal? Probably was a pen. Matthews should’ve saved. But other than that, 1-1 with 11v11 and we had a very interesting and exciting game. Not in anyway a 7-1 drubbing. I was livid like most. Didn’t throw my toys out the pram though. Not sure where all the bottles came from. As for the fixture irrespective of the final score - thought Accy put on a great show. Very accommodating - £1 a pint with a really good live band after the final whistle - many clubs could take a leaf out of their book. And for my six penneth - managerial suicide not throwing a centre back on immediately after the red card. Damage limitation. Missed a trick.
  18. It could have been 'provisionally' rearranged ahead of their FA Cup game. ie. discussions about scheduling the fixture for that weekend. Discussions with the EFL, each club, police, etc. Not difficult really.
  19. On the pitch, on the pitch, on the pitch! VVITK!
  20. Is it just me or the EFL bottling it? They've failed to announce it so far after it being this day, that day, the other day. Now put back again. Said it before - we got punished for Brentford, we lost the points, we lost gate receipts, and the fans lost a match off their season ticket. Sponsors missed out. Etc. Enough folk got punished for that day. Whilst Brentford saved money on not travelling up. For me that's done. Why punish a new regime over the old regime and old set of players actions? As for Doncaster - it was a situation created by the EFL allowing us to play games when in admin with no senior players. They themselves should have had the foresight to amend our early season fixtures to accommodate our "youthful" team and have only one match per week. And if that meant us being expelled from the League Cup and EFL Trophy competitions - then so be. And once again - why punish the new regime and new players who weren't involved when the Donny game was postponed. Doesn't make sense. Suspended sentence of points deductions sounds about right - I doubt we'll be postponing games in the near future. So its a punishment that's pointless (pun there somewhere) - but should suffice to keep the moaners and haters from the other clubs at bay.
  21. Client sheet. Hard fought 1-0 win.
  22. Can see it being ropey outside the ground after. Going for 6-0. Think we'll keep the back door shut in this game.
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